Student Highlight:High School Senior Puts Kindness First

Mary Teixeira is known for her kindness and the genuine smile that is on her face at all times. The Winthrop High Senior is beyond busy with activities that she manages effortlessly, even as she goes through the arduous process of applying to colleges.

When she’s not busy academically and with her various commitments, she babysits on the weekends and spends her summers working at the Winthrop Public Library for Parks and Recreation. Having been inducted into the WHS National Honors Society this week, Teixeira is proof that hard work and having a well-balanced life, pays off.


What activities are you involved in?

I run cross country and outdoor track in the fall and spring, and indoor track in the winter, and am lucky enough to be a captain for all three. I am involved in Student Council and Social Committee, and I am vice president of the WHS Model United Nations Club.


Do you have any college/career goals?

For college, I have applied to UMass Boston, Salem State University, and Boston University, and I hope to become an occupational therapist in the future.


Who is your role model?

My role model is my older sister Katherine because she is selfless, kind, is willing to give help to anyone who needs it and is a hard worker.


Favorite subject?

My favorite subjects are English, science, and psychology.

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