Police Blotter 02-28-2019

Monday, Feb. 18

Ongoing issue at Governors Park. Neighbor is slamming windows and banging. Caller stated she wanted this noted as she has court com-ing up. Headquarters advised to send an officer. All clear at this time.

Caller called back from Governors Park and stated female party is slamming windows constantly. Officer still on the scene when party called. If this continues officer will be sent back.

Chelsea PD looking for Mazda involved in a hit and run at the Market Basket approximately 15 minutes ago. The vehicle was located in Governors Park and unit is obtaining information from the driver. The party admitted that he was in a minor fender bender. Unit confirmed it was owner/operator. Chelsea PD was updated on the in-formation.

Caller from Bartlett Road reports a car has been parked there for several days unmoved. Registration shows revoked insurance. G&J has the vehicle.

Party on Burrill Terrace states that someone is yelling in a silver pickup truck. Only one person in the truck and the party was believed to be talking loudly on his cellphone.

Caller on Cliff Avenue states loud noises coming from upstairs. He is in the living room. The caller states that the rest of the family is out of town. Units spoke to the caller and checked the premises. Nothing was showing inside the house.

Tuesday, Feb. 19

Motor vehicle stop at Revere Street and Golden Drive. Citation issued for red light violation.

Motor vehicle stop on Sunset Road. Verbal for red light violation.

Motor vehicle stop at Walden and Short street. Citation issued for speeding and stop sign violation.

Another vehicle stop at above location and citation issued for speeding.

Yet another stop at Walden Street and another citation issued for speeding.

Party reports that he was defrauded into paying $300 via Apple iTunes to a party he believed to be with the Social Security Administration.

Two car motor vehicle stop at Main and Payson streets. Verbal warning to both. Confusion at the intersection.

Motor vehicle stop at  Yirrell Beach. Operator was up front and stated she has no license, no status on record. Positive ID was made and she gave her married name. Another party in the vehicle does have an active license and will be taking possession of the vehicle. Operator was cited for unlicensed operation, defective equipment and she will be summoned. Other licensed party took possession of the vehicle.

Wednesday, Feb. 20

Unit stated male party on Main Street was driving in the opposite side of the road delivering food and was advised to move his vehicle for public safety. Unit checked the male party’s license. He showed his Dominican Republic license because he has only been in the U.S. for four weeks. He did show the proper paper work and every-thing checks out.

Party came to the station to report online harassment from an old acquaintance.

Received 911 hangup and when called back there was no answer. Medical and fire enrollee to Sturgis Street.

Motor vehicle stop on Revere Street. Citation issued for red light violation.

Party on Main Street states that her boyfriend’s sister is throwing weights at her and she is pregnant. It was a verbal argument and the parties were advised to stay in separate apartments until things have cooled down.

Report of a homeless party bothering patrons. Party was sent on his way and the staff was advised to trespass him.

Motor vehicle stop on Cross Street by the cemetery. A verbal warning was given.

Motor vehicle stop at Revere and Sagamore Avenue. Citation issued for red light violation.

Party from Johnson Avenue came to the station to report an attempted identity theft over the phone by a party claiming to be with the Social Security office. She gave minimal information but still reported it to the credit agencies and her bank. She wanted this logged in case it does turn into an actual identity theft/fraud.

Motor vehicle stop at Shirley and  Veterans Road. Verbal for oper-ating without a license.

Motor vehicle stop at Revere and Almont Street. Verbal for operat-ing without lights.

Report of female throwing things around the house on Main Street. Male party is the caller. Mother is with the sister having a verbal argument. Female party is gathering her belongings and taking an Uber. Unit standing by to keep the peace. Units clear, sister has left the residence and all parties advised of their rights.

Thursday, Feb. 21

Caller on Hermon Street states there is someone snowplowing and this is a noise violation. Party has been advised. Party who was advised called concerned about why the officer spoke to him in re-gards to his snow blowing in the morning. Party believes it may be just a neighbor who he’s had issues with in the past trying to get him in trouble. Caller was transferred to WPD headquarters.

