Police Blotter 08-23-2018

Monday, Aug. 13

Caller on Revere Street complained about a green bike in front of her house. Both units tied up on another call. Will respond when cleared. Bike was moved to the other side of the street. Caller was advised that this is not a police matter.

Party on Court Road states that a Nissan Rogue has been parked for several days, and is parked the wrong way. A citation was issued for left wheel to the curb. It was placed on the 72-hour list.

Caller states that she was in an accident with another vehicle, and the driver is refusing to exchange information. She is near her black vehicle outside the senior center. 993 states there was no injuries. Paperwork was exchanged.

Attempted follow-up investigation to subject on Birch Road. No one home at this time.

Follow-up investigation on Pleasant Street. Sierra 5 found the person he was looking for.

Report of an elderly male party who is confused on Pleasant Street. He stated that his brother did no pay his bill and does not know what day it is. Squad One on the scene.Sierra 1 on scene with fire. Spoke to the male party, and he is having issues with his water and bills.

Report of a baby skunk in a barrel on Loring Road. It has been there since last Saturday. Caller was at work and states that the barrel is outside of her house. Sierra 4 stated that he would take care of it.

DPW employee stating there is a hypodermic needle in the cemetery near the tomb. He will remain on the scene to point out the item to police. Item has been retrieved.

Caller is a passerby who stated that a woman is walking along traffic at Pauline and Pleasant Streets stopping vehicles and talking to drivers. Caller is concerned for her well being. 93 states nothing showing. Sierra 5 has an appointment with a female party who units think this may be the party.

Three hypodermic needles were disposed of from Shore Drive and Perkins Street.

Female party inside store on Bartlett Road states an Asian woman walked into the store and assaulted her. Suspect is known to police. Officer is trying to locate her. Officer located the subject,  and she is assaulting him. Medical responding to assault victim. Officer now has the suspect restrained. Requesting medical for an evaluation. Sierra 4 is off at Woodside Avenue with fire and medical. Victim signed a refusal for treatment. Female party from Bartlett Road was transported to MGH.


Tuesday, Aug. 14

Caller on Bowdoin Street states there has been someone ringing her doorbell for several minutes and will not answer her. 91 reports he is on the scene and nothing is showing. Spoke to the caller and the subject was the upstairs tenant’s boyfriend trying to get in.

Party on Johnson Avenue is receiving harassing phone calls. 91 had a long talk with the family regarding having to block the number.

Sierra 3 is off at the cemetery with dog walker who pointed out three needles and a spoon. Sierra 3 will collect the items.

An attempt to serve a summons to subject to Main Street. The summons was served in hand.

Caller on Lincoln Street states a male and female are sitting in a car for hours without leaving. She believes they may be living in it. Officer reports vehicle not in the area.


Wednesday, Aug. 15

Todisco Towing reports trespass tow for four vehicles on Main Street.

Uint off with vehicle that looks unoccupied at Hanford Park. Parties were advised of the hours of the park and are now leaving.

Report of suspicious activity on Shirley Street. Unit investigated the store. Lights are on inside and the store is usually closed at this hour. Unit spoke to party on the scene. They are replacing the floor overnight. Everything checks out.

Motor vehicle accident with airbag deployment on Shirley Street. 91 requested and is on the scene. G&J has the vehicles.

Caller on Read Street states that an unwanted person will not leave her front yard. They have parked in front of her house. Not aware of any weapons. Caller stated that a 209A is in place. 94 states that this is a custody issue. Spoke to the party and informed him about probate concerning his parental/visitation rights. Subject has left. Officer spoke with children. They stated that they did not want to go with their father. Officers also advised female party of her rights.

Caller states party is digging up the park at Ingleside Park. They have a metal detector. Spoke to the party and he was just scanning the ground. No damage to the ground.

Male party called and stated that he was involved in a minor motor vehicle accident in the parking lot of Belle Isle Seafood on Monday night and just wanted this recorded.

Two males are going door to door. They are between Wave Way Avenue. Another call received. they are now in the area of Coral Avenue. 93 off to Coral. Units have eyes on one of the parties. Individual was from “Inspire” and hew as advised of the town soliciting process and permit requirement. He is done for the night.

