Police Blotter 05-31-2018

Monday, May 21

Report of a male party found wondering Revere Street lost and confused. 91 checked in-house information and found a local address and family information. The party was dropped off to this family.

Two dogs barking for 2 hours now on Sea Foam Avenue. Unit dispatched. Nothing of relevance in the previous call history. 91 states that the residents that live there aren’t home. The landlord will do his best to control the dogs.

Party called in for a motor vehicle accident with no injury reported. This happened at Shirley and Washington Avenue. Action enroute for an evaluation. Medical refused by both parties.

Caller from Pauline Street called to report a past breaking and entering. Charlie 1 dispatched with 93 to speak with the reporting party. Delta 1 advised that it was the EB Newton School. Unit relocated and told to await further orders from Charlie 1. Units clearing. Paperwork exchanged. Accident report assigned. Unit states that there are no signs of breaks anywhere. Chalk dust is everywhere. Some broken pieces of chalk.

A motor vehicle reported stolen was recovered on Payson Street. Units going off in the area to find the vehicle. Sierra 4 and State Police are now on the scene with this vehicle. State Police called in and stated that there were two young Hispanic females that fled the scene and walked up towards Honey Dew. They are believed to be involved with the stolen motor vehicle. Boston PD has stated that the owner is on his way to come reclaim his vehicle. At this time, it is not in the registry listed as stolen. Units standing by until the owner arrives. Females last seen going to Honey Dew. A 22-year-old female out of Revere wanted for questioning only at this time.

Delta 6 reports possible vandalism to a vehicle in rear of high school. Rocks being thrown at the vehicle. 93 responded. Principal attempting to get the owner of the vehicle on the scene and retrieve possible video footage. It was a baseball player who threw a rock off the field and accidentally hit the car. Owner of the car and the player’s parents are going to work the situation out amongst themselves.

A 30-year-old female, leaning down, going towards Donovan Square. Possibly looks pregnant and possibly altered mentally. Third call received regarding this female party. Updated location was anywhere from Lincoln Street to Odyssey Grill. Walking away from the yacht club on the other side of the street, stumbling and falling over. Caller stated that the woman is on Main Street walking toward Magees Corner. Units searched the entire area, nothing showing. 91 has located the female party on Winthrop and Center Streets. Unit is requesting medical. Female party checked out by medical and signed a refusal. The party was apparently lost. 91 directed her back to where she was coming from and advised her to stay out of the roadway.

Party on River Road claims that there was a vehicle with a NY plate with a visitors pass not relevant to the street which is parked in front of her house for more than nine days and has not moved. 91 states that the vehicle is parked legally and requesting to put vehicle on 72-hour list.

Two car motor vehicle accident with no injuries on Shirley Street. 93 reports minor accident and parties are exchanging papers.

Party came to the station along with her mother to report being unable to locate her sister. BOLO put out over Areawide 3 to MBTA PD and all communities. Parties allegedly left the movies (unknown which theater). Accent has been notified of this communication. Entered into open Fox and cancelled.


Tuesday, May 22

Caller on Main Street reports that a friend of his saw a bag with a possible dead animal inside. Officer reports the bag was full of insulation and the officer moved the bag to the nearby dumpster.

Two small dogs attacked a woman’s dog at the end of Terrace Avenue. Nothing showing at this time.

An attempt to serve a warrant to subject on River Road. No answer at the door at this time.

Report of a dog attacked another dog on Circuit Road. ACO transporting one animal to East Boston Animal Hospital. Owner of property taking other animal to be checked out. Both animals have wounds.

Caller on Woodside Avenue state that an elderly male was driving erratically and has now pulled into the CVS parking lot. He wanted to see an officer could do a well-being check on the elderly man. Party seemed okay and answered all questions properly. He also had a family member on the scene.

On Bowdoin Street between Madison and Buchanan there is a DPW truck with no one inside that has been idling for over an hour. Caller called the DPW, and they did nothing. Motor vehicle is no longer running.

ACO on the scene with law enforcement and ASPCA on an animal complaint on Summit Avenue. Cleared with outside agency, and D5 and SRO.

Boston called in a 911 hangup. They called and it pinged to location on Shirley Street. Spoke to parties on scene and nobody called 911. Call phone back and it rings once and goes to voicemail. One party sleeping and is fine and checked out.

Walk-in to check on his sister on Russell Street. Sister left an odd message on his cell phone, and he is concerned. Says he does not talk to her and does not want to call her. Unit spoke to the individual and she is fine.

