Police Blotter 02-15-2018

Monday, Feb. 5

Female employee from Lucky Convenience store walked into the station to report that a car parked for more than an hour. Officer timed the car and will check back in an hour.

Middlesex DA faxed over a request to serve a summons to subject on Revere Street. No service made at this time.

A hypodermic needle in front of party’s driveway on Pleasant Court. The needle was  disposed of properly.

Party on Grovers Avenue called to inquire if we received the faxed RO paperwork she sent earlier after speaking to a woman here. The caller reports the number she sent it to was 781, etc. We never received the paperwork at headquarters. It was possibly sent to dispatch. The caller was advised where to end it. The RO was received from the plaintiff via fax. Order was entered in to the records system. The defendant had moved out of the rooming establishment in our town per owner and he will call if the party returns to rent a room again this coming weekend. Another address is on order at the Cape and plaintiff was notified, and will contact the other agency for possible service at a relative’s address on the Cape.

An unwanted person reported on Sunset Road. Black pants and blue sweatshirt. It was verbal in nature. Party had left the scene. Spoke with the calling party, and he stated that the subject left the scene. Officers advised caller.

92 off assisting elderly individual with her groceries and making sure she is all right on Wadsworth Avenue.

Party came into the station to report that his 2013 Toyota was struck while parked on Buchanan Street last night.

A mother from Governors Park came into the station with her 11-year-old son. She reports that an unknown adult male texted her son on the WhatsApp and said hello in Spanish. She did not text him back and blocked his number. When we tried calling the number listed on the WhatsApp screen it stated that the number is out of the country. She wants this on file and she was advised to contact us again if this behavior continues.

Illegally parked motor vehicle at Coughlin Park, which was parked in the handicap spot. A parking citation was issued.


Tuesday, Feb. 6

Caller on Thornton Park reports a grey pickup truck parked on the street without a sticker or placard. This has been going on for months. This was given to the parking enforcement and they will go by and check it out.

A gentleman came to the station to drop off a license plate he had found on the street. The plate belongs to East Boston Neighborhood Health Center. A representative will be by to retrieve the plate.

A well-being check on male party on Almont Street. This was called in by his daughter, stating she was worried about her father and said he was acting strange while driving her sister to school. When the father was contacted, he did not want to give a name and stated that he had no daughters. We called the daughter back, and she was able to give the address and the vehicle.

Party on Shirley Street states that her car was in for repairs on Shirley Street, and when they came to pick up the car, it was gone. The owner seemed drunk and said that he never repaired the truck there, and the party thinks he stole it. It was an argument, verbal only at this time. Officer stated a former employee took the keys and the vehicle a couple of days ago. Female party will come to the station and report the vehicle stolen.

Police requests a well-being check on party on Lewis Avenue. Officers will check, no answer so officer left a note.

Report of an elderly female on Main Street who allegedly drove into Boston driving a Taurus. She hit a street sign and looks asleep at the wheel. She also allegedly drove into Boston on the wrong side of the road. Boston was advised via phone and the units cleared.

Female party wants her car back and the person working is not authorized to release it. Party is asking for police to respond. Party states that her red Mitsubishi was to worked on yet and was missing a bumper. The paperwork for the car is in the car and cannot be presented. Since her does not have the paperwork she is not able to take it to another shop. Officers are attempting to find a solution at this time. Unit is off assisting a female party and attempting to search for the other half of her plate. Everything was verified, and she will drive it to another dealer for work to be done.

Property manager on scene on Walden Street wants a woman removed. She does not live there, no weapons. I91 enroute with an additional unit. Individual left the scene prior to their arrival. It was noted that the woman was selling cleaning goods. Will be on alert for future parties matching that description.

Party on Sea Foam Avenue came to the station to report being robbed. Party stated it was a white male, scruffy beard, extremely skinny build, possibly in his 20s. He was carrying a plastic gun which has since been recovered. BOLO was put out to Revere immediately afterwards. State Police asked if we needed a K9 unit. They stated they would be in the area if we needed them.

Unit off on Underhill Street on a parking ticket for a New York registration. Upon further examination of the text file, CJIS and in-house confirm expired registration on those plates. Person moved it onto private property.

Calling party on Townsend Street had a subject removed from his home about 20 minutes ago by an officer. This subject allegedly stole his pain medication before she left and he wants them back. Caller will be outside waiting for the officers.


Wednesday, Feb. 7

Vehicle parked with the rear hatch open on Court Road. Officer will attempt to make contact with the owner and make sure everything is ok. Officer spoke with the owner who forgot to close the hatch.

Report of a female shoplifting on Woodside Avenue. 91 will be heading to CVS to speak to the manager. Winthrop Taxi en route to pick up the female party. Female party trespassed from CVS.

Nice gentleman looking for lost keys, blue lanyard, three keys. Please call police if found.

