Police Blotter 01-25-2018

Monday, Jan. 15

Party came to the station to report unauthorized withdrawal from his Bank of America checking and savings accounts in the amount of $1,123 and $500. Account records show a “Zelle transfer” to an individual. Bank of America has been notified of the unauthorized withdrawals.

Party came to the station to report that she may have fallen victim to online fraud.

Caller on Palmyra Street states a black truck is illegally blocking his neighbor’s driveway. Caller can barely make the swing into his house. The truck has been there for four days and no resident sticker. Vehicle was cited and placed on the 72-hour list.

Caller on Revere Street states that boyfriend just left heading to Governors Park. Female involved was being uncooperative towards police and refused to open the door. Store employee does not want to pursue the issue any further, but female suspect will be trespassed from Cumberland Farms.


Tuesday, Jan. 16

Calling party on Golden Drive stated that a neighbor was mad that the party went out to start the car. The neighbor came out and told him to shut up and said he will call the police down there. Officers spoke to the party. Party wanted to let the officer know his side of the story. The officer advised the party it was a civil matter, and that if the issue continues, they will need to bring it to the management.

Todisco Towing reports towing vehicle from Governors Park for inspection sticker violations.

Party on Banks Street reports being harassed through social media by a former student and resident of the community. She was advised of her rights.

Caller on Main Street states that at some point during the night, the front of her home was vandalized, and a Christmas decoration was destroyed. Items damaged on front lawn.

Assisted fire with lockout on Lincoln Street. Clear, party gained entry.

Report that a dark-skinned suspect was trying to get into a house on Shirley street. He left heading towards Irwin Street. Units searched the area, nothing showing.

Two-car motor-vehicle accident on Main Street. This was called in by a passerby who did not see anyone injured. There is a person who stopped to direct traffic. 29-year-old female and 8-year-old female transported to MGH. Vehicle was towed.

Caller on Palmyra Street states that a vehicle is partially in her driveway, which was ticketed and abandoned sticker on the car. Call was delayed due to motor vehicle accident. The vehicle was moved.

A youth was seen trying to get into the DPW on Kennedy Road. Area search for vehicle was unsuccessful.


Wednesday, Jan. 17

Reporting party on Putnam Street states a man is going through a dumpster in the back yard of her neighbor’s. Caller is worried they might try to steal something. Units checked the area. Officers were able to gain entrance into the building. There was no sign of anything going on, and officers were unable to lock doors as the doors do not have any kind of locking mechanism. The area is quiet.

Male subject from Governors Park came to the station to report a repo tow.

Officer attempted to serve summons to subject on Main Street. No service made at this time, will try back later.

Caller on Circuit Road states that there are several cars parked in the vicinity, which should be towed due to snow emergency. All vehicles in area are being moved.

Proprietor of a local convenience store reports an ongoing theft of newspaper deliveries outside in the early morning hours.

Caller on Cross Street states there is a black vehicle parked the wrong way in front of a hydrant with no license plate given. Vehicle was moved and has been given a parking violation ticket.

WFD called regarding a vehicle parked on the corner of Shore Drive and Cutler Street, which impedes emergency services. Unit clear, vehicle moved prior to arrival of police.

Another attempt to serve summons to subject on Main Street. Paperwork served.

Report of people being very loud on Winthrop Street. Officer spoke to a party at the house and they said they will turn down the music and call it a night.


Thursday, Jan. 18

Caller on Veterans Road wants a well-being check on his girlfriend. Girlfriend says she may be bleeding from her mouth. Units request medical. EMD and fire on the scene also. EMS checked out the party and did not see anything that could be wrong. The party has refused medical transport.

Party at Cliff and Highland Avenues reports an elderly woman seems confused. Units were flagged down by a male party who said he knew the woman and gave her a ride home. Officers checked the female party’s residence for her well being. Party was with her daughter who was unaware that the party had left the house. She will keep an eye on her.

Warrant of Apprehension faxed by East Boston District Court for service. 91 transported one male to East Boston District Court.

Caller on Shore Drive states that there is a male trespasser in his building. Calling party states that this male party has stolen packages and mail out of the building. Caller states that he is on the third-floor apartment. Party was not trespassed. He was invited to the building.

Reporting party states that on Nov. 22, 2017, his mother’s vehicle was broken into and a Kindle stolen.

Doctor from Boston VA called requesting a well-being check on a male patient on Shirley Street. He was called to remind him that he had an appointment. When that call was made, they noticed that the male party was highly intoxicated. Officers spoke with the subject who was speaking clearly.

Male party currently at a rehabilitation facility in Danvers, reports that an ex-girlfriend is using his debit and credit cards without permission or authorization.


Friday, Jan. 19

Walk-in to report repossessing two vehicles.

Female caller requesting information on filing a missing persons report. She stated that her boyfriend has her vehicle, and she has not seen him in two days. He was last seen at MGH with his sick aunt. Caller states that her boyfriend does not like the police, and would be angry if she called. She was advised to contact MGH and see if he is still there.

Party on Court Road reports that she let her dog go out and it got of the yard and ran across the street. She states that the neighbor on one side of the two family saw the next door tenant pick up her dog and put in their vehicle and drive off. Party called back and made contact with the neighbor. She does not need any assistance.

