Police Blotter 08-02-2018

Monday, July 23

Female party walked into the station to report that her passport was lost and she needs to report it to the local police.

91 reports party came to the station from Brookfield Road for a parking complaint. Motor vehicle with expired plate. G&J en route and will take possession of the vehicle.

Male party from Shirley Street walked into the station to report a past breaking and entering into his home.

Party from Shirley Street walked into the station to report that her scooter was stolen at some point during the night out of her driveway.

Party came in to report losing his Venezuelan passport.

Caller states that three males in a dark SUV at corner of Maple and Lowell roads. Possible 94C activity. Units searched the area and could not locate any vehicles matching the description of anyone the area.

Party reports an erratic operator driving a red Honda Civic with heavy passenger-side damage on Revere Street heading towards Crest Avenue and the beach area. Vehicle was observed driving o the wrong side of the road and swerving. 93 located the vehicle at Shirley Street and Bayview Avenue. Taxi requested to take the party to East Boston. Operator is unlicensed and a licensed operator will take possession of the vehicle. A citation was issued for unlicensed operation of the vehicle.

Unit off with a dog roaming around Highland Avenue. Officer located the dog’s owner and advised him of the town’s leash laws. Information will be forwarded to ACO to follow up.


Tuesday, July 24

Caller on Banks Street states that there is a homeless  man sleeping on the front porch inside. Caller states as her mother left for work she saw him sleeping there. Homeowner is not on the scene currently. Officers spoke with the party who’s stated he knows the homeowner and was unable to call ahead to say that he’d be visiting. Everything checks out. Units clear, services rendered.

Unwanted female party on Siren Street. She is sitting outside yelling. Calling party is from another apartment and another male party took the phone away from her and hung up. Unknown situation. 91 reports they were able to get into the apartment. Fire en route. Report to follow as there was property damage.

Female party back and being abusive on Siren Street. Female party and husband are locked in the basement. Caller is outside. Units spoke to calling party and the story is not making any sense. Nothing showing. Advised parties at residence that if units have to go back they will take police action for all parties involved. Area search for female party with the warrants. No assault took place as stated by reporter. Area search negative.

91 and 93 attempted to serve warrant to subject on River Road. One female in custody for warrant arrest.

Unit tried to locate male party on Revere Street and relay message regarding found property from another police department. Unit was not able to get in contact with the male party but made contact with the mother and relayed the message to mom and she will let the male party know.

General parking complaint on Winthrop Street led to a vehicle with revoked insurance on the car. G&J on the scene and they towed the vehicle.

Report of an unwanted party at Star Nails. Section 35. One in custody and transported to Chelsea Court.

Caller on Johnson Avenue states that her mother is sick and she cannot bring her to the station but her daughter is getting threatened by two female via text and voicemail to harm her and she states that she needs an officer. Officer states that there were things said to the individual.

Caller states that there is a white male laying down on the sidewalk in front of the store on Revere Street. Male refused medical attention and is being transported to his home on Shirley Street.


Wednesday, July 25

Report of a golden Retriever inside vehicle at the middle of Yirrell Beach. The window is not open enough. Area search negative on the dog in the vehicle.

Caller on Birch Road reports there is a 20-foot trailer illegally parked in front of his house. His neighbors have been doing it for months now. Trailer will be picked up and moved off the street to the property that they own.

Female party, disoriented corner of Waldemar and Pauline Street. Officer requesting medical aid. Party voluntarily being transported to the MGH.

Party came to the station to report being bothered/harassed by a neighbor. Party reports earlier today, the neighbor repeatedly rang her doorbell and when her husband did not respond, she then went and kicked his car. No damage to the vehicle but she just wanted it on record. Party was informed that the neighbor is to in the area right now and if there are any further issues for them to call station and that we are aware of the neighbor.

Female on Pond Street requesting to speak to an officer. She states that her living conditions are hazardous to her health and would like to make a police report about it. She cannot physically get to the police station. Party will be calling Elder Services and East Boston Court for possible civil action.

Report of an erratic driver heading towards the Point. BOLO given out for the black Hyundai Sonata.

Unit was flagged down about a needle on Crest and Chamberlain Avenue. Unit has the needle int he Sharps container.


Thursday, July 26

Calling party on Somerset and Pleasant Street state that vehicles are parked too close to the intersection and that he has witnessed vehicles almost getting into car accidents because of it. Two motor vehicles were ticketed.

Operations Manager on Pauline Street reports that his employee found a firearm in front of the auditorium at the Cellucci Tree Memorial. Unit located the firearm; it is an old starter pistol. Item was secured and brought back to the station.

Calling party is ex-husband of female party on Summit Avenue. He is concerned for the well being of his ex-wife who he states he has not spoken to since the 4th of July which is very unlike  her. He also states that her phone has been going straight to voicemail. The ex-husband lives in Florida. Unit spoke to a different party living there now. Individual we were doing a well being check on is not living there anymore since July 1st. Units cleared.

