Police Blotter 12-07-2017

Monday, December 11, 2017
By Transcript Staff

Monday, November 27


Party on Golden Drive called and stated that a party underneath her apartment is asking for help. Unsure of what it could be for. Clear, made contact with female party and everything is fine.


Off with a parked motor vehicle in the Landing. G&J informed and enroute.


A gentleman came to the station to report that someone had inadvertently left 7 large coffee dispensers in his pick-up truck. The canisters are being stored in the police garage for safe keeping.


Report of larceny on Veterans Road. Clear, multiple items stolen from a boat.


Serve license suspension to subject on Shirley Street. No service made but left note.


Party on Payson Street stated that he called 911 to say hello. Everything is fine, it was an accidental trip.


DPW on scene at Cross Street Cemetery. They need police to pick up a syringe. Unit states that the syringe was received and disposed of.


Party came to the station to report that her son left his sneakers behind in the Lucky Convenient Store. When he returned, the clerk told him that someone else had taken them. W93 responded and spoke with the clerk. The sneakers were eventually located as they were taken by a friend for safekeeping.


Motor vehicle stop on Shore Drive. Verbal warning for license plate light.



Tuesday, November 28


Report of people in the rear of the car wash making a lot of noise. S1 spoke to the group of guys who were moving around some items and making a little noise. No radios or excessive noise, but the group was advised to keep the noise down.


Calling party at Governors Park states that his neighbor is making lot of noise and banging the floor. Officers report the resident in the noisy apartment would not open the door. Officers spoke to the reporting party and advised him to contact building management in regards to the ongoing issue and advised them if the noise keeps up to call again. 93 attempted to contact security but they are not currently on duty. The noise seems to have stopped for now. Peace was restored.


Male party calling from Tampa for a well being check on his mother on Kennedy Road as he has not heard from her since Thursday morning. Officers spoke to the female who is well and stated she does not have her son’s number. We called the son back to let him know that mom is alive and well and he stated he would call her.


Motor vehicle stop on Washington Avenue. Verbal warning for inspection sticker violation.


Party states a white box truck with a flat tire has been parked on Pond Street for over 3 week. Vehicle is in the parking lot near the basketball courts. 93 states that the vehicle’s right rear tire is flat and was put on the 72 hour list.


Motor vehicle stop at Washington and Veterans Road. G&J has the vehicle. Delta 4 noted that it is leaking gas. One under arrest for unlicensed operation of motor vehicle, and speeding.


Reporting party states that a party on Walden Street has not reported to work in over 3 hours. It was very unlike him. He wasn’t feeling good yesterday and lives alone. 93 stated he spoke to the party and he reported that he was just getting in the shower and was running a little late.


C1 stated 91 off on Highland Avenue for motor vehicle hit and run. 91 states it was a parked motor vehicle with damage to the side view mirror.


92 called off at this address on Building Inspector and Inspectional Services check allegations of illegal room renting. Party went to WPD for civil matter pertaining to not receiving his rent money back after changing his mind and not taking the room. Party was advised of his civil rights.


Boston transferred 911 call from Atlantic Street and the caller did to respond. Boston said the person was talking about an unwanted person. 93 states he spoke to the caller and her daughter. The father was knocking on the door and everything is fine now.


Motor vehicle accident with injuries at Pleasant and Main Street. Medical enroute. A pedestrian received medial attention. 31 year old female with ankle injury transported.


A check of a boat for well being on Argyle Street revealed that there is trash and plastic covering in the boat. No signs of someone living inside the boat.



Wednesday, November 29


Female party on Wadsworth Avenue said she dialed the wrong number and hung up. Party was trying to dial 411. It was an accident.


Officer assisted with keeping the peace on Main Street. Parent came and got the child without confrontation.


Report of a suspicious vehicle heading toward Deer Island. NY plates. Party checks out, it was an Amazon delivery truck.


Motor vehicle stop on Shirley Street. Citation issued for stop sign violation.


Party states there is an elderly female in the middle of Johnson and Somerset Avenue wearing all black cleaning up leaves. Party feels she may get hit by a car because it is dark out and the female is hard to see with all black clothes on. Party was raking up leaves that were on her sidewalk.


Party on Sargent Street states his daughter will not come out of the grandmother’s house to come home. Reporting party states that his ex-wife just pulled up as well. Reporting party states he will wait in his car and reports there is no violence taking place at this time. Daughter refuses to leave the mother’s house. Units advised the father that he may have to go to court because it is a violation of the court order. Father has returned to the residence and peace restored at this time.