Charlie 1 asked to have a unit respond to Wadsworth Avenue for a past larceny. Party wishes to resolve the matter civilly. Unit will respond back when the roommate returns home. Report to follow. Units clear, both parties satisfied with the outcome. No longer a report to follow. Items will be returned.


Wednesday, May 23

Parties report they came home tonight and realized that someone had been in their apartment. They believe it was their landlord and wanted it on the record that they did not give permission for anyone to enter while they were not home. They also report that their cats were overfed by someone and they found cat food and vomit around the apartment. There was also a note on their door, telling them to get out or their stuff would be put out. Reporters also report that someone came into the apartment on another occasion and frightened them. Tonight they found items thrown around the apartment. Callers just wanted this on the record and were advised of their rights. They declined the need at this time to have an officer respond.

Report of a house fire on Palmyra Street. 91 blocking from Pauline Street. Pauline now back open. Clear.

Motor vehicle accident with injuries on Main Street. All refused medical. Report to follow.

Caller stated that his neighbor was speeding on Sagamore Avenue. When the neighbor asked her to slow down, she started yelling at them. She is now on his neighbor’s property peeking in her window. Both neighbors have left the scene. He would like an officer to speak to her. Peace was restored.

Syringe pickup on River Road. Items picked up and secured.

Two parking complains called in by the lieutenant near Deer Island on Tafts Avenue. Lieutenant was on the scene. Both vehicles moved while officer was on the scene.

Report of a motor vehicle which plowed into a building. Fire en route. Vehicle did not hit the building, no medical needed at this time. No damage or accident. Vehicle jumped a parking beam.

Caller on Shirley Street states that someone stole his wife’s purse out of the car. Video footage was retrieved. Report to follow.

Caller states a black male, all dressed in black with a large German Shepherd appeared to have words with a family at Ingleside Park. Family is back in their vehicle and she is asking if they are okay. Mom states that the dog was off the leash and jumped on her son. Mom also stated that son did not get bit but would like to have police speak to the man. ACO off on Beal Street. ACO will be following up with the party to make sure the dog is licensed. No one was hurt and medical was not needed.

Caller on Shirley Street is an employee at a store and stated that a female party involved in an issue earlier in the day came back into the store. He was told to call if she returns. Officer reports that they have identified the female in question and that criminal charges will be brought against her. Officer will swing by store to speak with the employee.

Todisco Towing reports towing vehicle from Main Street for trespass.

Party walked in to report that her mother on Overlook Drive had her bank account accessed illegally by her brother for fraudulent uses.

Male, disoriented, out front with the owner of store on Pauline Street. No threat. Officer will be giving courtesy ride to male party.

Report of a lost cat on Terrace Avenue. Orange, black collar, about 20 pounds. Cat left an hour ago and cannot be found.

Thursday, May 24

Brass bullet casing found on Grovers Avenue. Item was picked up.

Caller on Court Road states a sinkhole. Patrol was sent to survey the area. DPW on the scene at this time.

911 hangup with no answer on callback. This happened on Sagamore Avenue. Fire/EMS dispatched. Party was passed out on the toilet.

Caller on Bayview Avenue reports that a truck was taking boulders and putting them into the truck. Unable to locate vehicle at this time.

Second call that stated that the party returned to filling truck with rocks. Parties were taking rocks from beach to make a fire pit. Both parties informed of the fine if they do this again.

Past breaking and entering on Wave Way Avenue. Report to follow.

Report of woman urinating on premise on Kennedy Road. Caller wants this individual removed. The woman does not speak fluent English. Strong language barrier. Party was in the woods because she was not feeling well.

Suspicious activity reported on Shore Drive. Parties were sent on their way. 909A called in an FIO on the male subject in question. Party was attached along with his alias.

Woman called in a “sinkhole” in the area of Walden Street. Caller placed an orange cone at the location. DPW has been notified. DPW will patch the hole for now and come back to do a permanent repair.

Caller on Veterans Road is concerned that a female party checked herself out of the hospital with an IV In her right arm. Party needs to be brought back to the hospital to remove the IV or EMS can do it. Upon arrival, the door to the unit was open but nobody was home. Police secured the unit and cleared. Unable to locate the subject at this time. Party went back to the hospital to get the IV removed. She was driven to the hospital and back by her sister.

Motor vehicle accident with no injuries but multiple car damage on Almont Street. One vehicle towed by G&J. The other was a private AAA tow. No injuries.


Friday, May 25

Motor vehicle accident on Summit Avenue. Officer spoke to all parties involved. It’s a he said, she said. Very minimal damage. Owner of one vehicle stated that his father owns an auto body shop and he will buff out the damage. Very minor. Units clear.

