Police Blotter 12-21-2017

Friday, December 22, 2017
By Transcript Staff

Monday, Dec. 11

Parking complaint on Shirley Street led to G&J towing the vehicle, but it was cancelled as the owner put the vehicle on private property. A citation was issued.

Party came to the station to state that he lent a friend his vehicle in the spring and has been trying to get it back for the last six months. The matter is under investigation.

Minor motor vehicle accident at Woodside Avenue and Pleasant Street. Papers were exchanged.

Reporting party states that an elderly woman should not be driving on Main Street. The party is getting agitated, and the reporting party is asking for assistance in talking to this party. Vehicle is being towed by AAA. The party is being evaluated medically per officer’s request. Winthrop Taxi was called. The vehicle is being towed to the subject’s home in Revere. Revere Police made notification to the party about her revoked registration.

Party on Revere Street stated he passed by a gentleman in an electric wheelchair. Calling party stated he was going very slow, and is afraid he is losing power. The man in the chair is holding many packages. Calling party stated it would be dark soon, and he is worried. This call was dispatched to the 94. Unit went down Revere Street and checked the side streets. Nothing showing at this time.

Report of loud noise in an an apartment on Revere Street. Units made contact with party upstairs. This is an ongoing issue between neighbors. Units report nothing showing.

Party states that in the area of Veterans Road it looked like four adult males arguing and moving furniture out onto the sidewalk. He thought it was suspicious for this time of night. Party was just a passerby and is not on the scene. Units stated no one was arguing. It was employees that worked at DNT Market. They were throwing the trash out from the store.

Motor vehicle stop on Shirley Street. G&J enroute. Female party in custody. Serra 6 transporting female party to the station. 93 stated female party was arrested for a couple of 94C’s and having a dangerous weapon. G&J has the vehicle.

Party at Governors Park stated that their downstairs neighbors are being loud making a lot of banging noises. Units are tied up with another call. Unit also stated that this is an ongoing issue but will head over there after they are finished from another call. 92 enroute. Unit stated he tried ringing the calling party’s apartment and got no answer. The apartment below was not making an noise at this time.


Tuesday, Dec. 12

Serra 6 requesting medical aid for female party to get evaluated on Palmyra Street. Female party is being transported to the Beth Israel for an evaluation.

Report of disabled motor vehicle causing traffic backup on Pleasant and Main Street. AAA on the scene and unit standing by to help with the traffic. AAA was able to get the vehicle started and out of the road.

Motor vehicle stop for expired registration sticker at Veterans and Almont Street. Unit informed the operator that his sticker had expired. A verbal warning was given.

Two car motor vehicle accident at Revere and Golden Drive.

Party walked into Charlie 1 and reported a party with possible medical issue. 93 was dispatched to Washington Avenue by Charlie 1 to check on the individual to see if the party is all right, or if medical is needed. Charlie 1 reports front door should be open for the unit. The party has MS and was having an attack. He is okay now and refused medical.

Motor vehicle stop at Read and Main Street. Verbal warning for red light violation.


Wednesday, Dec. 13

Report of loud music coming from Myrtle Avenue. Unit stated loud music playing upon arrival. Unit knocked on the door and got no answer but the music was shut off. Unit is doing paperwork for a disorderly house.

Party on Coral Avenue states an ex was trying to get through a window, but left. Officer states that the parties have made up and left together.

Calling party on Bates Avenue states he is home alone and heard a loud bang and foot steps. He states he is the only one home. Party at the scene heard something drop inside the house. Homeowner is now home. Reporting party ran into the basement for safety.

Gentleman from Revere Street came to the station to report being continuously harassed by a known female. He showed text messages to Officer Dutta. This is the third time that the female has made unwanted contact with the gentleman and his wife. He was advised of an harassment order via EBDC.

Officer assisted juvenile probation with a house visit on Shirley Street.

Report of a moving truck blocking entire street causing a lot of traffic and disturbance on Beach Road.

A hurt raccoon was seen on Shirley Street. ACO checked the area and nothing was found. 91 and ACO on scene at Cross and Franklin Streets. ACO has the raccoon.

Motor vehicle stop at Veterans Road and Washington Avenue. Citation for speeding.

Calling party on Atlantic Street reports multiple parking violations. Officer drove down the street multiple times and spotted no parking violations.

Hit and run reported on River Road. White van hit and run by a blue Ford. 91 car heading to the address of the Ford to make contact. There was a tiny scratch on both vehicles, hardly any damage. Papers are being exchanged by both parties.

Two car motor-vehicle accident with no injuries on Beacon Street. Papers were exchanged.

Party came to the station to report a family member has used her Citizen’s Bank account debit card for purchases. Party believes the amount of money used form her account is approximately $500. Party will report the breach to Citizen’s Bank. This has happened previously. The party will change her information to stop the theft. Party was advised and took a victim/witness statement form and will decide what to do overnight. Victim was also advised going through the court for a restraining order.

Party came to the station with a bill from Southwest Credit Systems LP trying to collect payment on behalf of Comcast Corp. for services from Oct. 10, 2013 to Oct. 10, 2015. Reporting party states they have never lived at this address and there is a mistake regarding the bill collector sending this collection notice to them.

