Police Blotter 01-24-2019

Winthrop Police Blotter

Monday, Jan. 14

Calling party at Governors Park states that he is receiving multiple calls from a fraud number stating he won a Mercedes but needs to pay $180 through moneygram for shipping costs. He was advised to block the number and not give any personal information or money.

Party found a wallet with identification in the CVS parking lot. Owner was contacted and will retrieve it.

Party at Governors Park states that he works for a towing company and he is having an altercation with an individual. Male and female. Party states that he was kicked by the female. Units 95, 93 and 92 responded. Peace was restored. The tow truck was able to recover the vehicle which did not belong to the party involved.

Report that a female was outside yelling in the streets on Palmyra Street. 91 and 93 responded. 93 requesting medical aid. Fire and medial enroute. Party was transported to the Whidden.

Caller on Sagamore Avenue states that a dog was outside and has been barking for hours. Dog was only outside to use the bathroom and has now been brought back inside the home.

Unit attempted to serve a warrant on Coral Avenue. Party was not there.

Tuesday, Jan. 15

Caller on Veterans Road stated that her neighbor is being loud playing music and causing a disturbance. Units spoke with the party and they were advised to keep noise down. They also spoke with the caller and she is ok with the noise now.

Report of three people fighting at Tewksbury and Shirley Street. No weapons, just three guys. Sierra 7 sent out 95 to assist as well. Unit stated the parties were all friends and got into an argument. The male party from Ohio how transported to the Whidden. The other two male parties got sent on their way.

Party on Main Street would who would like to remain anonymous states there is a motor vehicle without a parking permit. Vehicle has a revoked insurance. G&J has been notified.

Female resident on Palmyra Street returned our call and made herself available due to an outstanding warrant out of Chelsea Court. Units responded to the uninhabitable house and the individual was taken to court with no issue. She had six bags of property that she was very concerned about so they will be stored for her until we find out where she is placed at which point an officer will arrange to get the bags to her.

Female party left the Middle School building. Unit responded along with D6 and an administrator to follow along. Student has not arrived yet on Summit Avenue. Units along with administrator will check with the student’s mother. All units cleared from Summit Avenue. Juvenile female made it home.

Walk-in to report he is the victim of identity theft through a fake Microsoft tech support hack.

Calling party on Irwin Street states two males have been parked out front in a white van for an hour with the lights off. 91 states vehicle has a flat tire and they are waiting to get it fixed.

Unit went to Coral Avenue to serve a warrant. No one is home.

Wednesday, Jan. 16

ALC1 off with male party in the water on Shore Drive. Units spoke with the male. He was walking by the shoreline and a wave must of hit him by his feet.

Caller on Circuit Road states a dump truck hit his front steps. Dump truck did give him information and left the area. 91 requesting to contact the company and have the truck return back to the scene. Manager called back and the truck was going back. All parties exchanged paper information.

Unit off with two vehicles occupied sitting in parking lot on Main Street. Units clear, parties are parked looking at the city lights.

Thursday, Jan. 17

Unit back off with female party on Morton Street. Party was sent on her way and is now going through the vehicle that was left. Female party of Saugus and will be taking possession of the vehicle.

Motor vehicles towed for trespassing for no residential sticker from Veterans Road. Black Toyota towed was on a stolen motor vehicle list from Winthrop. The owner was notified and stolen vehicle located in NCIC.

At approximately 1 a.m. Export Enterprises notified headquarters of three trespass tows from Veterans Road. Upon entering the towed motor vehicles, one of the vehicles came back as reported being stolen out of Winthrop. Tow company was notified. CJIS cancelled and owner notified. Vehicle was reported stolen from private property without plates or registration and recovered without plates.

Party from Veterans Road came in to report that his next-door neighbor accused him of playing his television too loud and he did not even have it turned on last Friday night. He had reported it to the police the next morning and was informed not to worry about it. Later, on Monday, two officers woke him knocking on his door inquiring about a noise complaint from the same neighbor, which was unfounded. He believes the complaining neighbor may be hearing imaginary sounds after speaking with other neighbors. He requested that his version be place on record in case it happens again.

Caller on Irwin Street reports there is an ongoing issue on her street with people parking illegally according to a street sign that states no parking. No cars are present now but caller wanted to report the issue and will call back later if a car is parked there illegally.

Party on Sargent Street reports a big gray electrical box was left unlocked and has no worker on the scene. Unit closed and secured the box. No apparent damage or tampering.

Father on Shore Drive called to report that his daughter walked her friend him from school and has not returned. The father sent the son to try to find his sister. Father repots the son is distraught and near D&T Market and he requests a medical check to assist the son. Units report locating the daughter at home. W91 located the son. Medical was canceled. W92 reports the father is home and has been reunited with both daughter and son. Units report it was a miscommunication between the father and the children. Everyone is safe.

Report of a suspicious motor vehicle possibly occupied by two occupants that has been driving through the area of Bellevue Avenue several times today and the last fwd. days. Also loud exhaust and speeding as well. Caller does not wish to leave her information. Units cleared as nothing showing.

Friday, Jan. 18

Probation called and asked unit to go by Governors Park to see if male party is home. The bracelet has died and they can not get ahold of anyone. Unit reports he spoke with the party and he will be contacting probation this morning.