Charlie 1 has two warrants in hand to deliver to subject on Beal Street. Alpha and Alpha 2 and Delta 5 also on the scene. Transport one male to station. Medical requested per 93. Dizziness. Medical on scene. One in custody for two outstanding warrants, resisting arrest and interfering with a police officer.

Director on Golden Drive wants male party removed from the property. Peace restored and everyone is happy with outcome.

Party from Irwin Street came in to report being harassed. Party has been harassed via phone text and through third parties. He wanted this logged so he can pursue a harassment order against them.

Caller is passerby and states door at the high school is open. Officer noticed door opened and did a walk though of the building. Nothing showing. Alarm was sounding for a door that was open. Building is now secure.

Served notification for license revocation to subject on Bowdoin Street. It was served in hand.

Caller on Governors Drive reports there is a loud house party going on. Caller then stated that the music has stopped. No action required.


Friday, July 27

Report of a grey Volkswagen blocking driveway on Almont Street. Vehicle is completely blocking driveway. Officer requested a tow. G&J responding. Parking citation issued.

Party came to the station to report that the estranged mother of his son threatened his current friend as well as threatening his family’s home.

Report that a light blue Honda Pilot with the windows slightly down there are two golden Retrievers inside the car which is parked on Pleasant Street. Unit educated the owner about the dog laws. Temperature inside the car was 94.2 degrees. Owner left the yacht club for the night.

Party came to the station to report that FedEx supposedly left a package for her from Boost Mobile with a phone valued at $203 in the common hallway to the building on Beacon Street on July 24. The package was either stolen or never delivered.

Caller on Bowdoin Street states there is very loud music coming from a house across from caller. She said it is very disturbing.

Six to eight teenager boys are being loud on the corner of Washington, and Shirley Street. Caller refused to give any other information.

Party on Shore Drive stated that two people male and female, appear to be passed out in the vehicle. State Police enroute as well. Officer spoke with the parties. They are in good health. They were just enjoying the beach and relaxing.


Saturday, July 28

Caller who works at 7-Eleven believes there is a black male in a white Mercedes trying to sell drugs in the parking lot. Units spoke to the party and he will be leaving the parking lot and going to his girlfriend’s house.

Harbormaster called into the station to report that a party walked into the harbormaster’s office and reports that a small grey sedan is parked in the parking lot of Deer Island and it is occupied by a male and female and two children. It appeared they may be sleeping. No plate given. Nobody is sleeping in any motor vehicles at this time.

Caller on Bowdoin Street is concerned for puppy. She states it has been crying and barking since 8 a.m. and would like to report the noise. Dog gets excited when the owner cuts the grass.

Resident from Villa Avenue can hear a dog in distress on Vine Avenue. She says it has been going on for the past few hours. Dog is fine. Kids just playing with it.

On Plummer Street, by Dix Street, caller reports a boat on a trailer parked on the street obstructing traffic making the turn. He believes it is a safety hazard. Unable to locate boat or the trailer.

Security at Governors Park states they are trying to close the pool but the people there will not leave and they are looking for the police assistance. Uint arrived on the scene. The party calling was a lifeguard that wanted to go on break and had no one to relieve him. He wanted to remove approximately 35 people. No sign was posted by management that the people have to leave. A secondary lifeguard came in to relieve the party.

Well-being check on Wheelock Street. Party called in to say they have not heard from their friend in a while and they wanted this person checked to see if he is okay. Units arrived on  the scene and spoke to the neighbors. Neighbors report that the party is in a rehab facility and has not been home since. Caller was notified. The neighbors also stated that they have the party’s keys to move vehicle during street sweeping.

Mother on Temple Avenue wants her 27-year-old son removed from the home. She states he is on drugs and acting up. Male going to MGH was sectioned.

Caller on Golden Drive reports that she is in the parking lot and states there is an intoxicated male that is not letting her get out of the car. Caller was successfully escorted to her apartment. Medical was called for intoxicated male who signed a refusal. He is going to bed for the night.


Sunday, July 29

Caller reports she heard a loud bang an saw a flash in area of Hannaford Park. Unit located a spent firework and no one was in the area. Units will be clearing.

Party on Main Street reports there is a vehicle in the parking lot playing loud music. Parties were actually located on the bridge. Parties were advised to keep it down. They left and units cleared.

Caller on Shirley Street state there is a live-injured bird in a barrel. DPW employee states there is a live injured bird in a barrel. Charlie 1 stated to tip the barrel over or call the Animal Rescue. Sea bird injured in barrel and DPW will try to relocate.

93 reports motor vehicle accident on Pleasant Street. Unknown injury. It was a minor accident and 93 will handle assisting exchanging of paperwork.

Report of unwanted male party on Revere Street. Unwanted male party was involved in accident with taxi last week. She gave him all the information he needed. He is refusing to leave. There is a child also on the scene. Units advised both parties to go through their insurance. Issue has been resolved.

Caller on  Bellevue Avenue states an Amazon driver hit her car and fled the scene. She states that her neighbor has all the information. Accident happened on private property. No observation made by officer for unlicensed operator. 93 verified all information given. 93 off at Winthrop station speaking with the driver. Paperwork was exchanged.

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