Two care motor vehicle accident with no injuries at Revere Street and Kennedy Road. One car towed to G&J Towing. Report to follow.

Party came to the station with a piece of mail that came to her house addressed to a party that she has an open and continuous RO on. Party reports that was she has reported this to the probation department but still mail for the defendant is coming to her address. Party was leaving the mail here for pick up but mail was labeled “MOVED” and “ADDRESSEE UNKNOWN” and dropped in the box outside.  Party had been advised previously to change his address at the probation department or with his accounts.

Received a call from Beverly Hospital. They have a cardiac arrest patient holding a Winthrop ID. Beverly asked us to check the address to see if there is anyone there that can come to the hospital to confirm the identification. Called OIC of the notification. Per OIC, was told to leave call on the board. 93 reports the landlord said that the party has not lived at this residence for five years. No updated information on the family.

Caller reports that he is at a friend’s house on Shirley Street and someone attacked him. Caller has locked himself in the bathroom. 95 requests two EMS and fire. 91 reports there is one in custody for assault and battery, assault and battery on a police officer, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.  Unit also requests medical for past domestic for broken arm.


Thursday, Aug. 16

Caller states a special needs female is running around the parking lot on Ingleside Avenue. Caller stated it was a recurring issue. Female party was returned home. Father will secure the home. Daughter found the keys and let herself out.

Charlie 1 dispatched 93 to check the well-being of a woman in a pickup truck with her dog at Hermon and Centre streets. Individual came to the station to report a female was parked in her pickup truck since the previous evening. The individual was concerned for her well-being. Spoke to the woman and would not give out any information about where her husband was. Woman was okay.

Caller will be in the office at Seal Harbor waiting for police. An Amazon truck hit the overhang and damaged the property. It was minor damage to the overhang.

WFD requested to contact National Grid because an electrical line lost a screw that attached to a house on Bartlett Road. National Grid notified and they responded. They took care of the problem. If this happens again, it is the owner’s responsibility to get an electrician.

Party on Irwin Street reports she is receiving at least 12 calls a day from people purporting to be an agent from the IRS. She is requesting it be placed on file as she has fallen victim to the scam before. She has an open case on file with Verizon.

Calling party on Bowdoin Street states he came home and found his apartment had been broken into. Officers determined that it was an attempted break-in. Officers will be doing a outer perimeter search. There was damage to the exterior door.

Unit off with a car at Hannaford Park. Officer spoke to the subjects and all information was taken.

Party came to the station to report being a victim of an assault and battery during an appointment.  Party reports the mother of the owner grabbed her arm and pushed her out of the way. Party also reports that she was told by another tech that there are cameras in the business that should have captured the incident. Party believes that she and the child with her for the service were treated with hostility even before the assault and battery occurred. Party was given a statement to fill out and she will think about it overnight and bring it back later. Party was advised about the process of a complaint hearing.

Caller on Myrtle Avenue reports parties being loud next door. States that he hears one male yelling at a female calling her names. Multiple parties on the scene. It was a verbal argument only. Female was going to bed for the night. All other parties were advised to keep the noise down for the night.


Friday, Aug. 17

Reporting party from Quincy Avenue states that the man from earlier has returned home and he wants him removed from his property. Officer reports this has turned into a landlord/tenant dispute. The landlord was advised of the appropriate channels to pursue.

Caller from Bellevue Avenue states that his vehicle was vandalized by his neighbor. He stated that he saw him hit his truck approximately an hour ago and now he has a flat tire. This is an ongoing issue about parking in front of his home. Received a call from the girlfriend stating the same information as the above party. She was informed that there is a unit on the scene with her boyfriend. Unit states that this is an ongoing issue with neighbor. Would like it logged that it was a flat tire. A little damage to the bumper.

Motor vehicle accident on Crest Avenue. Action Ambulance and an Infiniti. Papers were exchanged.

Woman came to the station to report an attempted phone scam. The person was instructed that they won money which was false. The number used was 8760478-3800 and comes back to a Facebook page Anil Jhajhda Boy.

Caller states a box truck has been parked in the parking lot on Pond Street and has been there for about a week with one or more tickets on it. Car is legal and registered. It was added to the 72 hour list.

