Police Blotter 12-14-2017

Monday, Dec. 4

Officer went to Cutler Street to serve probation warrant in hand. Male party was not home.

Motor vehicle stop at Revere and Taylor Streets. Verbal warning for no registration sticker. Driver was advised to contact the RMV.

Motor vehicle stop at Cumberland Farms. Citation issued for marked lane violation.

Calling party on Winthrop Street reports a stolen package delivered by UPS, over $300 value. He would like an officer to file a report. Officer adviser the caller to all UPS and work with them on the issue. No action required.

Report of extremely loud stereo coming from residence on Shirley Street. Peace was restored.

A dog recovered suspicious item from Yirrell Beach on Friday. Party requesting an officer to investigate. Unit has item in hand and en route to the station. Services were rendered.

Party on Palmyra Street states suspicious activity from a female party, possibly drunk. She has a dog with her and was dragging the dog in the street. Last seen heading to Waldemar. Units report female party is suffering from the flu and other health issues. She is not drunk. The dog and woman are home.

Party came to the station to report that he ordered a package from Amazon, and he never received it. Party was told by Amazon that the package was delivered on Friday, Dec. 1. The party is reporting this as was told to by Amazon. The value of the items ordered totaled $80.75.

Motor vehicle stop on Revere Street. Verbal warning for no headlights.

Report of a head and run accident on Hawthorn Avenue. Unit called in party’s information. Report to follow.

Party came to the station to report her motor vehicle was struck overnight yesterday. Party stated she was told she had to come to the station to report it tonight, but was told earlier today when she called, that she should call when she returned from work tonight. The party was advised to return home and we will come by to investigate.

A Comfort Care van parked on wrong side of Atlantic Street. Party believes the van abandoned with N.H. plates. Flat tires and has been there for several days. Vehicle came back with suspended registration. Unit allowed the party to move the vehicle onto private property.

Attempt to serve summons to subject on Moore Street. Unable to serve.


Tuesday, Dec. 5

Calling party on Myrtle and Shore Drive reports there is a purple vehicle with RI dealer plates and does not have a sticker to park there. It has been there for a couple of months now. S6 reports units tied up doing a report. They will respond to his call after. A parking ticket was issued.

Caller on Main Street is requesting police assistance with getting a motor vehicle out of Furlongs Auto. He does have a flatbed and will be blocking the road. He would like assistance with traffic.

92 attempted to serve summons for court on Moore Street.

Motor vehicle stop on Summit Avenue. Subject is giving a hard time about giving his license. 93 states he will file a complaint with the school regarding the driver.

S92 attempted a second time to serve summons to subject on Moore Street. He reports new tenant at this location. Previous tenant moved out.

Reporting party on Court Road states that a neighbor is blocking parking in front of their own house using barrels. The reporting party states that the neighbor is using barrels in the street to block the parking. 92 reports the barrels are filled with leaves and the resident is probably waiting for the leaves to be picked up.

Caller states that a Xfinity truck ran a stop sign and was driving erratic in the vicinity of Crest and Grovers Avenues. Last seen heading towards Revere. BOLO given out to the units.

Another BOLO given to the units for a pickup truck headed down Winthrop Street. Caller claimed that this vehicle ran a stop sign and almost hit her vehicle. He is also driving erratically.

Party on Shore Drive reports occupants are drinking and snorting cocaine. Caller would like a “well-being” check and stated he wanted to remain anonymous. Unit states one party working out and one elderly female. No sign of 94C activity. This call was unfounded.

Report of three kids on Pauline Street knocking on party’s door. All three are Hispanic. They were trying to talk to her about going solar, asking tons of questions. They were also asking about her neighbor and when she isn’t home. Are you usually alone? They did not have a card to give her. Units spoke to reporting party and got a description of parties. They were unable to locate the subjects.

Reporting party on Shirley Street states a dog has been barking on the first floor for multiple hours. Unit spoke to the reporting party and left a note for the resident who was not home to call the station to discuss the matter. 92 also requested ACO to follow up at this address.

A well-being check on Harvard Street. Units clear, Sierra 2 states that everything is in order. Services were rendered. A call back to the mother to inform her all is okay.

A party from Moore Street came to the station regarding recent visits to her property by police regarding paperwork service to a former tenant. The party states that the name police mentioned does not live there anymore and hasn’t for over 20 years.


Wednesday, Dec. 6

Motor vehicle stop at Linden and Main street. Clear, verbal for no turn on red.