Caller from Mystic Valley Elder Services asked for a well-being check for party on Coral Avenue. He did not answer his door for his Meals on Wheels. The involved party’s niece stated he was to be evicted, but did not think he has been yet. Niece has been unable to get in touch with him. Roommate stated the male party left for Florida.

Report of multiple trucks parked in the street, making it very difficult to pass. This is on Harbor View and Terrace Avenue. Owners came out and moved the vehicle.

Walk-in from Harvard Street to report a past breaking and entering.

911 hangup no answer on call back. Caller stated, “They want to get out of there.” This call was from Winthrop Street.

Calling party on Sewall Avenue stated she heard someone break into her house from the back door. She went down to the basement as she does not know who it is. Unit stated they did an area search of the home. Nothing showing.


Thursday, Feb. 8

Party on Shirley Street states that an older black Mercedes has been running with the keys in it and unlocked for over two hours, and he was concerned. 93 reports doors were unlocked. Knocked on the door, no response. The vehicle has been shut off.

Caller on Crystal Cove Avenue reports that her credit card received four charges to it. She believes someone hacked her credit cart. 91 states he has obtained the pertinent information on the fraudulent credit card use.

Nurse at Cambridge Healthy Alliance would like a well-being check on male party on Somerset Avenue. She is worried because he left the lab yesterday with critical lab work that could cause heartache or death. 91 reports he spoke to involved party and his wife, and everything is fine.

Alpha Charlie 1 reports he is on Marshall Street with outside agency on a follow-up. Services were rendered.

Party called from Texas to report an attempted fraud inn connection with his AT&T mobile account.

Party from Summit Avenue came into the station to report that her adult brother whom she lives with, has not been home or in contact with her since Jan. 21.

Report of a male party heading towards lower numbers Pleasant Street is waving his arms exposing himself to vehicles passing by. Units checked the area and could not find subject. Will stay in the area and continue to keep an eye out.

Units off checking on a man in a black mini-van down at the Winthrop Landing. Units sent the party on his way. He was taking a nap.

Calling party states a male party is walking door to door at Maple and Lowell roads saying he is selling roofing supplies. Caller said the party did not knock on his door but was just standing on his porch. Units searched in and around the area, but could not locate the subject. An updated area location of Moore Street was given and still was unfounded. Units will keep an eye out. Units also advised control that there was a man in the station earlier that had valid paperwork stating he could be soliciting.

Party from Circuit Road walked in stating that a coworker reported her that last night a neighbor came by the place of business complaining about a drop off/pickup bus running over his lawn during the last snowstorm. He was speaking aggressively, and stated that he could start making their life miserable. She wanted this logged in case there are any future incidents.

Hit and run reported on Banks Street.  Party wants an officer and also states that the car is not drivable. Unit cleared both parties. All are attached. Incident and accident links created for 93.

Tow for order to repossess motor vehicle on Circuit Road.

Report of loud music at Governors Park. Units report no answer in apartment, but the music has been shut off.


Friday, Feb. 9

Party on Siren Street reports that someone sent him harassing texts and this party has a restraining order against him. Units talked with the subject. There was no harassing text messages, no crimes committed.

Assisted with eviction and possible medical evaluation on Marshall Street. Gained entry to house and town will remain on scene to board up the property.

ACO off with dogs off leash on Brookfield Road. Will speak to parties and inform them of leash law.

Employee on Main Street reports an uncooperative patient. Medical dispatched. Male was transported to MGH.

Owner of market on Shirley Street called to state a car has been parked in front of his business for over two days and has not moved. Motor vehicle was not on the scene when officer arrived.

Caller on Winthrop Street states that a toddler was running around outside without shoes on by himself. Parents ended up showing up later. S4 will do a well being check on the child. Officer spoke to some parties living there and were unable to locate child and parent.

Employee on Crest Avenue states an elderly man has been in his car for over an hour in parking lot across from Jacs in one of the handicap spots. Officer spoke to the subject and he is fine.

Report of a needle in front of school driveway next to fire hydrant on Hermon Street. Items brought to the station to be disposed of properly.

Party on Lincoln Street reports that a female party is being held by two men outside a gray van. He cannot see for a description. Her husband went to see what is going on. Units clear, party was being returned to the van for transport home.

Reporting party is the dispatcher for the Ride. Her driver has been followed for 45 minutes by a grey pickup truck. Units off with vehicle on Revere Beach Parkway and the vehicle checks out.

Party states she witnessed four-five kids jump into the window of the old church on Hermon Street. She believes the building is being converted into condos. Units located all five youths. Nothing appears to be taken or opened. Message left to have building secured and lights turned on. Parents were notified, and youths will be returning home. Nothing taken.

