Police Blotter 08-16-2018

Monday, Aug. 6

Caller reports that son who works in building and father has not spoken to him in over two months. Father has minimal information. 93 reports that the office is located on Pond Street. 93 made contact with the son who will be calling his father.

Party on Winthrop Street reports there is a motor vehicle parked in his driveway. Individuals in van were having lunch in restaurant next door. They are leaving now.

Neighbor on Chester Avenue called in stating that he has not seen male party that lives there in over a month. ail has not been collected. Lawn is overgrown. 91 requested fire.  Fire is trying to gain access. Wife arrived with keys. Husband was fine. 91 is giving wife a ride back.

Caller reports a motor vehicle accident with no injuries at Pleasant Street and Bartlett Road. Operators were exchanging paperwork on Bartlett but one of the vehicles is on Pleasant Street obstructing traffic.

Party on Governors Drive called and stated that someone was making verbal threats against her. Unit spoke with all parties involved. Apparently the dispute was over a parking complaint and sparked a verbal confrontation with the two involved. The unit advised them both of their rights.

Unit reports a very cooperative female party from Beacon Street was being transported to the Whidden via Action Ambulance.

Unit was flagged down by a  citizen on Shirley Street who notified him of a used syringe on the ground. Unit disposed of the syringe accordingly.

In a parking lot on Revere Street, a female party reports that her husband has a male party detained who was attempting to assault a female. Unknown weapons. Caller states that the female party who was involved is no longer on the scene. It was a verbal argument. Female has left the area prior to the units arrival. All pertinent information obtained.

Report of a female and male yelling at each other on Revere Street. Female instructed the party to call the police.  Party has limited information. It was a verbal disturbance. Unknown weapons. Units stated they have a manager responding and they are mediating the situation. Update from the units state language barrier. Female party that was there had a verbal altercation with the male that works there. Female was extremely  upset and emotional. Manager responding from Saugus. Other employee doesn’t speak much English. It was a verbal between employees. Managers not on the scene yet, but units clearing.

Caller on Perkins Avenue stated that her son is locked inn his room and she can’t get in. Fire gained entry into the room. Services were rendered.


Tuesday, Aug. 7

Well-being check on operator of vehicle called in by the cashier at Cumberland Farms. Female party is waiting for her sister. Units clear.

Caller at Governors Park states that her vehicle has a flat tire. Units report that the tire appears to be slashed. Units have pictures of the incident, and will be relocating to speak to a party about any knowledge he may have about the incident. Unable to make contact with the party. Report to follow.

An employee at Winthrop Taxi states that one of the taxi drivers picked up fare on Revere Street and brought him to the Wellington MBTA station and brought him back to Revere Street for a fare of $55. Fare got out of the taxi and took of without paying. 91 and 93 going to male party’s address. Taxi enroute to ale party and he admitted he left without paying fare. Money was retrieved from male party. Taxi driver now has his fare money.

Caller on Veterans Road states that he needs senior care. Seems confused. Strong language barrier. He states that he is outside an apartment on the sidewalk. Elderly party needed to go to Chelsea Senior Center. 93 will astir party taking him to Winthrop Senior Center and see if they could help. Unit stated that male party is a Revere adult daycare and they will pick the party up.

Caller on Pleasant Street reports a theft and fraud on her debit card.

Party on Seal Harbor Road left message stating they received a call from someone stating that they would be arrested unless they pay a bill. Sgt. Rogers spoke to the caller and advised them it is a common scam and to ignore if they call back. An attempt to cal the number was unsuccessful and call could not be completed.

Trespass tow on Governors Drive for two motor vehicles.

Another trespass tow from Governors Drive for another motor vehicle.

91 states he is off with possible disturbance in front of the station. It was a verbal argument between a group of girls. Parent was on scene and explained to unit she is calling another parent. All parties advised of their rights.

On the beach on Shore Drive, in the water, a male party was causing a disturbance. State has been notified. Both agencies responding. 94 states male party has since left the scene and gone home. State Police trespassed him from the beach.

Party came in regarding a past dog bite which took place on Shore Drive. Party took a statement paper but did not want to make a report at this time. He would come back when he completed his statement. He was advised to notify the State as well.