Thursday, November 30


Assault on Mermaid Avenue. Boyfriend choked her and has left in a cab. Unit stated that the male party left in a cab prior to their arrival. Female party denied medical attention.


Unit stated he wanted to do a well being check on male party sleeping in his vehicle on Shore Drive. Unit stated that the male party is walking back to his house now. Clear.


Motor vehicle stop at Franklin and Payson Street. Verbal warning for stop sign violation.


Report of an unoccupied Mini Cooper left in the middle of Revere and Summit Avenue. Vehicle moved and the owner called the tow himself. G&J cancelled.


Minor motor vehicle accident on Sagamore Avenue. Papers were exchanged.


Motor vehicle stop at Sagamore and Summit Avenue with one subject under arrest for operation of motor vehicle with no license, marked lanes violation and operating a motor vehicle with defective equipment.


Two car motor vehicle accident with no injuries at River and Washington Avenue.


Reporting party reports that a needle is on Revere Street. Items were disposed of.


Party on Court Road says a strange man is going through her dumpster. Hooded sweatshirt all black. Male party drove away in a silver pickup truck. Party possibly looking for scrap metal. Area searched and nothing showing at this time.


Unit was waived down by a civilian about a traffic complaint on Woodside Avenue. Infraction happened in East Boston. It advised the party that if he wanted to pursue the matter, he could contact EB police.


Landlord/tenant dispute on Waldemar Avenue. Tenant in Unit 2 being harassed by landlord in Unit 1. There is an eviction in process. Emotional party so units stood by with party until her husband arrived home. Nothing criminal. Peace was restored.


Caller reporting gray SUV parked illegally at Jefferson and Winthrop Street. Unit states a funeral is going on next door and is going to wait to see if owner returns. Unable to locate owner. Vehicle tagged with a corner curb violation and a 12” from the curb violation. Citation issued.


Party came to the station to report her mother had an encounter yesterday with a young Hispanic male who knocked on her door on Vine Avenue looking for mail addressed to him from the RMV which was supposed to have been delivered. She was suspicious to this as there is no one living or renting anything in approximately two months and it was not one of the former tenants. She believes it may be someone using the empty house as a mailing address. She spoke with the realtor, who will come to the station if the owner or realtor wishes to pursue this with the postal police. If her mother sees the man again, she will immediately call us.


Blocked driveway on Lincoln Street. Owner of vehicle may be at a meeting further up the street. Unable to locate the owner of vehicle and the owner of the house did not want a row. Vehicle was cited.


Report of a dog being attacked by a raccoon on Center Street. Calling party was able to get the dog in the house and she was going to take him to the animal hospital. Services rendered.


Silver car parked in the handicap spot on Cutler Street. Unit located the owner of the vehicle and he is going to move the vehicle.



Friday, December 1


92 off with two parties at Grandview and Undine Avenue. 92 stated it was a verbal argument between a male and female party in the middle of the street. Unit is standing by with the female party until her Uber arrives. Female party was picked up by Uber.


Calling party on Hermon Street reports a Acura parked in a driveway between two “no parking” signs. G&J sent to tow the vehicle. 93 located the owner and the vehicle was issued a citation. G&J was cancelled.


Abandoned box truck for over three weeks with flat tire on Pond Street was towed by G&J. Vehicle had been cited for a 72 hour list violation and also has an expired inspection sticker.


Motor vehicle stop on Washington Avenue. Operator will be summoned to court for operating with a suspended license.


Calling party on Shirley Street came into the store asking to make change for $100. After she made change, he ran off. Calling party noticed that the bill was fake. Party had purchased a few books and gave a counterfeit $100 bill. He was given back $86. White male, full beard, dark colored hair. Area was searched to no avail.


93 off with Sierra 4 on a welfare check on Kennedy Drive. Units located the female in question. She will contact her doctor’s office.


Report of a possible fight in front of the high school. Called in by Delta 4. Courtesy ride given to juvenile to Washington Avenue.


Female party reports she was scammed for $900.


Well-being check on male party and small child on Pauline Street. Sierra 4 reports he spoke to the male party who is known to the officers. He was headed down to the CVS and everything checked out.


Motor vehicle stop on Bartlett and Adams Street. Citation issued.


Motor vehicle stop on Main Street. G&J enroute for expired plates.