Two cars parked blocking Pratt Street. Vehicles were moved.

About 20-25 kids on the beach on Otis Street starting a bonfire. They are possibly underage and are drinking. Officers spoke with youths and explained the bylaws on open flames. Peace restored.

Caller on Charles Street states that a neighbor suspect is threatening everyone. He has knives. All units clear, unfounded at this time. Parties denies running in the street. Officers told him to keep his music down. Medical aid will clear as well.

White male in liquor store and manager refused to sell to him and he is now bothering customers. This on Washington Avenue. He is located in the parking lot a few doors down from said address sitting up against a pole. Party checks out. All units clear.

General disturbance on Yirrell Beach where parties are on the beach having a bonfire and another group came up trying to fight them. This other party was also having a bonfire. Youths dispersed upon police arrival. Officers spoke with reporting party.


Saturday, May 26

Party on Lincoln Street states that someone stole her lampshade from the opened window. She would like to speak to an officer. Unit reports that someone reached into the window and removed the lamp shade of the lamp. Unit will check out the area and a report is to follow.

Two car motor vehicle accident at Main and Winthrop Streets. No injuries. Units requesting medical to check out one party. Both parties evaluated by medical aid. Two refusals. Accident report to follow.

Construction complaint on Bayview Avenue. 91 spoke to construction crew. They will start at 8 a.m.

93 flagged down because of minor motor vehicle accident on Winthrop street. Very minimal in damage but will assist in exchanging paperwork.

ACO reports dog off leash running in the cemetery. He spoke to owner of the dog and explained to him about the leash law.

Female on Washington Avenue wants her boyfriend removed from her property. She states she put his belongings outside. It is her apartment, and he keeps trying to climb in the window, and she does not want him around. Unit spoke to the unwanted party and he will be leaving the area for the night.

Another call of an unwanted person on Shirley Street. Caller states that a woman is in his apartment but he states he does not know her. No weapons seen. Female is sitting on the doorstep. Caller states that the woman keeps saying she is his wife’s mother, but caller states that she is not. Would like her removed. All parties advised of their rights. Unwanted party has left for the night.

911 hangup with screaming in the background at Governors Park. When police called back, they said they wanted to cancel. Supposedly verbal in nature. No weapons. Officers still responded. The argument was verbal in nature.

Caller on Shore Drive requesting a well-being check on family member due to the recent issues at this home. Units advised of the history out of this apartment. No one home at this time. Individual was told to go home for the night and was to call in the morning if she has any more concerns.

Kids spray painting graffiti on the courts and public property at Coughlin Park. 91 stated the kids have silly string, not graffiti. They are picking it up now. One party will be summoned to court for vandalism.

Party out of Loring Road stated that he heard a child screaming from the vicinity of Emerson Road. Stated the child has since stopped screaming but the screaming sounded concerning. Unit investigated the area and stated there was no child screaming, but there were kids playing basketball. Unfounded at this time.

Calling party reports a male party passed out behind the wheel with his foot floored on the accelerator at Crest Avenue playground. Fire was dispatched as well. Units advised no weapons. Units clear, party was sent on his way. Third party came to take possession of the vehicle and the party was advised to stay off the road.


Sunday, May 27

Motor vehicle accident with airbag deployment on Johnson Avenue. Units clear. G&J has the vehicle. Units checking the street for further damage.

Assisted WFD with report of smoke in building on Dolphin Avenue. Units clear, food on the stove.

Assisted WFD with traffic control on Douglas Street. WFD reports food on the stove and units cleared.

91 and 93 directed traffic for a Memorial Day service at Shirley and Tafts Avenue. Traffic was diverted. Winthrop HQ called to advise that there will be a gun salute.

Female will not leave an apartment on Veterans Road. She is yelling at caller while he was calling the police. No weapons. Female party called stating she wants to leave the apartment but she has no money. She stated that the male party hit her. This is an ongoing issue. Units have on in custody for paperwork. 93 transporting one female party for two warrants from other departments and one outstanding warrant.

Caller on Pleasant Street thinks there is someone in her house. She is whispering on the phone. She is upstairs. Units dispatched. Door is locked. Caller punched in lock. Units state that the parent of one of the roommates was retrieving items and did not alert the other roommate that they were coming. Simple misunderstanding.

Headquarters got a call from Pleasant Street for kids being loud outside and causing a disturbance. Unit investigated the area and stated that nothing was showing.

Caller reports that there is a lot of noise coming from property on Winthrop Street. Officer has one juvenile in custody. Several others fled the area upon arrival.  Minor was charged with transporting/carrying alcoholic beverage.

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