Student Highlight: Hajar Iaouf Is Motivated by Helping Others

Fifteen-year-old Hajar Iaouf is passionate about helping others which is why she volunteers any chance she gets.

“I love helping other people and I find volunteering is more satisfying than having a job that pays,” said Iaouf, who has offered her time working at the voting booths during election season last November and at the annual college fair this past fall.

While this is only her first year in high school, she is already making big steps to stay active. She was in a mock trial, is an ‘honorary’ member of the art club, and has hopes of joining the tennis team this spring. Another major goal of the busy freshman is to start a book club at the high school. The motivated student shared a bit about her life inside and outside the classroom…

What is your favorite subject?

I find all subjects in school rewarding and satisfying. I have very nice teachers, and they always have open doors to talk, or to help. The classes that I look forward to the most are English and biology. love debating and standing up and voicing my opinion in English class and I love learning about how different organisms interact with one another and the new discoveries that are always being found, in biology.

Do you have any career/college goals?

I don’t really have any career/college goals right now and I am just trying to get through high school, however; I’m hoping that my career path will end up allowing me to work somewhere I like, helping people in need. I believe that if everyone just took the time and listened to how many people need help, this world would be a better place.

Who is your role model?

My role model is anyone who helps people in need, and anyone who forgets about money and cares more about helping others. I also think that everyone is a good role model if they are selfless and strive to help others.

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