Police Blotter 03-07-2019

Winthrop Police Blotter

Monday, Feb. 25

Party at Governors Park wishes to have subject removed due to 94C activity. He is not being violent and there are no weapons. He is sleeping at this time. Units were able to remove subject.

Female party from River Road came in to the lobby with friend to inquire about filing a report for harassment/threats against his friend. Party was advised of his rights and a harassment order. They stated that they would take the paperwork and fill it out and bring it back as they had to get to work. They were advised that a log entry would be made regarding the report and they should bring the paperwork back ASAP today.

Todisco Towing reports towing vehicle from Argyle Street for trespass.

Todisco Towing reports towing vehicle from Governors Park for trespass.

Report of male subject shoplifting on Woodside Avenue. He took off through the back of the store through the cut through towards Somerset. 92 off with party. Sierra 4 en route to assist. Party under arrest for shoplifting by concealing merchandise.

Motor vehicle accident at car wash on Main Street. No injury. 93 responded. Paper exchange and only minor scratch on door. There were different opinions.

Party from River Road walked in to report threats. Person went to EBDC. The court said he did not qualify and sent him to the police station to file a threats complaint.

WFD requests DPW for a tress down blocking access to the driveway on Circuit Road.

Assisted WFD with traffic control for a compromised pole on Shirley Street. Beacon Street closed from Hillside to Shirley Street with wire across the road. Detail officer arrived on the scene.

Party at Governors Park states the woman in the apartment above her is banging on the walls. She is concerned. Unit spoke to party and they calmed her down for now.

Calling party at Governors Park states that her neighbor below her is banging windows and banging the ceiling with an object. She states that this is an ongoing issue. second call for the same issue. WPD already enroute.

Calling party on Locust Street states a dark SUV has been going up and down the street for about a half-hour beeping their horn. No plate seen. U known how many people are in the vehicle. The SUV was an off-duty officer following an erratic driver. The erratic driver was cited.

Tuesday, Feb. 26

91 stated there a down cross walk poo on the ground at Revere and Highland Avenue. It is not near the street. Charlie 1 spoke to 91 and they will be contacting DPW.

Transfer from Boston. 911 call that pinged to address on Shirley Street. Subscriber information comes out of Brockton. Party was ran in-house with an address out of Revere and on CJIS calling party comes out of Brockton. Calling party has no history in town. Units spoke to all five units in the building and all residents stated they did not call 911 and no party by that name in any of the residences.

91 and 98 and Delta 6 off for a a well-being check on resident on Shore Drive. Delta 6 cleared all units.

911 line with screaming in the background. Pinged from address on Chester Avenue. Spoke to resident that stated that they were arguing but did not dial 911. Units also checked Buchanan, but no address found.

Two car motor vehicle accident at Locust and Revere streets. No injuries. Called in by passerby. G&J enrollee. Dump truck breaks being held by a car. 93 will give van operator a ride to Dunkin Donuts to wait for his ride.

Report of dark-colored van playing loud music at Shore Drive and Coral Avenue. No sight of any vehicle. Units cleared.

Employee on Somerset Avenue called in to state there are two parties outside who were refused service and will not leave. Drunk male and female. Parties are known to unit and they were sent on their way heading to Logan terminal.

Wednesday, Feb. 27

Todisco Towing reports towing vehicle for trespass from Jefferson Street.

Female party in gray sedan lost a tire on Shirley Street. AAA on the scene.

Attempt to serve warrant to subject to Bellevue Avenue. Party was not home at this time.

Caller on South Main Street reports finding a license plate in front of his residence. Plate comes back out of Loring Road. 92 will bring it by the house. Property returned to its owner.

Motor vehicle hit-and-run on Moore Street. Front and left-side damage. No suspect at this time.

Two car motor vehicle accident with injuries on Shore Drive. State Police notified.

Report of subject destroying house on Shirley Street. Both parties advised of their rights. Verbal argument at this time. Both will split up for the night. Report to follow.

Disabled motor vehicle at Main and Pleasant Street. Tow requested. Front axel snapped. G&J enroute. Operator of vehicle declined medical attention. He was picked up by a friend. 91 will stand by waiting for G&J.

Thursday, Feb. 28

Disabled motor vehicle at Main and Pleasant Street. G&J requested for a tow. G&J has the vehicle and units clear.

Report of a new white Honda in the middle of the road near the Public Landing. Caller states she was driving by and did not see anyone inside.

Car ran up on the curb (see above paragraph) and hit beach wall. Operator fled the scene. Unit requesting tow. G&J enroute. 93 doing an area search to see if party is injured. Tracks lead up to alley on Surfside. Units investigating. Party was located on Surfside. Female party stated driver was inside and units are waiting for him to come out. Male party fled the  scene because he was afraid. Went to a friend’s house. Party was advised of his actions and that he should have called the police.

