Letter to the Editor

Thank You Winthrop!

Dear Editor,

On behalf of Chief Terry Delehanty, Deputy Chief  John Goodwin and the members of the Winthrop Police Department, I’d like to extend a big “thank you” to the community of Winthrop.  Because of your purchases of the WPD Breast Cancer Awareness t-shirts sold during the month of October, we were honored to be able to donate a total of $4,000, split between two local cancer support groups, Survivors by the Sea and the Marie C. Petrilli Cancer Research and Treatment Memorial Fund.

These groups work tirelessly to assist those battling all forms of cancer, and where a need exists, they attempt to address it, whether through providing meals for families, much needed moral support, or something larger.  Winthrop continues to show itself as a community of kind and compassionate people, always willing to extend a helping hand.

I’d like to thank, in particular, the following for their overriding support of the WPD Breast Cancer T-Shirt project:   Patsy and Sandro Cimino of The Meat Market and Marc Wallace and  Kevin Miccichi of Winthrop Marketplace; Bijal Patel of the UPS;  Gary Orloff of Priceless Sales;  Superintendant of Schools Lisa Howard and Winthrop Middle School Principal Brian Curley; Middle School students Willow Hall and Ben Zichella; who are also Winthrop Police Explorers; and Speaker of the House Robert A. DeLeo.


Officer Anthony Sorrentino

Winthrop Police Department

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