Caller on Shirley Street stated she called AAA to get her car towed due to two flat tires. Another AAA flatbed arrived and the AAA drivers are now in an argument about towing the vehicle. AAA was called and they stated they have one wrecker on the scene. The flatbed is from another company called Akiki and Sons.

Well-being check on a party in a vehicle on Tafts Avenue. All checks out.


Wednesday, Aug. 8

Officer off with a male party in a motor vehicle on Bayview Avenue. Officer spoke to the male party due to the recent vandalism in this area. Everything checks out. The male recently moved to Bayview and the officer advised him to update his address with the RMV and all checked out.

Operator of vehicle struck a parked motor vehicle on Revere Street. Operator has permit only and no license. Officer took the keys of the vehicle and operator will walk home. Mother will come by the station in the morning to speak to the officer and retrieve the keys. Accident report to follow.

Transferred from Essex. Reports a white male is swinging at people near Beacons Circle. Units off with one party. It was a verbal argument  between two parties. S6 bringing one party home.

Caller on Charles Street reports male in front of house and he believes he has a weapon. Does not know what kind of weapon. Called back to party and he reports that the male party broke in the home. One in custody for protective custody.

Well-being check for party on Wave Way Avenue. Caller is from HR management and is calling about an employee who they have not heard back from in a week. 93 requesting medical and fire and EMS enroute. 91 on the scene and he states that he spoke to the subject who is going to the hospital voluntarily. A 40-year-old female voluntarily going to the Whidden.

Party on Elmwood Avenue states that her daughter is being harassed. 91 responding. 91 reports clear. This is an ongoing issue between friends. No threats were made. Caller was advised of her rights for the three harassment incidents to be charged.

Well being check for party on Pleasant Street. 93 reports that an employee was concerned for residents when they left for the day. When 93 arrived to the group home he stated that all is well.

Caller stated that in the parking lot on Tafts Avenue there are about four vehicles with their headlights on being suspicious and they are not supposed to be there. Parking lot is on State property and they were called and they are sending a unit out there now.


Thursday, Aug. 9

Two car motor vehicle accident with no injuries at Washington and Winthrop Street. Caller states that they are exchanging papers now but there is some left over debris in the road. 91 and 93 on the scene and reports that one vehicle is on the sidewalk.

Unwanted party known to WPD at house on Shirley Street. Units off at Delby’s Corner with the party. 93 and 94 reports they will stand by with the subject. 91 will go by the restaurant to get information from the owner. Units spoke to the subject who is calm right now. He has a meeting with Sierra 5 this afternoon at 3 to try to seek services. 91 states the individual has been advised to stay away from the restaurant as he has been there before. They also stated that if they are called back there will be police action.

Female party reports a past assault on Golden Drive. Caller states she was assaulted but does not want to take action or press charges.She just wants the incident documented.

Calling party is in a 48-foot tractor trailer and needs “guidance” getting off Cutler Street. Officer is on the scene and nothing is showing.

Two males, one black and one white, early 20s, going around the area of Plummer Avenue, ringing doorbells and posing as National Grid. Officer states that nothing is showing.

Landlord on Washington Avenue called about a tenant that lives in the building harassing the contractors working in the building. Landlord would like an officer to speak to her about her actions and that possible court action will be taken if it continues. Landlord is calling from out of state. Officer states that nothing is showing and they are clearing. Called the landlord back and there is no answer.

Caller on Shirley Street would like to speak to an officer about to her neighbor who resides behind her. He has spray painted along her property line. This is an ongoing issue with her neighbors. She was advised to go to grounds court. Party is stating that the neighbor came on to the property without permission.

Party on Woodside Avenue reports that his vehicle was hit. The vehicle is now parked in front of him. No injuries. G&J was contacted. Vehicle will be moved to Pearl Avenue. Plates were taken by 93.

Calling party on Hale Avenue states that his neighbors who live behind him are threatening him. He would like to speak to an officer regarding this matter. The threats were yelling over a parking spot. The caller was advised of his rights.

Caller on Charles Street states there is a male party in his house and wants him removed. Caller stated that he believes he is doing 94c activity. Caller is not on the scene; he is at his father’s house in Cambridge. Individual is leaving and has been given a trespass and was informed not to return.


Friday, August 10

Party on Charles Street reports that she hears arguing. Parties were located and were inside the pool. Parties were advised to turn it in for the night.

Caller on Prospect Avenue reports that her car was broken into over night. Cash and some items were taken.