Boston PD requesting our assistance for motor vehicle failing to stop. Units are clearing. Boston is going to let them go and do a report later.

Motor vehicle stop at Crest Avenue and Hutchinson Street. Verbal for red light violation.

Officer assisted an establishment on Crest Avenue with an intoxicated customer. 92 giving a courtesy ride to customer that is not feeling well enough to drive.

Party on Shore Drive states that the landlord is refusing to allow them access to the basement to turn on the boiler. They have had no heat for five days. Homeowner is at work and not on the scene. Occupant was advised of her rights, and it is a civil matter.


Thursday, Dec. 14

Probation wants a wellness check on their probationer at Governors Park. He needs to charge his electronic monitoring bracelet and call them. If not, a warrant will be issued. We tried calling the in-house phone number of the probationer, with no luck. No answer at the door either. Probation was advised that we were unable to reach the party. They will likely fax over a probation warrant for the subject.

Report of two, small dogs loose on Terrace Avenue. They were both heading towards the beach. Owner found the animals, and the call was cancelled.

Party on Shirley Street called and stated that a dump truck lost his commercial trailer (unhooked). Vehicle was secured.

Report of a raccoon seen on Johnson Avenue. Clear, checked the area with nothing showing.

Report that a silver pickup truck keeps blocking parking spot for his truck at Shirley and Sturgis Streets. Right now, there are any cones around it. No officers were dispatched at this time. Truck is legal parked at this time. When he leaves, he places cones in the street to save his spot. Caller has been advised to call back when the truck leaves and the cones are placed in the street.

Party states a vehicle is parked in front of Cumberland Farms causing traffic. Detail in the area called in stated it is an ambulance, and it is not causing any traffic issues.

Party on Shirley street states that a little boy is throwing things outside of a window from the second floor. He pushed the window open and was throwing things out. Mother was in the next room. She was advised to keep the windows locked. The father was also on the scene and cleaned the front of the house where things were thrown.


Friday, Dec. 15

Report of a female out of control on Palmyra Street. No weapons. She was off her meds and “ripping up the house” according to calling party. Female transported to Beth Israel.

Resident on Winthrop Street states a male is going through his trash at the end of the driveway. He would like him off his property.

Alpha Charlie 1 called on the radio to dispatch cruisers to the area of the post office for an altercation. Peace was restored. It was a union issue with post office.

Past breaking and entering on Bellevue Avenue. 93, Sierra 4 headed to speak to the reporting party while other officers check the area for a black Jeep.

Calling party reports a rabid raccoon on the loose on Triton Avenue. Raccoon is foaming at the mouth. ACO notified.

Party on Bates Avenue witnessed road rage and states he hear a male party state he was going to get a firearm. Victim does not wish to move forward with charges for threats. Officers will attempt to speak with suspect throughout the shift.

A motor vehicle hit a raccoon, and it is still alive. 92 checked the area and was unable to locate a raccoon.

Pedestrian accident on Revere Street. Fire and ambulance sent. Received call from the driver of the car that hit the girl and he is remaining on the scene. 16 -year-old female sent to MGH. Mother was on the scene and will ride in the ambulance with her. Operator cited for a crosswalk violation.

Caller on Revere Street reports neighbor upstairs are being extremely loud and he has tried to talk to them and they did not listen. He would like to speak to officers and have them spoken to. It is a landlord/tenant issue. Children live upstairs and were being loud. The units spoke with both parties and peace was restored.

Loud noise coming from upstairs again on Revere Street. It is louder than the last time. Peace again was restored.

Calling party would like  a well being check on Ocean View Street. Party called back to update. She is going to get the address and do her own well being check on subject. She will call police back if needed. As of now, she is canceling the police.

Again a disturbance on Revere Street. Spoke to both parties and there is no party, the noise that they are making is made from two young kids just playing. It was explained to the landlord that it was a civil matter as there was no crime.


Saturday, Dec. 16

Off-duty officer contacted the station and reports a ale known to them is causing a disturbance yelling at people on Woodside Avenue. Police requested medical. Male party had already left the scene. Units checked the area and did not locate him.

Party called and stated that the male party returned back to Woodside Avenue and is in between the CVS and the auto body shop.

Motor vehicle stop on Shore Drive. Citation for a stop sign violation and speeding.

Report of a car blocking driveway on Shirley Street. Unit was able to locate the owner of the vehicle and have him move it. Services were rendered.

Motor vehicle stop on Revere Street. Verbal warning for headlight violation.


Sunday, Dec. 17

Loud music coming from a vehicle on Cross Street. Unit sated that the area is quiet. He did see a group of kids getting out of a vehicle.

Calling party states there is a help sign in the window of a house on Summit Avenue. Unit reports it is an old Halloween sticker that was left on the window. All the residents are well.

Motor vehicle stop on Veterans Road. Citation issued for speeding.

Caller states that a truck is blocking a lane on the corner of Main and Revere Streets. Unit was able to locate the party who owns the vehicle. The vehicle was moved. Services rendered.

Party on Seymour Street reports five teenagers in a vehicle smoking marijuana. Units report the individuals in the vehicle were being dropped off. No 94C activity.

Motor vehicle stop on Douglas Street. Verbal warning for headlight violation.

Car parked on Dolphin Avenue with revoked insurance.

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