Use the Ferry

The announcement in last week’s Sun-Transcript that the town ferry is inaugurating its service for the season this week comes as welcome news for local residents.

The ferry is a wonderful town resource that sets us apart from just about every other community in the area.

For commuters into Boston, the ferry provides an outstanding — and less expensive and less aggravating — alternative to driving into the city.

We realize there are some who question the cost-effectiveness of the ferry service, and there may be some validity to their argument from a simple dollars-and-cents perspective.

However, in our view, such an analysis of the value of the commuter boat to our community is both shortsighted and simplistic. The commuter boat not only takes cars off the road, but it unquestionably adds to the overall value of what it means to live in Winthrop — and that is a good thing for every resident.

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