Police Blotter 12-06-2018

Monday, Nov. 26

Walk-in party provided new and additional information regarding a rental scam. Scammer advertises address as “for rent” and attempts to secure upfront money from party seeking via e-mail and/or text, when actually the place is not for rent. Scammer has no ties to the property.

Male party on Revere Street attempted to load an H/R Block card with a $1,000. Male party loaded the card and then left with the card and cash but did not pay the cashier. Cashier at time did not think transaction went through and gave his card back.

Off-duty officer reports store manager on Woodside Avenue asked for an officer to respond to store and observe a recording of a shoplifting offense that occurred yesterday.

Reporting party on Loring Road came into the station to report on a case of harassment. Officer will attempt to mediate prior to court action.

Boston PD requests assistance for subject on Vine Avenue. This is the father’s address and subject is not there at this time. Boston PD was informed that we were unable to locate the subject.


Tuesday, Nov. 27

Calling party on Bay View Avenue states that someone is harassing him through text message and wants to speak to an officer and have it on record. Unit reports he spoke to the party and he was advised of what to do.

Report of flooding at basketball court on Walden Street. Caller states that the flooding is bad and he almost got stuck. Unit reports the road is flooding between Lincoln and Pauline. Unit reports he took care of the barricade and will monitor the area. Also Charlie 1 said to notify DPW about Short Beach. Left a message and also notified State and they will handle it.

Attempt to serve warrant to subject on Grandview Avenue. One under arrest for warrant.

Report of male, possibly drunk, stumbling around on Shirley Street. Area checked with nothing showing.

DPW worker stating he needs to remove a tree at Wave Way and Shirley Street but there is car parked in front of that area that he needs moved. Spoke to party’s mother and she will contact her son to move the vehicle.

Well-being check for subject at Governors Park. Father is on his way there with the key. Party is ok and father is speaking with his daughter now.

Caller on Marshall Street states there is an elderly golden Retriever roaming in the area. Owner was located and call was canceled.

Party on Sea View Avenue states a construction worker is drinking in public. Nobody in the area drinking in public.

Calling party on Golden Drive is a friend who has not heard from her friend since Thanksgiving which is abnormal. Party is fine and at the MGH since Friday.

Party on Shore Drive states a vehicle was drinking recklessly and almost drove caller off the road. Vehicle was going into Winthrop from Short Beach. BOLO given to all units.

Caller on Pauline Street is a teacher of the Performing Arts class. She states there is a bunch of kids in the basement hanging out to get out of the cold. She states it is an ongoing issue. She said they entered through the handicap door. Building was checked and officers spoke to the reporting party.

Party states he is in front of the ACE Hardware store and there are picketers with a bullhorn making a lot of noise. Detail officers report the picketers are not breaking any laws at this time. No need for responders. They will monitor the situation as needed.

Caller at Governors Park states her TV was taken in her house and was replaced with a TV that was broken. No sign of forced entry. Property manager advised her to call the police. She also states that money has been taken in the past. Officer spoke to the caller and no crime was committed. Caller states that someone beamed in and replaced her TV set.

Motor vehicle accident in front of the station. Units diverting traffic and two tows needed. G&J was contacted but then cancelled. No tows needed as vehicles are operable.

Caller on Locust Street states that she believes that her house was broken into while she was in it. Both doors, outer and inner door to her house were open. Caller states that her pocket book was stolen. She believes they came in the back door. Report to follow.

Pedestrian struck by motor vehicle at Beach Street and Myrtle Avenue. Pedestrian was evaluated by EMS and signed a refusal. Operator was cited.

Party from Main Street came into the station and repotted locating an opened box containing Bear Paws boot brand that had been stolen from an address around the corner. Party also brought a delivery bag, which was ripped open containing three clothing items. It was also from the same address. All items matched up with the Old Navy sales slip. Officer returned the items to the resident.


Wednesday, Nov. 28

Todisco reports two trespass tows from Governors Park.

Boston Taxi states a male party refusing to pay the fee and both parties are verbally arguing. This is on Lowell and Pauline Street. Units spoke to both parties and the male party was willing to pay the fee and the cab driver said he did not want the money. The cab driver was not being cooperative and not giving his side of the story. He then took off. The 91 will be bringing the male party home to Tewksbury Street.

