Student Highlight: Jenna Dorr Represents Class at Student Council Conference

Fifteen-year-old Jenna Dorr is gearing up for the Massachusetts Association of Student Council (MASC) conference. Having been the president of her class for the past two years while also on the school wide executive board, Dorr is prepared for the annual three-day leadership event that takes place in Hyannis this March. As part of the conference, Dorr and her classmates will have the opportunity to listen to several keynote speakers, attend workshops, and participate in a polar plunge and lip sync battle. According to Dorr, one of the best parts of the conference is the chance to bond with student council members from across the state. She is looking forward to learning tools that will make her a better leader so she can persevere as president and guide her fellow classmates.

Dorr plays soccer, hockey and lacrosse and has recently added the Drama Society Dinner Theater to her resume. She shares a bit about what it’s like to juggle so many activities.

How do fit all your activities, classes and homework in?

It was a lot of work balancing hockey and dinner theater at the same time, but it was so worth it because I learned a lot about myself and connected with new people. For most of my life, I have played hockey and basketball, but in high school I had to face the decision between the two. Last year I played basketball and gave up hockey. This year I wanted something different, and with the help of my hockey coach, I was able to fit both dinner theatre and hockey into my schedule. This was my first time splitting apart from my twin sister, because we have always done everything together. We both got to do what we love and had great seasons.

What is your favorite class?

My favorite class that I take this year would definitely be Digital Media 2. It is not a core class, but it is offered to students who have taken Digital Media 1, which I took last year. Last year we learned the basics of camera work, editing videos, photoshop, and other film tips. We did small projects, like music videos, PSAs, and commercials. This year, our class focuses on “Wake-Up Winthrop High School,” which is a weekly news segment on WCAT. We create stories every week about what’s happening in town, and they air every Friday at 7:55 a.m. We have also started working on writing scripts for short films, which we will direct and produce. There is a film festival in late May where all of the short films will be shown. I really enjoy the digital media class and would be interested in doing something with it in the future. I have learned so much already, and I look forward to learning more. 

Who is your role model? I have so many role models in my life, but my parents have the biggest influence on me. They are always pushing me to be my best self and teaching me life lessons. They do so much for me, and I would not have had the amazing opportunities that I have had so far without them. I would not be near the person I am today without their support and guidance, and I am so appreciative for everything they do for not just me, but everyone around them.

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