Tenant on Washington Avenue states that another tenant was banging on her door stating that he had guns. Units off with suspect and there are no more guns.

Assisting fire with flames showing on Shore Drive. Fire is on Myrtle Avenue.

Served summons in hand to subject on Nahant Avenue.

Tractor trailer took a wrong turn down Taylor Street. Officer assisting party back out on to main road. Party was able to back out on to Main Street safely and he is on his way.

Visiting Nurse on scene at Seal Harbor Road cannot get in touch with patient for two days. Nurse will meet police at the front entrance. Units will make entry to the apartment with concierge who has the key. Unit have made contact with the party and will stand by while nurse does an evaluation. Nurse will remain on the scene with the party and was advised if further assistance is needed to call 911.

Friday, March 1

Unit flagged down by motorist stating a chlorine truck hit vehicle and took his mirror off on Tafts Avenue. Officer was able to locate the truck to exchange paperwork.

Todisco Towing reports towing vehicle as a trespass tow on Washington Avenue.

Calling party on Revere Street states that someone on that street does not properly remove snow from their property and walking by is causing pedestrians to walk on the busy roadway. Caller states that every time it snows, this is an ongoing issue with that specific home and the homes surrounding that one. 91 states in front of said address it has been shoveled and proposes no hazard. There is a small amount of icing over. 91 will advise the owner of code enforcement.

Caller states by the bus stops in the vicinity of Veterans Road there is small round utility hole/manhole that is uncovered. Caller stats this is an ongoing issue she has notified DPW in the past herself and DPW has put the cover back on the hole but it comes lose shortly after again. This hole will shoot water out from it every so often and caller is concerned for safety of students walking to and from school in that area. 92 reports he placed cone over the hole. He is unable to locate the cover. 92 requests control to notify the DPW that a new cover is needed. DPW was notified via voice mail as they are closed today.

92 stated enrollee to meet DPW at Pleasant and Williams Street, someone sideswiped one of their trucks. All parties refused medical.

Caller at Thornton and Washington Avenue states a large tree branch hanging down and is concerned due to the two impending storms that the branch may come down and injure someone. Units went by and stated that the tree does not appear to be a hazard.

Elderly female on Kennedy Road called to report that she got a scam call. She was advised not to give any of her information out and she stated that this has happened to her before. She just wanted to call to make it known and she stated that she will call back if they call again.

Unit was flagged down by a party on Thornton Park worried about trees that could come down during the next storm.

Saturday, March 2

Caller on Court Road stated there is a male party staring into her bedroom window from the middle of the street. Tall white male party wearing pajamas and a dark robe. 91 will be giving involved party a ride back to his house. Spoke to female party and everything checks out.

Party on Atlantic Street states he hears a fight from his neighbor’s and he states it involves about four people. Not aware if it is male or female or if any weapons are involved. No noise or disturbance coming from apartment upon arrival. Units talked to parties in apartment who said everything is okay. One was asleep. Units cleared.

Caller on Pebble Avenue states motor vehicle is parked in front of house and plow cannot get to caller’s driveway. All vehicles on road are legally parked.

Party on Veterans Road states a cleaning company hit his car from the rear and left in the parking garage. Second party involved left a note on the hit vehicle and was able to come back. Both parties exchanged information.

911 hangup. Unable to ping but subscriber information came out of Saugus.  Saugus spoke to the owner of the phone who states that number is for her son who is at the Winthrop High school attending a play. Mother is now concerned. Phone is now shut off. The original party that hung up and the teacher of the students both called to state that everything is okay. They were in the cafeteria and it was an accidental dial.

Sunday, March 3

Party on Tewksbury Street requests an officer to escort him to pick up some items. Plaintiff contacted and is expecting him.

Caller states a German Shepard is running around with no leash. Officer spoke with the caller and believe the dog is out of a residence on Morton Street. Owners were uncooperative with the officer. Incident will be forwarded to the ACO for follow-up.

Officer picked up property found by a woman on Court road who was walking her dog.

Caller on Shirley Street reports he just got back from vacation and noticed that someone stole over $1,000 in tools from his basement. Units report the male involved would not answer the door. Report to follow.

92reports they had a walk-in at headquarters to assist citizen getting back into house on Shirley Street.

911 hangup. Elderly party stated they had misdialed. Confirmed accidental call and the resident is fine

Caller who lives on Otis Street stated she can see a light coming from a building that is turning on and off. Caller stated she is worried about it. Clear, caller called back to cancel. The light is now off.

Received all from Boston PD stating party was taken to Carney Hospital in Dorchester after making Q5 statements. Party had a firearm on him when he was taken in and they believes there is at lease one more firearm at the home that is on Winthrop Street. They would like an officer to go by and retrieve the firearm(s). Firearm received and report to follow. 

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