Walk-in from Quincy Avenue to report a former employee stole property from him as well as a debit card.

Party on Quincy Avenue is concerned about neighbor’s well-being. There are papers and mail all over the porch. No medical called since Nov. 9. Has no idea of names or who lives there but just concerned. 93 requested fire for forced entry. Officer spoke to the homeowner. C1 reports getting a second call from family confirming they are safe.

Caller at Somerset Avenue Pleasant Street states he is unable to make the turn due to the vehicles parked on the corner. Caller called to cancel as vehicles were moved.

Party turned in a Dooney & Bourke handbag that she found in her garden. The owner was contacted and she will pick it up later today at headquarters.

Caller states there is a female party who is swaying back and forth while walking with no shoes on caller is concerned for her well-being. Caller states that she is walking down Hermon towards Centre Street. Female party being sectioned. There was talk of a child at an address and unit is going there to investigate. W91 to ride with ambulance due to a combative female party.

Party is trying to retrieve her cell phone. She is outside of home on Jefferson Street where she states the cell phone is. She states that the parents of the children involved are not being cooperative. Property has been returned to its owner.

Caller on Floyd Street states she saw two dogs alone in the street that she recognizes. She brought the dogs back to their house and the caller is concerned for the owners well-being. She states that the couch is all ripped up inside. She is concerned because the owner is always with the dogs. Officers could not locate the owner but secured the dogs and home at this time. Owners were out of the country and had just anded at Logan and are on their way home They called headquarters and they were up dated.

Assisted Revere PD with a retrieval of a cell phone on Crest Avenue. Owner of the cell phone will come to headquarters pick up her phone.


Thursday, Nov. 29

Caller on Shore Drive states a female with a buzz cut is in the middle of the street screaming. Caller is worried about her well-being. Unknown female is being transported to MGH. 92 is following the ambulance.

93 flagged down for low hanging wires on Tafts Avenue. 93 searched the entire length of Tafts and there were no issues.

Caller on Wave Way Avenue states that her sister’s landlord is threatening caller and her mother’s lives over the phone. Report to follow.

Party came in to report towing two vehicles from Main Street per the property/owner manager. The vehicles were towed.

An attempt to serve notification to subject on Faun Bar Avenue. HQ spoke to male party and notified him.

Suspicious activity on Winthrop Street. Male party checking doors. He tried to enter into the Oddfellows Hall and was headed to police headquarters. Units checked the entire area. 94 spoke to DPW worker who stated he saw a male matching that description going right toward Pauline Street toward the center. 94 checked the area. 94 reports it matches description of homeless male that has been living in the marsh.

While on patrol in the area of Magee’s Corner, the 91 located a cell phone with $8 in the case on the street. Cell phone was brought to D6 at the middle/high school. She recognized some of the girls on the home screen and will attempt to locate the owner.

Female came in to the station to report an expired cat or possibly a possum on Winthrop Street. ACO was notified and will respond.

Caller on Cross Street states he hears banging and screaming on the second floor. Units request medical, WFD and EMS responded. Unable to identify the party based on his state. Action transported subject to MGH.

Woburn PD called and stated that a party’s vehicle was involved in a minor motor vehicle accident and is parked outside of an apartment complex in the city of Woburn. Party no longer resides on Pico Avenue. Resident does have their phone number and will contact the party to call Woburn PD. All information was relayed.


Friday, Nov. 30

A report of a giant construction truck blocking the middle of Centre Street. 93 states that the truck left, but there is a lot of debris in the road. Spoke to one of the workers who stated he would clear up the debris. 93 states that he found both trucks that are now blocking both lanes on Hermon Street. Vehicles left the area and the street is now wide open.

Party came to the station to report being disturbed last night at 2 a.m. Party reports that her neighbor in a building on Veterans Road was playing loud music well into the early morning hours. The noise also consisted of late use of the washing machines, as well as the thumping of a base instrument. Also, there was running up and down the halls causing noise. Party was advised that some issues she should discuss with the building management. In terms of the loud noise disturbances, she should call the police at the time it is happening. Party was also informed that a record would be made of her issue by police.