Officer is making contact with party about his possibly abandoned vehicle on Floyd Street. Party agreed to move his legal vehicle to a different parking spot.

Male party who owns Specialty Painting and Remodeling company on Walden Street came in with a letter stating that he does not want his worker or his worker’s wife at his premises.

Caller states there are youths behind the skating rink riding the lime bikes but are not paying so the alarms on the bikes are going off. 93 searching in rear and this was unfounded.

A complaint was lodged. These parties came in a separate car. We referred the Malden officer to refer the parties to Winthrop headquarters. Winthrop headquarters were also notified of the situation and that the parties may be coming to headquarters tonight to file for an RO. Female and male party came into the station and W91 and W92 spoke with both parties to figure out the situation. It was verbal in nature. Both parties were advised of their rights and were advised to separate for the night. Report to follow.


Saturday, Aug. 18

Caller found a dog, older black Lab, no tag. Dog jumped in to her vehicle, and she will bring the dog to the station and meet ACO out front. ACO stated he has the dog and he is going to go by the area the dog was found to see if it belong to anyone.

Caller states raccoon in dumpster in the back of building on Irwin Street. Caller believes it has rabies. ACO states the dumpster lid was closed on the raccoon. The lid has been opened and the raccoon will make its way out.

Female party came into the station to report she was involved in an attempted fraud on Craig’s List involving concert tickets. Payment was cancelled and no money was lost.

Female on Nahant Avenue came in to report that her door to her vehicle was damaged by another vehicle sometime between last night and this afternoon.


Sunday, Aug. 19

Four male parties in the parking lot on Revere Street and they have been there for over an hour. Employer wants them to leave. Unit spoke to the parties and they have left peacefully. Unit spoke with the caller and advised him to speak with his manager regarding getting proper signs for the parking lot stating that customers cannot stay in the parking lot.

Follow-up on a dog bite on Grovers Avenue. No answer at the door. ACO will try back later.

Caller states that in the vicinity of Coral Avenue there is extremely loud music being played. It also happened last Sunday and lasted all day and would like a unit to check it out. Sierra 4 and Charlie checked the permit book and stated that a block party in the vicinity of Neptune Avenue. Called the reporter back to inform her of the block party. She was okay with it and just wanted to make sure it was not a neighbor having loud music.

Suspicious activity on Shirley Street. All doors on the left side were open. Sierra 4 and W91 enroute.Units unable to secure door due to being broken off.Signs of people being in there recently. It is a safety hazard for the community in the area. Inspectional Services were called. Sierra 4 stated that a safety hazard existed in this home. All doors kicked in. Units will do rounds every shift until the doors are boarded up.

Caller on Main Street State there is an individual driving a motorized scooter on the new grass field. It was a father teaching his young daughter how to ride a motorized scooter. The parties were asked to leave with no problem.

Report of a male and female drinking in the back of the nursing home on Irwin Street. Unit reports spoke with someone and they check out. Also, a resident has been out there and has not seen anything.

Report of a couple of kids playing with a buoy on Shore Drive and Crest Avenue. State was notified. Unit reports it is a floating dock that washed ashore. It was no an emergency. State was notified.

Received a 911 call from Lincoln Street who stated this was just a test. Did a history of the house and we have a lot of calls from this location. Unit reports the parties are being very uncooperative and won’t let them talk to everyone in the house. Spoke with Alpha 3 and he stated he is familiar with the address. They will need a court order to go into the house. Uint reports he made contact with all parties at this location unwillingly. Very uncooperative. Unit will be filing a 51A.

Caller on Pauline Street states that her neighbor leaves their dog out all night and states that it will not stop barking. States that she tried to speak to them, but they won’t answer the door. Unit reports it seems like no one is home. Will leave a message for ACO. Also, he spoke with the party who called and explained the situation. Caller went on the property and took the dog back to her house against the officer’s advice not to go on to someone’s property.

Motor vehicle accident at intersection of Crest and Highland avenues. Unit reports the other vehicle fled the scene. BOLO was given. Unit reports drier who is driving the vehicle who fled is on his way back to the scene. BOLO was canceled. The driver, who was hit, was towed back to his house. Paperwork was exchanged and a report is to follow.

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