Plans on File for Somerset Avenue Development

Plans are on file in the town clerk’s office for a proposed development on Somerset Avenue at the site of the “old

The top photo shows Somerset Avenue as it currently exists. The bottom photo is a rendering of the proposed development in Winthrop Center.

dollar store.”

The developer will appear at a public meeting on Dec. 13 at the E.B. Newton to discuss the proposed development. On Dec. 17 the proposal will be presented to the Planning Board.

There has already been a small meeting with abutters and another meeting at the Chamber of Commerce for business leaders.

Plans call for a five-story building with 40 housing units on a 13,000 square-foot lot, with 34 parking spaces under the building. The units will consist of three studios; 17 one-bedroom, and 20 two-bedroom units.

Tom Reilly, an abutter, asked the Town Council to take action in forming an oversight committee.

“According to the submission they could have 50-80 people living there,” Reilly said. “It’s well over time that this matter be addressed in some fashion to review the zoning law. The area is currently zoned for two and one-half stories and neighbors are concerned about anything higher.

Town Manager Austin Faison had planned to and did appoint a committee Tuesday night.

Faison appointed CBD Committee to work with the assistant town manager on the area and proposed development.

Serving on the committee will be Councilor Peter Christopher, Paul Lucerto, Joe Clark , Michelle Murray and Joe Aiello.

They are expected to meet in the next two weeks.

Faison said there would be no work in the center until the town “has its ducks in a row” when it comes to zoning.

“Any project down there will need a variance for height and for parking,” Faison said.

Reilly also pointed out that any project will only have six councilors available to vote, since three have recused themselves “and you need five to pass anything.”

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