Police Blotter 06-28-2018

Monday, June 18

Well being check on Shirley St., male passed out behind wheel unknown if sleeping or passed out.

Complaint from Townsend St., called found needles and placed them in recycle bin. Would like an officer to retrieve them.

Lost property in Metcalf Sq., party came into the station to report finding a hoverboard abandoned.

Parking complaint on Hutchinson St., Caller reports MV parked in violation of the ‘no parking’ signs on the street.

Motor vehicle accident of Coral Ave., Female party went to MGH to be checked.

Suspicious activity of Banks St., Party reports he can see a purple tent set up in the entrance to the marsh. He believes it to be suspicious.

Larceny of a bicycle on Main St. Party came into report his sons bike stolen from the bike rack at the high school.

Animal complaint on Shirley St., Unleashed Pitbull walking alone heading towards Point Shirley.

Suspicious activity on Brookfield Rd., Party states in Ingleside Park there is a woman’s purse, a pair of pants, under garments that has been there for two days. Report items were purposely discarded.

Civil matter on Somerset Ave., Report of person being harassed by her landlord who is telling her she has to vacate the home. Officer also called the first time landlord and informed her of the eviction process.

Suspicious activity on Dolphin Ave., 4 youths fighting, ran into house, no weapons. Party unable to give description.

Disturbance on Shirley St., Calling party states house is being worked on past regular hours and is being loud and disruptive to the neighbors.

Animal complaint on Myrtle Ave., Calling party states that dog has been barking all day.

Motor vehicle accident on Washington Ave., Minor car accident involving a taxi and grey Altima.


Wednesday, June 20

Suspicious activity on School St., party reports there are 2 males trying to get into cars. Both white males last scene on School St. heading towards the library.

Disturbance on Grovers Ave., Two parties out front arguing. Units cleared.

Suspicious activity on Revere St., Calling party reports a white male wearing a denim jacket who was harassing her and her friend as they were walking. Last seen walking down Main Street from Magee’s Corner towards the high school.


Thursday, June 21

Assault and Battery on Dolphin Ave. and Shore Dr. Party came to the station to report he had a fight Tuesday night on Dolphin Ave. with his roommate.

Harassment, Winthrop Golf Course superintendent came to station yesterday to report ongoing harassment and possible threat.

Animal complaint on Atlantic St., Person found injured bird on lawn. Bird fell out of nest, mother will retrieve it. Clear

General parking complaint on Sagamore Ave., House on street seems to be having a party and cars are parked on the wrong side of the street. All cars are very close to fences.

Disturbance at Seal Harbor Rd., 3 kids setting off fire works at Fort Heath Park.


Friday, June 22

Unwanted person on Veterans Rd., Caller stated she has a restraining order on her son and he is trying to go back into her house. White male party wearing black jacket, blue jeans. She does not want him there.

Lost/Found animal on Court Rd. and Pleasant St., Caller states there is a small tan dog with a pink collar running loose. With help of neighbors was able to reunite dog with owner.

Parking complaint of Cross St., calling party reports 6 vehicles parked on the sidewalk due to the lack of parking at the Winthrop Golf Club.

Disturbance on River Rd., Caller reports neighbors are being very loud with their music and partying.

Disturbance on Brewster Ave., Party reports a group of people on Yirrell Beach having campfire. Most fled when the officers arrived.


Saturday, June 23

MVA property damage on Putnam St., A vehicle struck a house, then backed out and parked on the street. The driver of the vehicle then got out and went into a white SUV and left the scene.

Suspicious activity on Sunset Rd., party states her ex-boyfriend followed her home. She wanted a cruiser sent by.

Public safety on Pleasant St., Party states they heard a loud thump and a big piece of the tree is now on the sidewalk and on the street. Cars cannot get around it. DPW cleared the debris.

Well being check on Lincoln St., 70-year-old female fell earlier; neighbor went to check her not responding to door. Requested fire, party was not home.

Threats to kill on Siren St., Party walked in to report threats.


Sunday, June 24

Suspicious activity on Revere St., two black vehicles in the parking lot.

Assist citizen on Shirley St., Calling party stated she was not allowed serve at the convenience store while she had her service dog with her. Asked for an officer to come and explain the service animal law to the employee.

Animal complaint on Yirrell Beach, Check for dog running on beach. Informed out of town party was told they are not allowed to have dogs on beach, clear.

Larceny/Forgery/Fraud on Shirley St., Party states female stealing food called in by manager.


Police arrested Reynaldo Pimental, 23, 3301 Chestnut St., Randolph on June 18 and charged him with assault and battery on a police officer after the man was reportedly passed out behind the wheel on Shirley Street.


Police arrested Sarivutha Pich, 38, 32 Fitzhenry Square, Apt. 2, Revere on June 24 and charged with indecent assault and battery on a child under 14 after being found sleeping with a child in a car on Shore Drive.

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