Party on Shirley Street reports a white woman is trying to get n a boat and her name is not on any documentation for the boat. Female is unknown to marina manager. Spoke to both parties and peace was restored.

Parking violation issued for vehicle on Woodside Avenue. Backseat passenger was swearing at officer and ticket was issued for handicap parking.

Male party on Jefferson Street yelling at tenants from building causing a disturbance. Spoke to all parties involved and peace was restored.

Party on Perkins Avenue locked himself in the bathroom. Fire enrollee. Party was removed safe and sound.

Vehicle was parked in handicap spot on Revere Street. A $300 ticket was issued.

Motor vehicle at Michaels Mall with no injuries. There was an elderly couple that crashed into a fire hydrant and the car is stuck on the hydrant. They need assistance. Fire notified to check hydrant before moving the vehicle. 91 assisting with traffic. G&J notified to move the vehicle.

Caller on Main Street reports that his vehicle is locked with keys inside and a child also. Father found spare key shortly after arrival. The child was checked out by fire and is okay.

Party states that at the entrance to Lewis Lake there is a male that appears to be unstable on his feet and acting strangely. Unit searched the area with nothing showing.

Caller at Governors Park reports a group of people in a pickup truck near the tennis courts being loud and urinating in public. Headquarters are aware of the call and the units are off on another call. Units report they spoke with the group of kids, about eight of them. No signs of broken glass or urinating.


Saturday, August 11

Report that a customer on Pauline Street harassing employee. Short female, shaved head. Last seen walking into church on Winthrop Street. Unit enroute with Sierra 4 assisting. States Lucky Mart will be handled when Sierra 4 returns from call. 93 reports an employee just wanted to inform the WPD of the incident. Report to follow.

Engine 1 requesting WPD to subject on Shirley Street who is making suspicious statements. WFD called WPD asking them to expedite as the subject is getting out of control. 91 and 93 enroute to subject’s home on Charles Street to speak to an unwanted party. 93 reports unit clearing and unwanted party is not at home.

Sierra 4 enroute to Charles Street to retrieve license that he left on kitchen table.

Caller on Main Street reports that cars are flying out of the Dunkin Donuts parking lot almost causing an accident. 91 responded and reports the monitored the traffic. It is typical of a Saturday morning.

Party on Sea Foam Avenue states that music is very loud and has been going on all day. There was no music playing when units arrived. Spoke to the caller and he stated that the music stopped as he hung up with us on the initial call. He was advised to call us back if the music started back up again. Units also spoke to resident of stated address and they were advised of the same.

Auxiliary requested an additional unit for female party who is upset on Highland Avenue. 93 enroute. No medical needed at this time. Female party is on her way home in a taxi.


Sunday, August 12

Units off with two vehicles in Hannaford Park. Four people sent out of the area.

One male party in custody on Charles Street for possession of Class A drug, receiving stolen property and trespassing.

Party came to the station to report that her juvenile daughter is missing. While making the report, the daughter was located and W94 responded tho pick up the juvenile and transport her to the station.

Caller on Walden Street reports that one of his employees’ girlfriend is inside his business and she is not supposed to be there. He would like her removed. He also stated that this is an ongoing issue. The caller is not on the scene. Female party gathered her belongings and left.

Party at Governors Park is getting harassing phone calls and would like to speak to an officer. Officer spoke to the party who was concerned about a past customer trying to harass her and may have tried to contact her through social media. Party was advised of all of her rights. Party will be documenting all other incidents.

Two car motor vehicle accident with no injuries on Main Street. G&J notified.

Caller reports that a white female with head down sitting on the curb on Walden and Lincoln Street. Has not moved in a few minutes and wants an officer to check on her. Female party is waiting for her husband to pick her up. She tried calling him but there is no answer and his mailbox is full. Female party will walk to headquarters if no one picks her up for a taxi and a social worker is going to be notified.

Party on Shirley Street states that a male in a truck always yells obscenities at her. Male party went in the house at this time. Officer spoke to both parties and they agreed to stay away from one another.

Owner of business on Walden Street said that his employee on the scene states that someone broke in and stole a lot of things. A laptop and check book. Items were thrown about inside the business. All items were found, nothing was stolen. Officer spoke to the owner over the phone and advised him no crime was committed because he was allowing the individual to stay there. They were advised of their rights.

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