Public Comment Rules the Council Meeting

At every meeting the Town Council allows for two public comment blocks, one at the beginning and one at the end.

Tuesday night public comment went well over an hour covering everything to parks, flooding diversity, sexual harassment, the center business district, the airport and more. Each speaker passionately made their case, supposedly in less than three minutes, but often not.

Here’s a recap of what people had to say this week:

  • Marie Finn – high school tennis courts
  • Steve Rogers – the Larsen Rink
  • Sylvia Whiting – call for a Diversity Commission
  • Tom Rielly – filing zoning amendments for town center
  • Jack Dowd – Ingleside Park
  • Mary Mahoney – rats in her neighborhood
  • Stephanie Recchia – call for Diversity Commission
  • Sean Driscoll – flooding in his neighborhood
  • Bob Carroll – planning issues

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