Caller on Washington Avenue says there is an object that could be an oil can in the middle of the road. 92 states a gallon jug of motor oil has spilled in the street. 92 is requesting DPW on the scene with a speedy dry. Fire put down the speedy dry.

The parents of a fifth-grader at the Cummings School came in to report an incident that occurred between their son and the recess monitor at the school. The fifth-grader claims that at recess he jumped over a girl when playing with a football. He asked the girl if she was okay, and she said, “yes.” He starts that the school monitor who is a male took the football away from him and moved him aside with his arm. They had a meeting today with the principal who will investigate the matter. They were informed to follow up with the school and the SRO if need be.

A well-being check on party on Coral Avenue who has been making Q5 statements to co-workers. Party voluntarily being transported to the MGH.

Caller on Bates Avenue states the street in front of his home is flooding. Officer states water is flowing from the sewer which seems to be backed up. DPW was notified. DPW was on the scene. UPDATE: Water was from a resident who emptied their pool.

An attempt to serve warrant to subject on Crystal Cove Avenue. Unable to locate the subject at this time.

Received a 911 call from Coral Avenue, which was a hang up. Pinged number back to address and subscriber. Called back twice and left a message with no answer. Unit stated two parties in the apartment had potential argument between roommates. It was a verbal disagreement. They were told to separate for the night. A civil matter at this time.


Saturday, Dec. 1

Caller at Main and Marshall streets stated a vehicle swerving in an out of lanes. BOLO given to the units.

Party came to the station with a black purse found on Bellevue Avenue. The purse was found next to a vehicle. A note was left on the vehicle to retrieve the p use from the WPD. Party received note and came to the station to pick up her property.

Calling party states that she was going into the ATM on Bartlett Road about 10 minutes ago and there was a male outside who asked her if he could go in with her. She stated that the male party was very polite and nice but she refused his request. He stated that he was just waiting for the bank to open.

Party who lives on the first floor on Winthrop Street is causing a verbal disturbance. An harassment order was previously in place between these two parties. This is an ongoing issue. Also claims that the involved party has been stealing her mail. Units spoke with the caller and this is the second incident since new harassment order was in place. The first lifted in September. Units will document this incident. There was an altercation between the two parties in the laundry room. They both have been advised of their rights and the landlord will be contacted.

Caller on Pleasant Street states that his grandson called him stating a firearm that is out in the open in the basement. No one was threatened with or has touched the firearm but it is out in the open while a male and female are in the house. The grandfather would like a well-being check on the children. The firearm has been secured.

Caller on Kennedy Road states a man down from a bicycle accident. He declined medical. Units checked the area but nothing showing.

Party on Winthrop Street states that he has been trying to reach his niece for weeks and has not been able to. The phone goes straight to voicemail. Uncle is concerned and requests a well being check. Units spoke to the female in question and she is fine. She will call family members to let them know she is fine.

Caller on Veterans Road states a white male trying to break into a car. Units are off with the subject who states he was trying to gain access to the vehicle for his brother who is the owner. Units are with the suspect at this home to confirm that his brother wanted him to try and enter the vehicle. Units clear, story has been verified and keys were also located.


Sunday, December 2

Unit off with party at Crescent and Highland Avenue that has been standing there for over two hours. Party lives in the area and is playing Pokemon Go Wandering aimlessly.

Caller on Almont Street states there is a big coyote whom looks confused running around the area. ACO enroute. ACO spoke with the caller. The coyote did look confused but healthy. ACO still searching the area.

Caller on Shirley Street states she found needles on a tray in her daughter’s room. She states that her daughter was transported last week to a hospital. She would like an officer to come and remove the paraphernalia. Needles were retrieved.

Party on Winthrop Street stated she saw a female party trying to break into her neighbor’s car. They are all outside verbally argument. Unit asking for fire and EMS to respond but without lights and sirens. Unit reports the party is drunk and misunderstanding. She is being transported to the Whidden. W91 reports the vehicle is on Bartlett Road and her purse has been found. 91 is taking it back to the station. She will attempt to make contact in the morning.

Unit reports that the female party on Summit Avenue that was just transported requested that officers let her boyfriend know where she is going to. Unit reports unable to make contact with the male party. If anyone calls, she will be at the Whidden.

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