Vecchia Sworn in as Council President

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

The Vecchia family.

The Town of Winthrop swore in its newly elected officials Tuesday night in the Neil Shapiro Auditorium at Winthrop High School.

Newly elected Town Council President Ron Vecchia took the oath from Town Clerk Carla Vitale as his family and friends watched.

Vecchia spoke about where the town has come from in the last 12 years and where it can ago to in the future.

“Through good leadership, highly qualified and dedicated town workers and dedicated Citizens Advisory Committee, Winthrop is better prepared financially for changes in the economy, with good reserves and well-maintained stabilization fund,” Vecchia said.

“I’m looking forward to watch what Ron brings to the table,” said Linda Vecchia, his wife. “He is passionate about the town.”

“I will work with the

council and town manager to develop a five year financial plan that will project out capital and operational expenditures anticipated in future years along with reviewing our ongoing building maintenance program,” Vecchia told the audience who included Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo and State Sen. Joe Boncore.

Years ago, Vecchia and DeLeo both served on the town’s Board of Selectmen.

“He was one of the best public servant I ever had an opportunity to work with,” DeLeo said, who thanked the department heads and employees for the work they do day in and day out. “Thank you for being here and support these men and women here and thank you for making Winthrop one of the most desirable places to live and to work.”

Boncore thanked outgoing Council President Russ Sanford and all the councilors who have served the town, including original members  of the council Nick Delvento, Paul Varone, and Rich Boyajian.

“They’ve done a tremendous job and they are leaving this town a lot better than they found it,” Boncore said. “We need strong leadership on the municipal and state level.”

“Over the next two years I will do everything I can to continue to improve the town that we all call home,” Vecchia said.

Vitale also swore in members of the Winthrop Housing Authority, Peter Gill and Frederick Silck III.

Sworn in as library trustees were Gillian Teixeira and Betty Nicolas Peabody. Virginia Wallace was slated to be sworn in but could not make the event. She will be sworn in at a later date.

School Committee members James F. Fabiano, Jennifer J. H. Powell and Brian J. Perrin were also sworn in by Vitale.

Also sworn in were Precinct 1 Councilor Michael McDuffee, Precinct 3 Councilor Nick LoConte and Precinct 5 Councilor Peter Christopher. Councilor-at-Large Michael Lucerto was also sworn in.

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