Caller states that his wife believes she witnessed an assault and battery between a male and female on Circuit Road. Both subjects fled the area in a white SUV. Units are responding to the female’s address to check on her well being. Units report no answer at the residence and the vehicle that was reported at the scene was not in the area.

Well-being check on party on Sagamore Avenue. No one is home and no vehicle matching description. Units will try back later.

Male party on Undine Avenue came to the station to report a rep from PowerHRG was adamant that he will return to work on the roof, even though he has been informed not to. We spoke to a rep at their headquarters, and the rep will be advised not to return to that residence.

Caller on Upland Road reporting a Vespa motorcycle driving up and down the street, being very noisy. Unit was unable to locate the motorcycle, but will keep an eye out.

Well-being check on female talking to herself on Birch Road. Units located the party, and she is known to the units.

Well being check on Sagamore Avenue from walk-in call from before. Unit reports he spoke to the father. Father states that his son has had vehicle all night. Will call when he returns to the won so he can speak with officer. Father called to say his son is now at home. It was a misunderstanding, no female party involved. Services were rendered.


Saturday, Feb. 10

Party on Jefferson Street reports that a neighbor knocked her door and reported that he will call 911. The second party said to the reporting party that he is making too much noise. Officer talked to both parties. The second party stated the reporting party walked too loud. The issue is a civil matter and the second party will contact the landlord in the morning.

Caller on Shirley Street states a Nissan has been parked in front of his store for 2 hours and it is only a 15 minute parking space. Vehicle was moved before officer arrived.

Caller on Ocean Avenue reports there is a male in a Joker clown outfit on Irwin Street cutting down his chain-link fence. Party agreed to fix the fence for the landlord after he damaged it.

Party states people in a dark vehicle parked in the upper garage at Fort Heath Apartments. Party later stated that the vehicle had left the scene. Units cancelled.

Assisted fire and EMS with traffic control on Washington Avenue. Services were rendered.


Sunday, February 11

Report of a loud party at Governors Park. Officers spoke to the subject having the loud party and subject said they were going to lower the music and have people go o their way. Officer is staying on the scene for the moment.

Report of a dead animal in middle of Winthrop and Madison Avenue. ACO is not on today.

Calling party on Shirley Street states that there has been a vehicle parked in the 15-minute parking since last night. Parking ticket issued for 15-minute parking.

Caller on Johnson Avenue states that she and her family are being harassed and threatened by a man who has been stalking her for three years now. Officer spoke to the family. All junk e-mails that could possibly be from this person but no threats directly. Party will call if this person comes by.

Vehicle parked at bottom on Sea Foam Avenue. Vehicle will be placed on 72-hour list.

Report of a suspicious vehicle on Shore Drive near Charles Street.

Winthrop man arrested for drug trafficking following multi-jurisdictional investigation

Winthrop Police Chief Terence M. Delehanty reports that a joint investigation between the Winthrop and Revere police departments, as well as the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department, resulted in the arrest of a Winthrop man on drug trafficking charges.

Peter Degan, 61, of Pond Street, Winthrop, is charged with: seven counts distributing a Class B drug, cocaine, and trafficking in cocaine

On Tuesday, Feb. 6, following a three-month investigation by the Winthrop Police Department, Revere Police Department and Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department, Degan was arrested in Revere.

A subsequent search warrant was executed at Degan’s Pond Street home in Winthrop on Wednesday, Feb. 7, which resulted in the seizure of more than two kilograms of cocaine, $725,000 in cash and materials used for packaging and distributing narcotics

“I want to commend our officers, along with the Revere detectives and Suffolk Sheriff’s Department for their hard work in this case,” Chief Delehanty said. “Through this regional partnership, we were able to remove dangerous drugs from our streets.”

This arrest is part of Operation Waterfront — a larger effort by partnering law enforcement agencies to target the sale and purchase of narcotics, specifically at establishments on Shirley Avenue in Revere and at Revere Beach.

The operation and subsequent investigation led police to Degan, who was allegedly using his home as a base to traffic drugs into Revere and surrounding communities. The investigation is ongoing.

“The operation will result in the prosecution of an additional five defendants who were involved in the trafficking and distribution of narcotics within the City of Revere,” Revere Police Chief James Guido said. “This case exemplifies that our officers are working diligently together to keep our streets safe. Narcotics dealing on our streets and within our businesses will not be tolerated.”

Megan was arraigned today in Chelsea District Court and is being held on $3 million bail.

Revere Mayor Brian Arrigo praised the efforts of the departments saying, “Thanks to the combined police work by the Revere and Winthrop police departments, along with the Suffolk Sheriff’s Department, our residents and our streets are safer today. Narcotics-related crime is a scourge that harms our communities in a multitude of ways, and we all are indebted to law enforcement for their vigilance and professionalism in protecting our communities.”

These are allegations. All suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty.

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