Police Blotter 07-05-2018

June 25

Assist citizen at Lincoln and Walden St. Party is stuck with wheelchair.

Vandalism on River Road. Car window is smashed.

Serve summons on Sunset Road.

Four cars towed Metcalf Square. Tresspassing.

Reported property damage. Car owner came to report chipped mirror.

Complaint about trash on Hale Avenue.

Civil matter addressed on Myrtle Avenue.

Small sink hole reported on Beal Street.

Assist citizen on Tafts Avenue.

Complaint of neighbor working on his house until 10 at night. Officer states party is within his rights.

Taxi manager agrees to talk to drivers about new green bikes in town.

June 26

Suspicious behavior on Shirley Street, man asking for rides.

Blocked driveway on Bates Avenue

Constable served eviction notice on Nevada Street.

Report of vandalism on Underhill Street. Fence was burned, owner thinks from neighbors smoking cigarettes.

Disturbance at Wadsworth and Winthrop.Complaint of DPW worker blowing stuff into the road.

Caller reports loud bang, like gun shot. Officer heard as well, possibly fireworks.

A woman reported someone used her credit card number to use it with the Limebike app.

Complaint of construction vehicles on Washington Avenue sidewalks.

Visitor parking passes given.

Citizen reports broken glass on Sewall Avenue.

Citizens call about grey female pit bull on Lewis Avenue, looking as if she had a litter recently.

Landlord threatened calling party on Jefferson Street. She said she would pay.

Civil matter between two sisters handled at police station.

Caller reports barking dogs on Myrtle Avenue.

Loud stereo reported on Myrtle Avenue. Loud barking from backyard too.

June 27

Well-being check on Washington Avenue.

Blocked driveway on Sturgis Street.

Well-being check on Trident Avenue.

Officers called to catch a cat on Faun Bar Avenue. Contacting Mass Paws to see if they can capture cat.

A plate was found on Pleasant Street. Officer brought to station.

Report of kids throwing rocks at Crest Avenue playground. Officer spoke to kids.

Private tow at Governors Park for vehicle in visitor spot.

Report of two people shooting up in car on Temple Avenue. Officer searched area and beach.

June 28

Possible possum hurt in the backyard of a Plummer Avenue residence. Contacted animal control.On personal day or the next few days. Officer reports possum is deceased. He will bring to the marsh.

Report of a manhole cover off at Walden and Lincoln. Unfounded.

Well-being check on Pleasant Street, Man taken to hospital.

Traffic control on Shore Drive at request of fire department.

Report of suspicious activity on Washington Avenue. Report of white males in car putting something into baggies.

Motor vehicle accident on Pauline Street.Fire department on scene.Car into pole.One under arrest. Police arrestyed Roger Lipsett, 49, of 45 Birch Road, and charged him with operating under the influence of alcohol (second offense), driving wrecklessly so as to endanger, failure to stop, and five counts of destruction of property over $1,200.

Complaint about noise of delivery driver on Shirley Street.

Caller reports he’s still making noise. Peace restored.

Motor vehicle struck a scooter on Shirley Street. Officer reports scooter fell over making turn, was not struck by vehicle.

Report of a persistent and aggressive energy solicitor on Nevada Street.

Civil matter regarding landlord and tenant address at station. Landlord will be going to court.

Woman reports her niece might be locked in upstairs on Beacon Street. Fire department forced entry.

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