Police Blotter 01-11-2018

Monday, Jan. 1

Caller on Dolphin Avenue reporting a few people are fighting inside the home. Unit spoke with the parties, they had music playing, and people were jumping. No altercation happened. Units cleared.

55-year-old female party will not leave club on Shirley Street. She is in the bathroom refusing to leave. Police requested medical. Unit reports patient refusal. Female party is staying across the street. Unit escorted the female party to the room at the inn.

Calling party from Governors Park states there are about 10 people outside, possibly fighting. Unsure of weapons. Unit report transporting a female party back to station to wait the arrival of her father.

Caller on Hermon Street reports very low-water pressure and rusty colored water. DPW notified.

Report of suspicious activity on Lewis Avenue. Car door open on motor vehicle. Unit states that nothing missing in the vehicle.

Calling party stated an MBTA bus headed towards Holy Rosary Church and the sign said call police with flashing green lights. It was accidental. Everything was fine.

Caller on Franklin Street repots that his 2013 Ford Fusion has been stolen last night. It was parked in front of his house. Caller states he has no vehicle to get to the station to file a report. Car was not in the tow log. Party called back to state that he found his car. A friend took his car to move it.

Party on Pauline Street start there are two grey dogs, possibly Huskies, running around loose and just came into his backyard. It is cold out and party is worried for the dogs. BOLO given to units.

Caller on Shore Drive states that she is on oxygen, and the landlord will not let her in to the basement to turn the blown fuses back on. He is home and refusing to speak with her. Units clear, the landlord was not on the scene. It is a civil matter.

Party reports that at Putnam and Buchanan streets, there is a raccoon under a green vehicle. Party is afraid it is rapid and there are children in the yard and also a dog. The animal appears cold. Units clear, units will reach out to ACO.

Caller states that there is a biohazard container under the mailbox in front of the post office. The caller was asking that we investigate. It was a Sharps container under the mailbox intended to be mailed to CVS. Unit will bring the container to the CVS.

Woman on Dolphin Avenue states that someone is attempting to break into her house. She is not home. Update: Male party in question is at the home looking for his son ho was there last night at a party. Reporting party is not on the scene. She is getting this information from the third-floor tenant. Reporting party is extremely uncooperative. Units clear as the apartment appears to be secure. Nothing showing on the scene and there is no answer at the third-floor unit.

Report that landlord on Shore Drive has not turned on the heat or electricity. This was a duplicate call. 92 stated he already explained to the tenant what she needed to do. It is a civil matter.


Tuesday, Jan. 2

Female party involved in a motor vehicle accident is now impending traffic. G&J notified and is enroute.

258E served in hand to subject on Sunset Road. Everything was understood by party.

Two kids walking towards Washington Avenue on the lake. Second caller stating that three teenagers walking on Lewis Lake. Youths were sent on their way and advised to stay off the ice for their safety.

Calling party on Cottage Avenue came home to find an unknown party in the upstairs of his home. He has left at this time in a blue sedan with out-of-state plates. Within five minutes, the calling party stated that the person that was in the house stated he was looking for someone who lived there. Peace was restored.

Calling party on Veterans Road called, and there was a lot of screaming going on in the background. She is concerned for his welfare. He is one of her patients. Peace was restored. It was a verbal argument. Mom has left for the evening, and her son was explained his 209A rights.

There are people in a car with loud music at the top of parking garage on Pond Street. Calling party states this is private property and the people there do not live in the building. Parties were sleeping in the car upon police arrival. They were sent on their way.

Calling party on Revere Street states there is a woman in the bathroom for a half hour. Unsure what is going on. He stated that she was crying before she went into the bathroom. The party left before the arrival of an officer. She stated that she just was doing her makeup.


Wednesday, Jan. 3

Minor motor vehicle accident on Bates Avenue. Caller claiming something completely different from what witnesses saw. No damage though.

Assisted Delta 6 with well being check on Douglas Street. No answer at this time.

Individual came to the station to drop off a wallet that was found on the street.

Party came to the station to drop off old ammunition.

Off-Duty officer called in a possible disabled motor vehicle on Revere Street. Dispatched by Charlie 1. Unit reports the street is clear, no disabled vehicle.

Motor vehicle accident hit and run on Crest Avenue. Unable to locate the vehicle at this time. 92 will check back later tonight.

Party on Veterans Road stated that officers were out there yesterday when an origination that called on her behavior when they heard the threats the landlord was making towards her. She had left before the officers were able to talk to her. The landlord is there making more threats and trying to throw her out tonight. She would like an officer back. The peace was restored.