Party on Shirley Street states that loud music is coming from a red van across from her. One in custody for disorderly conduct.


Calling party on Sunset Road states loud noise/banging coming from the upstairs apartment. Units spoke with the parties from the apartment. They are going to keep it down for the night. They stated it is an ongoing issue.


Walk-in to report having an altercation with another male party in regards to the private sale of a motor vehicle. He has the title signed in hand by the owner as well as him. He just wants something on record in case of further incidents.



Saturday, December 2


Motor vehicle stop on Tileston and Pleasant Street. Verbal for headlight violation.


Motor vehicle stop on Veterans Road. Citation issued for speeding.


Motor vehicle stop on Washington Avenue. Verbal for speeding and he was advised to change his address.


Calling party on Hawthorn Avenue states that two males are walking up and down the street and setting off their car alarm for about a half hour. Units reports they spoke with three individuals and they were just getting home. Nothing showing.


Reporting party dialed 911 from Prospect Avenue and was yelling help. Units requesting medical, fire and ambulance were also sent. One under arrest for assault with a dangerous weapon and possession of Class B drug.


Party states that a vehicle with CT plates is blocking the crosswalk at the intersection of Summit and Revere Street. Party state that the car has been there for four days. Citation issued for crosswalk violation.


Party on Sturgis Street states that there is a vehicle parked at the end of the street and has orange cones and caution tape around it. Cones were moved. Possibly placed there from the construction in the area.


Party came to the station to report that one of her son’s friends took a set of keys from her son. We called the other party and left a message. Reporting party was advised to change her house locks even if the keys are returned. Son was to come to the station to tell us the actual facts of the matter, but has not done so.


Passerby states a black truck and black Toyota Venza making it extremely difficult to turn the corner at Hagman and Pauline Street. Parking citation issued.


Party came to the station to report receiving a call last Thursday on her cell from someone claiming to have her information related to a case in Florida. Party hung up on the caller and the male called her back. Most likely a scam of someone trying to get information on her.


Off with a parked motor vehicle with revoked insurance on Moore Street. G&J sent for and towed the vehicle. Officer has secured the license plate.


Report of a blue vehicle parked for about a week on Beal Street. It has not moved at all. Citation issued for impeding driveway.


Calling party at Governors Park reports that security came pounding on her door and hollering loudly about noise coming from the apartment. She states that he scared her and her children. Officers spoke to both parties involved. Security officer was banging on the door louder than he should have. He also was not in uniform. He will keep that in mind.


Boston received a 911 call and it was an open line. Called back the number and it went to voice mail. Unit responded to Shirley Street address that the cell phone pinged off on. Spoke with the residents and no one called 911.



Sunday, December 3


Call transferred from State. They got a call that pinged on Trident Avenue for a female party yelling at a male party outside. Unit reports checked and area and knocked on a couple of doors. Nothing showing on the streets.


Motor vehicle stop at Revere and Central Street. Operator was issued a citation for a red light violation.


Motor vehicle stop on Woodside Avenue. Citation for stop sign violation.


Calling party on Trident Avenue states a neighbor is having a party, and they are on the street, too. Units reports spoke with two drunk parties. A town citation of $300 for disorderly house has been advised.


Motor vehicle stop on Cross and Franklin Street. 93 checked the color of the vehicle on the registration and vin number. Everything matched. The registry made an error on the color of the vehicle. Citation issued for stop sign and operator was informed to contact the registry to get the color of the vehicle fixed so it matches.


Party on Emerson Road states that daughter is being harassed over text and social media.


Motor vehicle accident at intersection of Revere Street and Crest Avenue. Intersection was too busy to exchange paperwork. The unit instructed the parties to go to the station to exchange paperwork.


Report of harassing phone calls from Shirley Street. Son is calling and harassing mother. The father called it in. Units spoke to the subject and instructed him to stop calling. He was also informed that if he called back again, there would be action taken.


Sierra 2 and 93 out on a well being check on Harvard Street. Units made contact with the party. She is fine, and they will be notifying the parents.


Sister from earlier call on Emerson Road is now driving around the home taunting the caller. He and his daughter feel unsafe. Unit reports that the female party was not on the scene. Male party was advised of his restraining order rights. Units clear.


Report of four black cars having around the tennis courts at Governors Park. There are always needles and drug items around the area. This has been going on for several weeks. Unit reports two vehicles with five kids between them talking in the parking lot. The kids live in the area.


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