Report of a motor vehicle hitting a parked vehicle at Revere and Shirley Streets. Both were towed.

Elderly female in the area of Revere Street disoriented. Officer spoke with the civilian party who called it in and stated that she may be in the area of Central Street. Unable to locate elderly female. Officer will be keeping an eye out.

Safety officer called to report that a passing motorist was concerned that an elderly female was “walking around disoriented” on Central Street. Unit 91 and 92 responded to the area to investigate and report that the area is clear at this time.

Attempt to serve warrant on Somerset Avenue. Officers were unable to serve Section 35 due to severe intoxication. Officers did fill out a Section 12, and that party was transported to the Whidden. Officer DeLeo called Whidden emergency room and explained that the sectioned individual was very intoxicated and has ODed in the past plus other warrants of apprehension have been placed on this person. They were told if possible, keep him until Monday and we would pick him up on the warrant of apprehension for the court.

Caller on Shore Drive states that her neighbor was taken to the hospital last night, and her dog has been left out. The owner of the dog is home, and ACO is talking with her. Dog has been in all day, and everything is fine.

Party on Pleasant Street came to the station to report an ongoing issue with his landlord. The gentleman is aware that the situation is a civil matter, but is just concerned for any further problems that may arise with the landlord due to the situation unfolding.

Someone threw a sofa off  the balcony at Governors Park, and it landed on a vehicle parked below and smashed it.

Tenant on Dolphin Avenue called because she had no heat, and the plumber did not show up to fix the issue. Officer is speaking to the property manager, and it seems that the plumber is just running late. Tenant is on her way over to apartment now so officer can find out what the issue seems to be. Officer is clearing at this time to respond to a more pressing issue.

Intoxicated male party in the area of Washington and Shirley Streets. Medical enroute. Male party was located outside of DePalma’s waiting for a bus. He was apparently denied entry to the bus earlier due to the fact that he was drinking. He was also not allowed on the bus because he did not have any money. He has since found some money and is now on the bus heading home to Cambridge.

Reports of raw sewage coming into apartment on Pleasant Street. DPW notified. Also a call from dispatch for the same in the area of Seaview Avenue.

Party came to the station to report finding a woman’s Vera Bradley purse after the Winthrop basketball game. Purse belongs to a female out of Chelsea. Chelsea PD notified. Female called Winthrop to report she will be on her way to pick up her item.

Caller on Kennedy Road states that she does not want her husband in the house. He is possibly drunk. Male party is leaving the house and going into Boston to a shelter. 93 will be giving a courtesy ride to Orient Heights.


Saturday, Jan. 20

Officer off with male party laying in the middle of Winthrop Street. Male is intoxicated but lives nearby. Officer assisted the male into his residence.

Caller on Somerset Avenue called 911 to ask about expired car stickers. We spoke to the woman about residential sticker issue and gave the woman a non-emergency number for the next time.

Guest refusing to leave on Shirley Street. Male party broke policy and stayed in the room. Male party left in an Uber. Female party is still present. Management told her she could stay until her Uber arrived. Management will call back if any further issues occur.

Party on Shore Drive stated a female party took one of his space heaters he provided for tenant. This is an ongoing landlord/tenant dispute. A misunderstanding, property will be returned later today. Property was not stolen, just loaned to a friend.

Female caller on Somerset Avenue reports her adult son is drinking and disrupting the home. She is requesting officer to speak with the individual. 91 and 92 responded and spoke with the subject who understands the consequences if they have to return. Mother wants no legal action at this time. She is satisfied with the outcome.

Roommate dispute on Wave Way Avenue. Male party wants female to leave. She does not live there, and is staying on the couch and not paying any rent. Caller stated that it is his sister’s friend, and she finally left. Peace was restored.

Party came to the station to report that she has requested her adult daughter to leave her home. Party reports being threatened by the daughter in the past. Mother reports that the landlord had begun an eviction process regarding the daughter and her child during the summer but may have not followed through. Mother reports putting belongings on the porch for the daughter and child which the daughter came by and picked up. Mother just wanted this on the record and may go to court on Monday.

Party on South Avenue states that there are motor vehicles blocking the driveway. He called back to state that the vehicles had left.


Sunday, Jan/ 21

Report of a loud party on Beal Street. Officers spoke to the owner of the home and the party agreed to quiet down and send people home.

Caller called back to report that the loud music on Beal Street has returned. Officers spoke to the owner of the house, and he was given a warning. Action to be taken if another visit is necessary.

Party on Revere Street states one of his drivers is being blocked from getting gas and leaving from Cumberland Farms. This was called in by taxi dispatcher. The driver was trying to get gas while his ex-wife is also there preventing him from getting gas or leaving. This is a husband and wife dispute. Wife followed the husband to his place of work. Both parties will be going their separate ways.

Checking area of Cottage Park Road for possible water main break. Call came from passerby about water coming from the street. OIC was called to check area. Water seeping up fro the sidewalk. 91 will contact DPW.

Party on Quincy Avenue states an elderly female is walking her dog near the public stairs, and he is concerned for her well-being. Normally she does not go down the stairs when she walks her dog. 998 is off with the female. She is fine and she is walking home now with her dog.

Report of a treadmill on Woodside Avenue. Officer moved the treadmill on to the sidewalk. DPW can be notified tomorrow if the treadmill is still there.

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