Letter to the Editor


 Dear Mr. President,

My daughter was a United States Navy veteran and is from one of the countries you evidently chose to denigrate yesterday. As her mother , I was deeply offended. And as Boston Pubic School teacher for 40 years, I was deeply offended for all of the outstanding students I’ve had the privilege of teaching . Many of them were proud of their roots in the very countries you spoke of in such a vulgar way..

My daughter served in a squadron where service men and women from her own native country , El Salvador, served along side others from Haiti in particular..Be Assured..None of your comments can diminish the quality of their service to their chosen country-these United States of America.

Besides the insult to my daughter and her squadron, there is the offense I feel personally for those thousands of Boston students who were proud of their home countries- however troubled and impoverished they may have been.. They spoke of pride in their rich heritages and with equal pride in their contributions to this country…Many have become teachers , doctors, lawyers and social workers and members of the US military. Be assured..None of your thoughtless words hurled at their home countries can diminish their value to our society. Their actions every day outweigh words fueled by ignorance.

Nancy O’Malley

retired BPS Teacher

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