Police Blotter 12-28-2017

Monday, 12/18


Quincy Ave., party states that painting truck is parked on the edge of her driveway.


Governors Drive, tow truck driver dropped off a tow slip from a trespass tow.


Crest Ave., party needs to dispose of syringes.


3 Metcalf Sq., Male party walked into the station to report his ID was used without his knowledge and someone opened a Direct TV account.


Buchanan St., owner of auto detailing reports vandalism on his business sign.


Sagamore Ave., Motor vehicle accident.


Main St., Unit reports possible abandoned motor vehicle.


Revere St., Fire reports gasoline spilled.


Wilshire St., Suspicious male wearing a grey hoodie


is looking into cars and pulling on door handles.


Cliff Ave., One side street parking, blue Toyota and Black Ford.



Tuesday, 12/19


Revere St., and Summit Ave., Deceased rabbit on road.


Waldemar Ave., Small red car with Virginia plates has been parked in front of persons house with engine running for quite some time.


Fairview St., Caller states that there are boxes and a big truck in the middle of the street.


Revere St., Truck possibly stuck on wires.


Broadway, assisting Chelsea police with a dog issue.


Upland Rd., Caller reports that someone was soliciting.


Woodside Ave., person states he hit the emergency button when reaching in his pocket.


Main St. and Revere St., man states black Toyota Camry, is passed out in his vehicle.


Main St., Caller reports a truck went by and dropped a bunch of discarded construction materials.


Main St., Homeowner reports her alarm is stating that her basement door is open.


Pleasant St., On going problem with alarm.


Governors Dr., Reports of a woman screaming.


Pleasant St., tenants arguing.


Winthrop St., apartment is playing loud music.


Bowdoin St. And Madison Ave., RP states Veterans Placard from pole is on the ground.


Hermon St., A man fell on the street, he spoke to another person on the street, was told the man is in front of his own house.


Winthrop St., Party came to the station regarding an unwanted guest that showed up at her elderly parents apartment.


Faun Bar Ave., Report of water tower door open, the caller was not cooperative.


Ingleside Ave., Homeowner wanted to report that her lights were unplugged and torn down.


Hadassah Way on Veterans Rd., there is a group outside being loud.


Pleasant St., Fight between four male parties.



Friday, 12/22


Pond St., Calling for ambulance for her husband, redialed and does not want anyone to respond.


Pleasant St., Motor vehicle accident.


Shore Drive, dog has been outside for a couple of hours barking non stop.


Winthrop St., teenager was locked outside of house.


Cliff Ave., man in the street, for over ½ hour, blue jacket, dark pants, ski hat, she is worried about his well being could not give a better description.


Circuit Rd., Oil leak in tank. Technician to respond to pump out tank.


Cottage Ave., Caller reports that a large truck is blocking portion of their driveway.


Johnson Ave., Reports that kids are ringing doorbells and then running away.



Saturday, 12/23


Winthrop St., Motor vehicle accident.


Somerset Ave., Someone passed a conterfeit $100 bill yesterday at barber shop.


George St., Automobile stuck on ice.


Metcalf Sq., party reports fraudulent charges on her bank card.


Chester Ave., Large tree branches in street.


Revere St., Party is at address and will not leave.


Ingleside Ave., Party stated there is a vehicle that is damaged in front of his house and the fender is in the middle of the road.


Washington Ave., alarm for first floor main door.


Shirley St., male party threatening the woman at the front desk.


Summit Ave., Loud music.


Bellevue Ave., Party stated there is a vehicle parked with no parking sticker on the street and is taking away form the people who have residential stickers.


Hale Ave., person stating that someone has been knocking on her door.


Main St., Alarm.


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