Caller on Beach Road states there is a red suitcase and black backpack on the street near her house. She stated that she left her house about two hours ago and the items are still there unattended. Units checked out the suitcase. Found children’s clothes inside.

Report of a 7-year-old getting her foot run over on Kennedy Road.

Caller on Atlantic Street states a white commercial box truck is parked on the street and believes it is in the way of fire apparatus. The truck was not obstructing anything. It was tagged for parking over the time limit.

Party came to the police station with a confused male party that she met in Boston yesterday. Male party was very confused ad without his medication. Voluntary transport to MGH via Action.

Party reporting possible scam. Voice mail left on his phone to collect a debt. Party did not give any information or money.

93 going to station to talk to party involved with hit and run. Located the car that was involved in hit and run. Excessive damage to the vehicle. 93 spoke to the party and both parties will exchange paperwork.

Report of stolen credit cards on Sturgis Street. Unit spoke to the party and a report is to follow.

Party on Johnson Avenue reports that a motor vehicle goes by her house late at night every night and takes pictures. Party was advised of this harassment order rights. Party will proceed with documentation.

Caller on Revere Street has a warrant and is back in town after being deported. Caller was told to call a lawyer and detective on the case to notify Winthrop when he is back in town so we could apprehend the man for the warrant. Spoke to a sergeant at WPD headquarters who states we will send officers by the address to bring the man in on the warrant if he is there.

Boston 911 transferred a 911 hangup pinging within 9,000 meters of house on Lincoln Street. No answer when called the number and unit attempted to ping through T Mobile. Subscriber came back to a business from California. Unit attempted to call the alternate number available and there was no answer.

Caller reports a man driving a black Honda was in the neighborhood of Highland Avenue new and walked up toward his driveway with a gas can in his hand but fled the scene once he saw the caller come outside. He has not come back so he did not want an officer at this time, just wanted this logged. He was advised to call back right away if any other suspicious activity arises.

Party on Sewall Avenue reports a party keeps giving her harassing phone calls. She just wanted this logged and put in the system.

Report of a black Honda car attempting to steal gas from caller’s car on Highland Avenue. Caller stated that the car keeps circling the block. No plate given. 91 off speaking with the caller. No damage to the vehicle. Suspect fled once the caller’s mother came out of their house. 91 and 92 will remain in the area in an attempt to locate the vehicle.

Saturday, Jan. 19

Caller on Quincy Avenue states a vehicle has been blocking the driveway for hours. Caller is attempting to leave his house and cannot. Motor vehicle was towed by G&J.

Assisted fire with truck leaking oil on Wadsworth Avenue. The fuel tank was hanging from the vehicle. No leak, no danger, no fuel. Fire cleared everything also. The owner called a tow through AAA.

Manager at the Inn on Shirley Street stated he had a problem with a guest who is not on the scene anymore. He is concerned about the bill and condition he left the room in. The male party verbally stated he would harm him. Male party got picked up by someone in a motor vehicle. Units 91 and 93 spoke to the manager. There was an unruly guest who was upset that his security deposit was kept because his room had damage. The guest has left the area and the manager was advised of his rights.

Party reports an ongoing pattern of harassment by her neighbor. Today, she states he appeared intoxicated and was blocking the common hallway. When she attempted to move around him, he began shouting obscenities at her. Caller would like this noted as she will be applying for a harassment order in EBDC.

Caller on Pleasant Street states a male has been knocking on her door for over an hour and seems lost. Male party known to the officer. He resides in a nearby group home. Staff was unaware he had left and was little confused. The party was safely returned home.

Party states a male party has been drinking all day at Shore Drive and Myrtle Avenue and is now huddled into a fetal position. Units checked the area and were unable to locate the subject in question.

Report of a wire down at Beacon Street and Park Avenue. WFD and EMS responding. Units report it looks like a phone wire.

Caller on Overlook Drive states there is a vehicle parked illegally and if an emergency vehicle was needed to get by it would not be able to do so. Officer reports vehicle is on the sidewalk but not impeding any emergency apparatus. Vehicle will be tagged.

Sunday, Jan. 20

Report of loud music on Trident Avenue. Units spoke to the residents and the music will be lowered.

Unit off with the fire department for a vehicle smoking in the parking lot on Pauline Street. Unit requested a flat bed. G&J en route. G&J got the vehicle and will be bringing it back to the DPW yard.

Calling party on Pebble Avenue states there is a red truck in front of her house. She cannot leave her home and they could not plow. Vehicle is parked legally, but was given a parking violation. DPW is coming to plow.

Report of a car parked illegally on Bowdoin Street. Caller needs to go to work and cannot leave because of how the car is parked. Vehicle is illegally parked and G&J is en route. A citation was given and the vehicle was towed due to vehicle being parked too close to another vehicle.

Caller on River Road states a vehicle is partly blocking his driveway making him unable to plow his driveway. Owner is parked legally about 10 feet from their driveway.

Caller states there are sheets of ice in the streets surrounding the water tower. Headquarters was notified and stated they will be calling DPW.

Multiple calls about cars sliding down Prospect Avenue. One almost went through a house. DPW was notified to come by and salt. Caller on Crystal Cove Avenue states he was shoveling and the plow came by and blew the snow and ice back where he shoveled. He stated he was hit with ice and snow but is refusing medical. He is angry and would like to speak to someone and also have DPW come back and fix the problem. He was told he could call DPW on Monday.

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