Report of a car parked in the handicap spot on Crest Avenue. 91 reports the owner has come down and shown the officer her placard is indeed in the window.

92 reports a truck taking up an entire lane on Main and Winthrop Street. He is looking for the driver. The driver was located and he stated he was trying to go down the side street with his truck. Sierra 3 requests the police to help out. The vehicle is moved.

Two motor vehicle accident with no injuries at Winthrop Street and Edgar Terrace. 91 reports the operator of one of the vehicle sis taking he is okay but has slight back pain, but does not need medical. 91 requests medical on the scene. WFD was also notified. 92 assisted.

Party on Shirley Street states that there are four males who are refusing to leave. 92 states that the parties are known to the area. They are leaving.

Unit off in back parking lot behind liquor store on Shirley Street. He is checking a vehicle. Unit reports a woman just waiting for her friend.

Motor vehicle stop on Veterans Road. Citation issued for texting while driving.

Two cars parked illegally on Cliff Avenue. Unit reports one vehicle left scene upon arrival. Unit states that the second vehicle has proof of renewed insurance and has moved the vehicle.

Motor vehicle stop at Hermon and Main Street. Party renewed registration in front of the unit. A citation was issued for 99 violation.

Motor vehicle stop at Revere and Main Street. Citation issued for 899 violation.


Thursday, Dec. 7

Report of an erratic driver driving on other side of road on Veterans Road. Vehicle has pulled into parking lot. Unit spoke to calling party and this other vehicle is now driving down Pleasant to Washington Streets and has hit a couple of cars. Unit will check the area. No sign of the vehicle in the area.

Party on Temple Avenue stated that her brother is on drugs and is acting up yelling at her all night and will not calm down. Medical aid was requested. It was an argument between a mother and son. They will stay apart from each other and the son is going to go to bed. Patient refusal.

Motor vehicle stop at Washington and Winthrop Street. 92 states a citation was issued for passing.

Report of a silver vehicle with Utah plates parked on Tileston Road for over five days. Caller is concerned it may be stolen. 93 requested the vehicle be placed on the 72-hour list.

91 states he is off with a broken down trailer at Williams and Pleasant Streets. He is waiting with citizen until tow arrives. Todisco has trailer to tow.

Motor vehicle stop on Veterans Road. Verbal issued for illegal Uturn.

Passerby states there are three young kids running in and out of the streets at Main and Amelia Avenue. They can’t be more than 7 years old and are chasing a dog with no parents in sight. The three kids have retrieved their dog.

Report of a car chained around the wheels and door on Paine Street. Reporting party states there is a black Jeep with a large chain wrapped around the vehicle, and its tires. Unit tried knocking on door of where owner lives and no answer. The vehicle is parked legally at this time.

Calling party on Paine Street called in to report that the Jeep belongs to him. He believes it was done by someone he knows. Owner of the vehicle did not want any action taken against the person who put the chain around his vehicle. He wanted someone to cut the chain off. He was advised he would have to to that himself.

Motor vehicle stop on Revere and Central Streets. Citation issued for red light violation.

Party on Main Street came into the station to report that his son’s bike was stolen sometime from Dec. 1 to 3 from the high-school bike rack.


Friday, Dec. 8

Motor vehicle stop on Washington Avenue. Citation issued for stop sign violation.

Motor vehicle stop at Pleasant Street and Vine Avenue. Verbal for speeding.

Report of a large raccoon who had passed away on Crescent Street.

Hit and run on Sturgis Street. Accident and offense report to follow.

Pedestrian flagged down an officer on Franklin Street, letting them know there is an open door to one of the houses there. Officers on the scene called the number on the door for the bank and they will have someone respond to secure the house.

A well-being check on Brookfield Road. Female party is fine and has a friend coming over to spend the day.

Motor vehicle stop at Pleasant and Palmyra Streets. Citation issued for window tint violation.

Motor vehicle stop at Grovers and Crest Avenues. Verbal for stop sign violation.

Party on Main Street states there is a black older dog which he has with no collar on it. He is requesting ACO to come and pick up the dog. Owner called looking for her dog. We gave her name and number to headquarters and headquarters will notify ACO.

Dog has been returned to the owner at their home.

Secretary at Fort Banks wanted a well-being check for a parent who did not pick up a child from school. Parents were not home. Parent did pick up the child. The school is going to take action for picking up the child late.

