2018 Facella Scholarship Recipients

John Polino                $23,000.00     UMASS Lowell


Stephen Tracy             $21,000.00     Brandeis University


Danielle Navarro         $15,000.00     Emmanuel College


McKayla Norris           $15,000.00     Quinnipac University


Blinere Bytyqi             $10,000.00     University of Conn


Jillioan Kfoury            $10,000.00     University of NH


John Dolan                 $10,000.00     Villanova University


Christine Ascolillo       $10,000.00     UMASS Lowell


Joy Freeman               $10,000.00     Emerson College


Ashley Miles               $10,000.00     University of NH


Elizabeth McDuffee     $10,000.00     University of Maine


Kimberly McDuffee     $10,000.00     University of Miss


Micaela Grimes           $10,000.00     Brandeis University


Cailyn Driscoll            $10,000.00     Clemson University


Yuriy Melnyk             $10,000.00     UMASS Boston


Grace Carleton   $10,000.00        Loyola University

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