Police Blotter 01-17-2019

Monday, Jan. 7

Report of a disturbance between neighbors involving driving conditions on Prospect Avenue. Verbally arguing about female’s driving down a one-way the wrong way. A citation was issued for driving the wrong way.

92 and 93 attempted to serve warrant to subject at Governor’s Park. No answer.

Report of one pitbull running around the area of Hawthorn Avenue. Dog is from Myrtle Avenue. BOLO given out for the dogs as ACO was not on today.

Calling party on Cross Street states a medium black dog attacked the caller’s car. She states that the owner did not have the dog on a leash. Owner was an Asian male. Caller states that the owner took the dog back into the home. She wants to remain anonymous.

Report that a black Volkswagen convertible has been parked on River Road for approximately three weeks. It has one ticket on it. Caller states that the window is open where it wasn’t opened before. Vehicle is parked in front of owners house. No answer at the door. A parking ticket is from December. Officer will check back tonight.

Party came to the station to report that she had been approached by a male on a Winthrop bus while traveling with her young child on two separate times. The party reported that she moved away from the male. Party now reports that this male was outside her home going through her trash. She was advised and MBTA Police also were advised.

Father from Washington Avenue called to report that his son lost his wallet with his school ID and other items in it. It is a black, thin wallet with the initials E.F. on it.

Party from Cottage Park Road states that a vehicle has been parked for four days with no movement, possibly abandoned. Vehicle is legally parked, no violations. No signs of it being abandoned. Officer spoke to the caller and they will follow up in a few days.

An elderly male is stuck in town hall. He states he is stuck in the basement in the back towards the parking lot. He also said he was in a meeting in the building. WFD C1 has a key and will respond. C1 on the scene and got the party out.

Caller on Kay Street reports a vehicle is playing loud music. Parties were advised to leave the area.

Tuesday, Jan. 8

93 off with damaged motor vehicle. He escorted the vehicle to body shop at Magee’s Corner.

Male party from Golden Drive called to say that his client texted him to call 911 with no further information. No apartment provided. 98 and 92 responded and found the apartment. Spoke with the calling party and he was on the line with the female. It was a misunderstanding.

Party on Grovers Avenue came in to report that his unregistered/uninsured pickup truck that was parked on his property was stolen sometime last night. This was entered into OpenFox.

Calling party on Faun Bar Avenue is the ex-girlfriend who states that he is sending texts with Q5 statements. Texts state that he is going to hang himself. Caller is concerned for his safety. Party lives on the side-door entrance. Unit reports the party was cleared by medical and signed a refusal.

Caller states a black Volkswagen has been parked at Cross Street and River Road since Christmas Eve. 92 reports he was dispatched to same call yesterday. It is legally parked and the owner lives at that residence. He did leave a note and he will come back in a day or two and red tag it if it is still there.

Male party walked into the station to report that items were taken from his motor vehicle.

Calling party from Shirley Street states a male party in a red Ford slammed into the curb outside and his vehicle is not drivable. WFD was dispatched for possible injuries. Unit reports G&J who stated that the vehicle did not strike another vehicle. Unit also reports that party declined medical and will stand by for the tow. G&J has the vehicle and will be giving a ride to Dolphin Avenue.

Report of a wheel coming off a vehicle in the middle of Pleasant and Shirley streets. It is stuck in the middle of the road. This is a duplicate call from above.

Wednesday, Jan. 9

Party who lives on Golden Drive in Building 1 states there are about nine parties on bikes or in a vehicle flashing their lights in the back parking lot and were looking into her window. Units checked entire area and did a walk around Building 1 with nothing showing.

Unit attempted to serve warrant to subject on Prospect Avenue. 93 reports party has been served in hand.

Motor vehicle accident with possible injuries on Revere Street. G&J responding. Both vehicles towed and the roadway is now clear.

Party from Undine Avenue came in to report that his cleaning person locked his residence and he is locked out RECC notified to dispatch WFD to assist.

Caller from Somerset Avenue states two males came to her home to solicit vinyl siding. 93 reports he is off on Sargent with those four parties who do have permits and will begin the area of Pleasant Street. They were advised to check in from now on.

Party on Shirley Street reports that her house may have been broken into. She just got home and found her storm window is shattered. Units spoke to the party and went inside to make sure she was safe. No signs of entry. Window was broken. A report is to follow.

Female party from Golden Drive came in to report that her neighbor has been harassing her in the hallway that they share. The situation was supposed to have bee resolved by management, but it is still continuing. A courtesy transport from station to party’s address.

Caller from Russell Street states she might of heard gun shots. 91 speaking to resident in the area of Morton Street and has not heard any shots. Unit spoke to several people in the area with nothing showing.

