Winthrop CFO Michael Perez Resigns

Friday, September 14, 2018
By Sue Ellen Woodcock

Winthrop’s Chief Financial Officer has resigned after discussions with the new Town Manager Austin Faison who would not say what prompted the resignation of Michael Perez, but he said they were discussing moving the town’s financial department forward and it became evident Perez would not play a role in it.

Perez had worked for the town for almost three years. He was hired by former Town Manager James McKenna and worked under temporary Town Managers Terence Delehanty and David Cressman.

Faison also has to look for a new assistant town manager since former assistant town manager Joe Domelowicz began a new job as town manager of Hamilton on Sept. 4.

“We’re actively searching,” Faison said, adding he would like to have an assistant town manager who also has a planning background. “I think the town manager’s office should have a crew of managers in it.”

Both positions are being advertised through the Massachusetts Municipal Association (MMA) website. He hopes to begin interviewing and have a new CFO in office in October. He does not need the town council’s approval but he has been keeping Council President Ron Vecchia up to date.

“I think this will bring people in to get Winthrop going in the right direction,” Faison said.

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