Party on Wave Way Avenue states a female party is acting chaotically and screaming in the street. She has a shovel in her hand. It was a neighbor dispute over property line. Female notified not to go back on neighbor’s property. Peace was restored.

Todisco Tow operator reports a private tow out of Governors Park for vehicle that was trespassing.

Unit off with vehicle running and parked on the opposite side of the road facing incoming traffic and the door is open. Unit made contact with the party and party was advised about how to park his vehicle.

Calling party on Shirley Street requesting ACO as a dog bit another dog. ACO responded to the call. Unit off at secondary address to follow up with second dog. Both parties in agreement over the outcome.

Caller states there are a bunch of kids playing loud music at Hannaford Park, causing a disturbance. Two vehicles that were cleared from the area.

Friday, Feb. 22

Female party on Shirley Street stated that she is getting harass-ing phone calls from her male friend and wants to speak to an of-ficer about the situation and what she should do next. She stated that her cell phone is off at the moment. She cannot provide any proof at this time. Per Charlie 1 holding this call until shift change. One officer will respond. Units are going to attempt to make contact with the male party on Veterans Road who is harassing the female party. Unable to make contact with the party at this time. Female was advised to take the proper steps if she gets contacted again by the male party.

Caller on Bowdoin Street states that last night while plowing, a plow uncovered a manhole cover or some kind of utility shut off valve. Caller states the hole is fairly large and is concerned for safety of vehicle or pedestrians. Winthrop DPW was contacted but they are not working on Fridays.  Charlie 1 stated she spoke to the DPW and she will call them back. 93 standing by. Alpha 2 on the scene.  Charlie 1 spoke to DPW and they are responding. Alpha 2 states it’s a lid for a water line. Charlie 1 notified DPW and DPW will respond immediately.

92 states party flagged him down on Main Street concerning another vehicle that was following him.

93 states that he came across a motor vehicle with no plates on Veterans Road. It came back cancelled. G&J enrollee for tow. G&J on the scene.

Caller on Wave Way Avenue states a white female is screaming and causing a disturbance. She is headed down Shirley Street and call-er states she was destroying his property yesterday as well. He called the police. 91 states he located the female and she was waiting for a ride. She has since been picked up.

Motor vehicle stop on Crest Avenue with a verbal for speeding.

Motor vehicle stop on Lincoln Street. 93 states there seems to be a conflict with insurance which came up revoked. Party showed she loved and has insurance card for N.H. on a Mass. vehicle. She will attempt to contact AAA insurance to take care of confusion. She pulled into her driveway.

Caller on  Bartlett Road states there is an uncovered sewer cover possibly a utility cover. Hole is rather large and the cover is further down the street. 93 responding and notified Charlie 1 who will notify DPW. 93 states to inform DPW that the sewer cover is off and a motor vehicle is parked over it. It appears broken off. Control notified Charlie 1 with updated information for the DPW.

Walk-in to report that her neighbor on Undine Avenue may have stolen her package delivered her home on Feb. 19. Party would like this incident to be documented.

Calling party states that his home on Wilshire Street is vacant due to a fire several months ago. He further states that someone has been going into the house and removing copper pipes, causing flooding in the basement. The only one allowed on the property is the contractor. Caller would like to increase patrols and check the property during all shifts.

Party on Wave Way Avenue states that her neighbor made harassing comments earlier and would like to speak to an officer.  Spoke to party with possible mental health issues. Party was uncooperative with unit and not stating what was going on. All female party said was she will sell the house. Unit clear.

Motor vehicle stop on Washington Avenue. Citation issued for stop sign violation. Driver was advised of driving rights.

Female on Irwin Street states that her ex busted the front window. He is no longer on the scene. Update from 92 speaking to victims advising them of their rights. Female victim was advised of 209 rights and will seek one at ESB District on Monday and unit will be filing appropriate charges on male party. Victims were advised to call 911 immediately if he returns.

Walk-in to report his parked vehicle was just struck by an MBTA bus outside police headquarters.

Saturday, Feb. 23

Caller on Woodside Avenue called to complain about the Black Strap being too loud and he is trying to sleep. Unit reports center is clear, just a couple of employees cleaning up. No noise disturbance.