Officer was flagged down on Main Street to assist an individual. Party asked officer to stand by while she retrieved some items from home. Did not want an argument to break out between her and her mother.

Caller on Cottage Park Road reports that down the street from her hous,e there is a large pile of trash and construction equipment blocking the sidewalk and flowing into the street. Inspection Services Department was notified and they spoke to the owner and said that if the debris was not removed he will be fined daily. He is going to try to remove it.

Calling party states he is calling from Children and Families Services and medical is requested for an evaluation on Bellevue Avenue. Party refused medical. She is going to stay home, and her aunt it going to come and pick her up after she gets off of work. She will spend the night with her.


Saturday, Dec. 9

Caller on Revere Street reports two males were seen in a store drinking wine. Caller was not sure if they are still there, but definitely in the area. S4 reports that a worker did not call. A female party called that was in the store and she left. Call taker reports the male party would not leave her name. S4 reports area search shows up negative.

Report of a white vehicle on Temple Avenue, which has not moved in two weeks. Unfounded, motor vehicle parked legal and resides on the street.

Homeowner on Prospect Avenue states that police were on the scene last week for a domestic call involving evicted tenants. Homeowner was in his basement and found a backpack he believes belongs to the arrested party. 94C paraphernalia inside the bag. Backpack was retrieved by officer.

Report of two, white females heading toward the beach throwing snow balls at motor vehicles. 93 off with two parties throwing snow balls at each other. Units advised teenagers not to throw snowballs at vehicles or near the street.

Report of a short male, Spanish, saying he was from National Grid, look to come in the house on Tafts Avenue. No credentials, no National Grid car, etc. He tried to get the caller to let him into the house. Nothing showing in the area. Officer spoke to the mail man and he has not seen anyone fitting the description. It appears that the individual has left in a vehicle.

Two Huskies, with collars running around River Road. Searched the area and did not see any loose dogs.

Boston requesting assistance with traffic for their motor vehicle accident in front of CVS in East Boston. Unit is in front of the bridge near CVS. Traffic is opened back up from Winthrop into Boston.

Report of two Huskies, now on leashes, at the tennis courts. Charlie 1 reports he has the owner’s phone number and will call them to pick up the dogs. Owner was notified and is on his way to pick up his dogs.

Party came to the station to discuss an issue regarding his ex. Officer advised him that no crime had been committed.

Party on Winthrop Street states that the woman on the first floor is violating an harassment order. She is outside shoveling and the person on the first floor is shouting at her. Officer spoke to both parties and advised the downstairs tenant to stay away from upstairs tenant because of harassment order. If anyone speaks to each other, call back the units will go back.

Report of a lot of noise coming from upstairs, banging stuff around, and yelling on Overlook Drive. It appears to not be a fight. The person making the noise is a female in her mid 20s. Second call from mother stating her and her daughter are having a verbal argument. The daughter finally left to go to the boyfriend’s house for the night.


Sunday, Dec. 10

Caller on Beach Road reports men outside with snowblowers. JC Landscaping on site working. Unit advised the men that they can not work after hours and must wait until after 7 a.m. Subjects have been informed that if the unit responds again they will be cited. Peace was restored.

Reporting party on Shirley Street states he found a phone he wants to turn in.

Vehicle is parked illegally with hazards on on Washington Avenue. Owner came out and moved the vehicle.

Party on Revere Street states a female party is making threats. No weapons. Party has text message that says, “Wait to see what happens to you”. First female party was evaluated by medical and sent on her way. This has been an ongoing issue, verbal in nature only. All parties have been advised of their rights.

A dump truck is parked in the handicap spot on Sagamore Avenue. Vehicle has moved. Vehicle is a wheel chair accessible van that also has a handicap placard.

Party on Revere Street states that she is receiving threatening texts again, even after she was advised not to. Text was not threatening or criminal. She was advised to save all texts. If it reaches three to go to East Boston Court to obtain an harassment order.

Calling party on Fairview Avenue states that kids are leaving things all around her house, including traffic cones in front of the front door. No other information available. Non bona fide. Units state the reporting party assumed the youths may have placed a cone on his property.

Motor vehicle stop on Main Street. Police requesting medical aid for a possible stroke victim. Medical aid en route. Party was transported to the MGH. The motor vehicle was safely parked the Woodside Hardware parking lot for safe keeping.

Motor vehicle stop on Moore and Charles Streets. Units clear with a verbal warning. Vehicle was instructed to get a Mass. license. Party did have an active Nevada license.

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