Police Blotters- 01-31-2019

Monday, Jan. 21

Calling party on Bayview Avenue states that her neighbor has their German Shepard outside of the home. 92 reports dog was just playing outside.

Neighbor on Main Street was contacted by reporting party that she witnessed a motor vehicle hit his tenant’s vehicle. Neighbor got last three digits of the plate – 273. 92 will search the area.

Report of a male party on Pebble Avenue walked into caller’s yard and went through the recycle bin. He he headed down toward the water. 91 checked the area, nothing fitting the description.

92 states water is coming from a home on North Avenue. DPW notified to break up the ice on Winthrop Street and South Avenue. Icy road conditions and message was left with DPW.

Icy conditions on Terrace Avenue. DPW notified. DPW has a sand delivery and need a signature from DPW employee.

Calling party on Shirley Street called in to request a 94C pickup from a previous call earlier today. This was involving a domestic.

Party on Woodside Avenue states there is pickup truck parked in a handicap spot and it is four feet within a hydrant. Unit found the owner of vehicle and the vehicle is being moved.

Tuesday, Jan. 22

Passerby on Shirley Street states a white male party was walking in and out of the street. Caller wanted to check on his well-being.

Report of a car stuck in the ice on Willow Avenue. 91 spoke with the caller and he is going to call a tow to assist him due to icy roads. Triple A en route.

WFD Engine 1 called stating that Dolphin Avenue was impassable for emergency apparatus due to snow and asked to notify DPW. 91 states that the street has nothing out of the ordinary. It is similar to other streets. Charlie 1 stated DPW could be notified. Message left for DPW.

Report of a gray Mustang parked in the middle of Johnson Avenue. Unit attempting to make contact with the owner. Owner of the vehicle was not home but a roommate made contact with her and she would head home from work. She works in town. Unit will stand by until car is moved. The vehicle was moved.

WFD states there is a car parked on the corner of Shirley and Cutler Streets blocking the area. As unit was pulling up, the car was driving away. It was a delivery car.

Elderly female on Golden Drive states seven males and females were outside her window, looking inside. She states that someone may have an “object” in his hand. Caller states they are just standing there and looking in her window smiling. Group is located close the front entrance. No people were looking in her window. Possibly people waiting for the bus. Unit hung her blinds a little higher.

Wednesday, Jan. 23

Caller on Golden Drive states there are two males outside her window. She is scared and would like an officer to come by. Unit stated one female to MGH.

Caller states he was sitting in his parked car on Crest Avenue and another vehicle side swiped his vehicle and drove away. Caller stated he took a picture with his phone of the license plate of the vehicle that hit his vehicle. 93 states no visible damage. The other vehicle left the scene. 93 will try to locate the other vehicle.

Party on Shirley Street states large blocks of ice are falling from the house next store. Believes it is a severe safety hazard. 91 en route to access the severity. Homeowner of the house with the hazard has arrived and will take care of the issue. Everything is fine.

Minor motor vehicle accident with no injuries on Shirley Street. 91 and 92 responding. 91 states both vehicles have minor damage. Parties will exchange papers. Everything is fine.

Winthrop Harbormaster called twice on the radio to say that a passerby states a yellow sailboat, which is unoccupied, is sinking off of Shirley Street.

Calling party on Shore Drive reported icy sidewalks and part of the street in the area She was notified to call DPW who could respond in the morning.

Party on Lincoln Street reports she wants to speak to an officer regarding her brother who was recently paroled. Brother is not on the scene. All units clear. Male party was not there. The caller wanted to speak to the officers regarding the monitoring device. She will handle it and call probation.

Caller on Shirley Street reports loud banging or hammering noise in the neighborhood for about two hours. Clear, no construction heard, which is allowed until 7 p.m. Area is quiet, nothing showing.

Female party on Sturgis Street reported to the 94 that as she was walking her dog she was bitten by an opossum. ACO was contacted.

Calling party on Buchanan Street reports a white male is pacing back and forth for about an hour out front of her residence. No other information available. Unknown weapons. 92 and 93 off with the party at Jefferson and Buchanan streets. Party checked out, is a resident, was looking for a wi-fi signal while waiting for a ride.

Female reports finding a wallet with money, cards and papers on the ground at Cumberland Farms. Owner of the wallet was notified to report to the station to pick up her belongings.

Caller on Shirley Street reports the hammering noise from earlier has come back. 91 checked Shirley, as well as Irwin Street. Unfounded report.

Thursday, Jan. 24

Party called in stating that construction at the Public Landing started before 7 a.m. Workers unloading equipment for construction to the to ramp. Unit clear.

Unit assisted car that was stuck on the corner of Shirley and Cutler streets. Vehicle has been tagged for numerous violations. It is blocking the handicap ramp, sidewalk, crosswalk. Officer is going to knock on some doors to try to locate the owner. If unable to locate the owner, vehicle will be towed. Was able to locate the owner of the vehicle and they are moving it.

The causeway leading to the Island is completely flooded. Fire has been notified.

