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Light Up Miller Field

By: Jim Lederman

The month of March is the 20th anniversary of the ‘Light Up Miller Field’ kick off to announce the fund raising project to install lights at Miller Field in 1998.

The ‘Kick Off’ fundraiser at the Winthrop Lodge of Elks was a huge success. The ‘grand prize’ was a 1998 Ford Explorer – list price $32,000 – the automobile was provided by George Barker, general manager at Thomas Ford in Beverly.

The raffle tickets cost $50, and the winner had the option of winning the automobile or taking a check for $25,000 – the excitement in Winthrop was incredible. I was honored to be chairman of the committee (consisting of Tony Fucillo, treasurer; Terri Bettano, Fr. Don Milligan, Phil Hamilton, Sean Driscoll, Richard Fucillo, Anthony C. Fucillo, Frankie Fabiano and Gerry Ogus) we raised $175,000.

We had a Super Bowl Club, Extra Point Club and Touchdown Club.

We had the good fortune of a large contribution ($25,000) from Massport – thanks to Senator Bob Travaglini and Rep. Robert DeLeo.

The drawing was held on Father’s Day in the WHS Cafeteria at the football team’s breakfast. Winthrop was one of the seven teams in the NEC to install lights and the excitement of Friday night lights added to the winning tradition of Winthrop football.

Turn on the Lights!

Go Vikings!

Let the Games Begin!



The Goalie

The late Anthony Palmer excelled in three-sports. Anthony was a four year starter in the nets – ‘the goalie for the Vikings. I vividly remember the late Leo Sullivan telling me, “Anthony will be an all-scholastic goaltender.”

Anthony was a four-year NEC all-star in hockey. I received a call from one of Gloucester high schools all-time hockey scoring leaders last week.

Darrel Seppala played on the 1993 Gloucester high NEC and state championship team. Darrell scored 215 points in his career. Gloucester finished with a (16-2-2) record defeating Franklin to win their division and playing in the legendary ‘old’ Boston Garden, scoring a (4-2) victory over North Middlesex for the 1993 state championship.

“Anthony was the best ‘goalie’ I ever played against,” said Seppala. I scored a hat trick in the two games we defeated the Vikings. I finished runner-up in the MVP award to Anthony,” she said.

The Vikings finished (12-4-2) in 1994, Anthony Palmer’s senior season.

The legend of Anthony Palmer playing on Miller Field and at Larsen Rink will remind Viking fans of his outstanding career at Winthrop high school!

The memory of number 16’…A legend in Viking sports!



Sixty Candles

The birthday cake had ‘sixteen candles’ the participants at the birthday party for Vikings hoop ‘legend’ Kevin Corkhum sang ’16 candles’ – but they sang ’60 candles’ – Happy Birthday, Big Guy!

The party was at the Winthrop Arms on Saturday night, which included a large crowd (the estimated number of Corkhums in the house was 40!).

The ‘Big Guy’ was Viking starting center on the 1976 NEC championship and Division 2 finalists. The Vikings ad to defeat Lynn Classical.

‘The Spoon’ tossed in 33, and pulled down 20 rebounds in Lynn on a Friday night!

Invited guests included his pal and mentor – Chris Tsiotos, Steve Demetriou – co-captain of the champions was invited but he was in California watching the Cavaliers vs. Warriors.

Kevin’s teammates included five college players – Billy English, Bob Lundberg, Steve D., John Kalogeris and Chris Zikos. Those years were the ‘Golden Era’ of Vikings basketball – the sixties ’60s and ’70s – Ten NEC basketball championships!

Vikings Basketball

Let the Games Begin!





The two ex-Vikings skaters who led the NEC ins coring (hockey) Bobby McDonald (1976) – 57 goals and Sal Tiano (1984) played at Dartmouth College and played on the 1983 Vikings Super Bowl champions.

The Winthrop high school basketball players who led the NEC in scoring – Norm Hubley, Sheldon Bernstein, Steve Miles, Joe Duplin, Marty Fischer, John Monahan, Arnie Springer, Randy Herdt, Chris Tsiotos and Dino Mallios. (All-time leading scorer with 1,474 points)

The WHS football players who led the NEC in scoring. Tommy Trainor, Joe Duplin, Steve Adamson, Steve Rubin, Chuck Sullivan, Steve Staffier and Anthony Palmer.

Gloucester High School plays their hockey games at the ‘legendary’ Talbot Rink – the niece of Dorothy Talbot – Kathy Baron is an outstanding golfer at the Winthrop Golf Club.

Coach John P. Sheehan won seven NEC basketball and the 1963 Tech Tourney (Class B – State) titles.

Ex-WHS athletes who played in the prestigious Ivy League. Steve Miles, Bob Milne and Phil Ratner (Cornell), Kevin English and Ron Miles (Princeton). Tommy Trainor, Dan Brugman, Kevin Lydon, Dan Godfrey (Dartmouth).

Ed Rossi, Bobby McDonald, Jackie Burke and Greg Zikos (Harvard), Steve Rubin, Jamie Keough, Michael Welch (University of Pennsylvania).

(Ed. Note) If I did not name an ex-WHS Ivy League athlete please call me.

Let the Games Begin!



On Second Thought

Number Four – March has been a month we had four  Northeast storms, plenty of snow, rain and flooding.

Speaking of Number Four – Happy Birthday to Bruins legend Bobby Orr. Bobby turned 70 last week! I was at the ‘old’ Boston Garden to watch the Bruins win the Stanley Cup with ‘Number 4’ – scoring the winning goal.

The Boston Celtics have been decimated losing four players to injury. The loss of Kyrie Irving could be the most devastating for the playoffs!

The Villanova ‘Wildcats’ won the East Regional at the ‘Garden’ on Sunday. The game had a local player – Jalen Brunson as the leading scorer and all American standout. Jalen Brunson is the so n of ex-Salem High School player Rick Brunson. In the stands was Rick Brunson, currently assistant coach on the Minnesota Timber Wolves. The head coach of Minnesota is Tom Thibodeu, ex-Salem State and assistant coach of the 2008 NBA champions – the Boston Celtics.



Viking Sports Schedule

Home schedule

Weather Permitting

Friday – March 30

Lacrosse (girls) varsity Weston – Miller Field

Monday – April 2

Lacrosse (boys) Everett – 4 p.m. – Miller Field

Wednesday – April 4

Track – Varsity meet vs. Lynn English – 4 p.m. – Miller Field

Friday – April 6

Baseball vs. Essex Tech – 4 p.m. – Vets Field

Monday – April 9

Softball vs. Beverly – 4 p.m. – Little League Field

Lacrosse – Girls varsity vs. Matignon – 6:30 p.m. – Miller Field

Go Vikings!

Let the Games Begin!


The Penalty Flag

I will take a 10-yard penalty for not proof reading my column last week. I was at the Anthony Palmer funeral on Wednesday

Note: Frankie Capone will attend Coastal Carolina College. Frosh Maura Dorr was an NEC girls hoop all-star!

Let the Games Begin!

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