Todisco Towing reports towing a vehicle out of Seal Harbor Road for trespassing.


Thursday, Jan. 4

Officer initiated motor vehicle stop on Veterans Road. No action required.

Well-being check on Pleasant Park Road. White male ran away and wanted to hurt himself. Party has been making Q5 statements. He walked to a friend’s house.

Woman on Washington Avenue says male family member has MS and is alone and she is concerned.

Caller on Pleasant Street states that a plow driver attacked her and her mother. She states the male left the scene. Mutual assault and battery, no charges pressed. Units clear, report to follow.

Party on Court Road reports town plow struck her porch. DPW notified.

Report of vehicle doing donuts on Main Street across from Ace Hardware. Evidence of donuts but no vehicle.

Assisted Fox News with party being escorted out to East Boston. Services rendered.


Friday, Jan. 5

Report of male walking towards the beach near Tewksbury Street. He is barefoot and an older gentleman. Units checked the area and nobody fitting description could be found.

Report of hit-and-run at Michael’s Mall.

Multiple calls of water issues and snow issues.

Motor vehicle covered in snow trying to drive on Winthrop Street. The vehicle pulled into private parking garage and got the okay fro the owner. Party will call and have his registration fixed over the phone.

Caller on Banks Street requests DPW shut off her water as her basement is flooded. DPW notified.

Assisted DPW with opening of roads at Bowdoin and Main Street. Roadway is open and clear.

Reporting party is sister (located in North Carolina) has not spoken to her sister on Grandview Avenue in 24 hours. Party was located and will contact her sister.

Assisted fire with traffic for possible chimney fire on Shirley Street. Fire has nothing showing. Unit clear.


Saturday, Jan. 6

Report of a black-and-white dog running around without owner on Veterans Road. The caller is concerned for its well being with the cold temperatures.

Report of no heat on Beacon Street. Tenant nor landlord was there. Officer spoke with a visitor and advising them to have the landlord and tenant work the situation out with each other. It is a civil matter.

Report of a dog running behind Summit Avenue. It is crying to go in the house.

DPW requested police assistance to block intersection of Cross and Shirley Streets, from oncoming vehicles so they can remove snow. A vehicle is being removed. DPW cleared the street.

Party on Sturgis Street complaining that someone is snowplowing at the hardware store, and all the snow is on the street.

Caller on Golden Drive states someone broke into her house, and they left a note behind. This happened overnight. Officers report no crime, no breaking, just a note left on her door.

A white flashing light appears to be coming from a basement window on Coral Avenue. This has been going on for about a half hour. Called in by a neighbor. Officer spoke to the resident and everyone is okay. It appears that the light is malfunctioning.

Report of a gold  vehicle on Buchanan Street that has been idling for about a half hour. This seems to happen every few weeks. There are several people inside. Nothing showing in the area matching the description provided. Officer believes it may have been one of the vehicles he moved along from an earlier call. Those parties were just warming up their vehicle.

Report of a pickup truck driving back and forth  on Townsend Street. This has been going on for about 20 minutes. All units tied up on a domestic.

Female subject on Grovers Avenue came to the station to report harassment. The offender was later served with an ERO.


Sunday, Jan. 7

AC1 requests an officer for an unruly party. One coming in for protective custody.

Calling party on Faun Bar Avenue states there is a vehicle outside that has been laying on the horn for a few minutes now. Units tied up booking prisoner. Officer will try and make contact with the owner of the vehicle on Moore Street. Owner was located and officer will drive him over to the vehicle to figure out why it is honking. Owner was able to disarm the horn, and peace was restored.

Caller on Shirley Street reports a man in the street yelling. It appears like he needs help. Officer requests medical. WFD and EMS responded as well. Male party refused transport.

Party came to the station to report an incident that just took place while driving on Lincoln Street. He stated that he was driving home with his children when he stopped to let a woman cross the street. The woman became confrontational and gestured the middle finger to him. Choose words were exchanged, and he drove to his residence a few houses down. When he exited his vehicle with his children, the woman appeared and stated, “Now, I know where you and your children live” while also threatening to mace him with the pepper spray in her hand. Units searched for the woman who went into the church.

Unit was flagged down by a motorist because there was an argument with another drive. Unit stated the peace was restored.

Assisted fire with traffic on Pleasant Street. 91 reports a lot of water from a sprinkler system has gone into the street, and it is starting to freeze up.

Report of a man throwing snow into the street on Cutler Street.

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