Calling party on Cottage Park Road stated that someone stole a light cover from her headlight. She is contacting her insurance company.

Party on Walden Street states that the area is flooding near the basketball courts.  Caller believes the sewer is blocked with leaves. Possible DPW issue. Police will evaluate. Clear at this time, no issues. DPW has saw horses up in the area to keep vehicles from that vicinity.

Caller on Willis Avenue reports a female party who knows her husband keeps making harassing phone calls and threatening to kick in her door. Caller would like to speak with an officer. Report to follow.

Party on Circuit Road reports she saw a male walking down her driveway towards the back of her house. She is home alone and not expecting anybody to becoming by and her landlord who lives in the other apartment is out of the country. Units report speaking to the caller. Area search was negative.

Calling party on Pond Street wanted his daughter evaluated, but cancelled the call. Stated he would bring her to her doctor tomorrow.

Friday, Jan. 25

Caller on Myrtle Avenue states a silver Jaguar is blocking caller’s driveway. She is afraid she will hit the vehicle. 91 spoke to the calling party. Vehicle is partially blocking her driveway, not fully. Vehicle was ticketed to partially impeding her driveway.

Party on Pleasant Street states a white small car is blocking her driveway. This is an ongoing issue. Driveway was partially blocked and resident was able to get in and out of her driveway. A written warning was issued.

Caller on Winthrop Street states that her neighbor is banging on her window and harassing her. This is an ongoing issue. She states that she called at 6 a.m. for excessive noise as well. Parties mail had been mixed up. Peace was restored.

Party on Kennedy Road states he is at the DPW and the door is open and no one is there. He finds it suspicious. 93 spoke to the administration and everyone is at work at the DPW.

Party on Golden Drive reports a green Mercury with no number plates is parked in the area for several weeks. 93 states no answer at the door. G&J called. 93 states that the vehicle owner will receive a citation in the mail. G&J has the vehicle.

Possible water main break on Tafts Avenue. 93 states water pouring out of ground and DPW was notified. DPW was responding. DPW on the scene and has crews on the way. 91 will be clear but will stand by for safety reasons.

Two vehicles parked on the corner of Shore Drive and Ocean Avenue making it hard for people to make the turn.

Caller on Myrtle Avenue state that someone is fixing a car in the driveway with power tools. Caller wants to remain anonymous. Units state they spoke to the party and he will be bringing it in for the night.

Saturday, Jan. 26

Caller at Governors Park states that his neighbor is having a party since 10 p.m. at night with loud music. Units state working on getting the parties out. Final three parties left in a Uber. All units clear.

Report of a small dog running around Thornton Park. Area has been searched, no dog found.

State Police called to report that someone called them to report a cement block is on the beach behind her house that could cause a hazard at high tide. State Police said she was requesting an officers presence.

Caller on Cliff Avenue states her dog got out of the yard. Friendly pitiful mix named Ribber with tags. Caller called back to state that the dog was found.

Party from Billows Avenue came into headquarters to report that he has been receiving harassing/threatening messages from a contractor that had performed work on his property. Parties are currently in a civil dispute regarding payment for these services. Caller would like this instance noted in case the behavior persists and he is forced to seek an harassment prevent order.

Party on Pond Street reports he was defrauded via fraudulent check.

Caller on Governors Park reports that the lights were on her car but she did not put them on. Caller states nothing was taken in her car. She just wanted this documented.

Sunday, Jan. 27

Unit off with a parked vehicle at Shirley and Beacon streets. Interior lights on. Unit stated vehicle is clear.

Caller on Irwin Street stated she saw a flashlight flashing in her closet and thought that someone was inside there. She opened her closet while unit was on the phone with her and no one was there. She stated that someone put a light in there and it is unknown who it was. Units state the female party EDP and she needed to take her medication. Units calmed her down and peace was restored.

Report of loud music coming from apartment on Veterans Road. Units enroute. Unit stated that the music is coming from the building. Units clear the vehicle attached and it was a Uber driver.

Caller on Read Street states there is a dog barking in his backyard that is not his. Says he thinks it was sprayed by a skunk. Spoke to WPD headquarters and they stated they will all back once the units clear from a call they are on to inform dispatch how we will respond to this call. We called back to see if the dog is still in his backyard. He said the dog is no longer in the backyard. Spoke to headquarters and they said as we do not know where the missing dog is there is nothing we can do at this time.

91 requesting tow for vehicle with revoked insurance on Veterans Road. G&J enroute.

Calling party on Main Stet states that there are a few branches on the sidewalk and another hanging on a wire in front of said address. Tree branches were removed from the street. Sidewalk was still passable. Officer requested DPW be notified to remove the large branches in the morning.

Party on Sagamore Avenue reporting a dog barking for the last 20 minutes. Unit clear, all is quiet.

Second call from Sagamore Avenue. Calling party states dog barking in the back of house on the second floor porch. Area quiet but 93 will follow up with caller at her address.

Caller on Revere Street states there is a dead skunk in the road. Charlie 1 was contacted and DPW will be left a message.

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