Party on Shirley Street is receiving harassing phone calls again from same party. This is an ongoing issue from last night. Caller was advised of her rights and also advised to go to East Boston District Court on Monday.

Vehicle is parked on Franklin Street with an expired registration. 91 made contact with the owner of the vehicle. The vehicle will be moved on to private property until it can be property registered.

Courtesy ride given to 92-year-old male from East Boston Savings Bank to Golden Drive.

Motor vehicle stop on Shirley Street. Verbal for an unpermitted child in the front seat. A citation was issued for a stop sign violation.

Caller on Main Street states a woman believed he cut her off in the car wash, which prompted her to assault him. While caller was on the phone, he did attempt to get the woman’s plate but she was obstructing his view with her hand. No weapons. Units spoke to both parties. There was no assault committed. The female party grabbed the caller’s wrist while they were speaking. This was a verbal argument over the car wash. 92 will remain on the scene until both parties are done at the car wash. Both parties are satisfied with services rendered and neither party would like any fur-ther action.

Passerby stated there are a bunch of people on the football field and they are unsure if they are allowed to be there. The party has been dispersed from the field.

A Fairhaven officer asked if we could retrieve his niece’s cell phone that was left at a bathroom in TD Bank Garden during a Disney on Ice show. He tracked the phone to Sea Foam Avenue. Unit went to the residence and secured the phone. It will be left at the front window and party will get the phone in the morning. No charges will be filed.

Calling party at Governors Park states her neighbor several floors above her keeps opening and slamming her windows. This is an ongoing situation. Second complaint for noise. Calling party wants it noted that the party woke up her child and is having a hard time getting the child back to sleep. Unit spoke to the resident. The windows were open. After speaking with he resident, the party closed the window. Peace was restored for the moment.

Female on Edward Street stated she got a text message from her ex-boyfriend that many be concerning to her well being. Unit spoke to the female party regarding the text message from her boyfriend. Female party was satisfied with the results.

Motor vehicle stop on Winthrop Street. Verbal for texting and driving.

Another incident at Governors Park. Recurring issue with slamming doors and windows. Spoke again to both parties and peace was again restored.

Sunday, Feb. 24

Off with vehicle at Hanford Park. Parties sent on their way and they were advised that the park is closed at this time.

Caller on Woodside Avenue states that the restaurant is being too loud. Restaurant is clearing out and noise is concluding.

Loud party going on on Veterans Road. Unit states there is no loud noise in the building.

Caller on Shirley street states that his tenants called him to say that his ex-girlfriend is at his home. Calling party states he live sin the same building as the tenants. He is not on the scene but state he has a restraining order against her and an officer needs to be present. Party got permission to get her items. Detail officer on scene with parents and moving truck.

Caller on Tewksbury Street seeking assistance in retrieving some property. 209A is in place. Other party contacted and agreed to next Sunday morning. Calling party will contact police next Sun-day.

Caller from previous call today is now stating the ex-girlfriend is taking his washer and dryer without police present at his home. Detail officer on the scene. No action needed.

914A assisted party moving out of apartment on Shirley Street. All doors have been locked and secured at this time.

Caller on Locust Street stats that she walked a woman home that she found at the beach. Party seemed to be out there for a while. Caller would like a well-being check on the woman. She stated that she found the party’s dog first and then located the woman sitting by the rocks with her head between her knees. Involved party could not state how long she was there. Caller walked the party home, stating the involved party was staggering and seemed to not to have strength. Involved party also refused to have ambulance involved. No answer at the door. WFD requested to assist in gaining entry. 93 cancelled WFD. Officers spoke to the woman and she could not answer because she was in the shower. Female appears okay and no need for anything further.

S1 located a syringe in the parking spot in front of Cumberland Farms. Item will be disposed appropriately. An Über Driver called in to state that his female passenger may be intoxicated as she keeps entering and leaving the vehicle. Driver is worried about her well-being. Units able to diffuse the situation. 92 will give the female a courtesy ride.

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