Caller on Jefferson Street reports that her daughter has been missing since Dec. 22. She has filed a report with the department already but she would like to speak to an officer with follow-up information. There was a strong language barrier because the caller speaks Spanish. Units clear, as this does not amount to a missing person. The person is 18 and left home last week.

Thursday, Jan. 10

Unit off with parked vehicle on Waldemar Avenue with the interior lights on. Unit clear, vehicle is secure and it appears to be an oversight by the owner. All the other vehicles in the area check out.

Party on Thornton Street reports that his home security camera appears to have captured an individual walking around and looking into his motor vehicle while it was parked in his driveway around 10 p.m. yesterday evening. Video/images will be passed onto detectives.

Caller on Bowdoin Street states there is construction going on and it is blocking one lane and they have no detail officer. It is hard for vehicles to get through. It is a broken water pipe and contractors are on the scene trying to repair it. They are asking for a safety officer. Charlie 1 has been contacted and is trying to get one.

Caller on Bartlett Road states house across the street from the bank has had its front door open with a dog barking for past 20 minutes. Units looked around and everything seems to be in order. Units will attempt to secure. Units states they were unable to secure the door. Control will call the homeowner and let them know.

Party on Plummer Avenue reports that three people are knocking on doors, trying to sell them house siding. Units states workers in the area have a permit, but were notified to check in with police next time they are in the area.

Party came into the police station to turn in two firearms that belonged to her now deceased father.

Caller on Sagamore Avenue reports that her neighbor’s dog has been barking outside for the past half hour. This is an ongoing issue in the neighborhood. 91 clear and state there is absolutely no noise on the street.

Friday, Jan. 11

Unit states that a vehicle running with headlights for about 45 minutes on Locust Street. Vehicle is secure and control will try and make contact with the owner through in-house phone number. Number was called and message left.

Tow company reports towing vehicle from area of Governors Park.

Party from Shirley Street came in to report that his motor vehicle was struck while parked. He reports his drive side mirror was damaged. He did not witness it and has since replaced the mirror.

Charlie 1 stated to 93 that there are two individuals knocking on doors on Buchanan Street asking if they needed some work done. Possibly same two as yesterday. 93 clear, nothing showing in the area.

Calling party on Governors Park states that she believes that her neighbors are building something. she hears grinding. It is nothing suspicious, owner was redoing their bathroom and management knows about the work. If the caller calls back, have her call management at Governors Park.

ACO and 92 found missing dog on Willow Avenue and have the dog on board. ACO is returning the dog to the owner who stated that animal must have gotten out from the open gate.

Party reports that her neighbor has been harassing her by screaming profanities, banging on her front door and calling the police on her for having contractors work on her unit. Caller would like this documented in the event that this pattern of harassment continues and she has to seek a harassment prevention order.

Caller on Pauline Street states there is a car horn that keeps going off. She does not know exactly where the car is. K9 reports that the alarm is off.

Saturday, Jan. 12

Party asked for a well-being check on 53-year-old male on Shirley Street who has not answered his phone in five days. A friend drove to his home and saw his vehicle in back. 93 spoke to the party and he stayed he was fine and would get in touch with his friend that was looking for him.

Report of a commercial vehicle that has been parked for a week on George Street. He has been tagged once already. 91 timed and tagged the vehicle and will go back in an hour.

Todisco Towing reports towing vehicle without a parking sticker from Governors Park.

Walk-in to repot of a turkey in the area of Magee’s Corner who is causing a traffic hazard. Clear, nothing showing.

Report of a past assault to party on Washington Avenue. Units clear, and spoke to the victim. A report is to follow.

Report of past breaking and entering on Court Road. Units clear, no break. No signs of forced entry. House was cleared. Caller was advised of her 209A rights and will seek one in East Boston Court on Monday.

Sunday, Jan. 13

Calling party accidentally called 911. Gave information and no problem. She stated she was leaving church on Winthrop Street. 93 checked the area and no one made themselves known.

Report of water coming out of a manhole cover on Upland Road It is a steady flow causing ice. 92 observed bubbling out causing a stream of water. DPW was notified. They are coming by to plug it and sand it. 91 is standing by to direct traffic.

Calling party on Perkins Street states a Ford is blocking his driveway and he cannot get out. No plate given. Made contact with the owner and he will move the vehicle.

Caller on Winthrop Street states that her neighbor has had her dogs out all day. They are still barking and her kids need to go to sleep. 92 reports the dogs are on the second floor deck. They seem to bark at anything that goes by. Was unable to make contact with anyone at the address. Will refer to ACO.

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