Police Blotter 11-30-2017

Monday, Nov. 20

Calling party on Sewall Avenue states that there is a vehicle in her neighbor’s side yard. There is no access to that area. The car would have had to drive through the backyard. Calling party could not see anyone but said the car is still running and the lights are on. Units reports they have G&J to respond. G&J has the vehicle.

Suspicious activity on Madison Avenue. It was parties working on a house. All checked out.

Caller states that Charles Street is blocked off to Moore Street and that people are turning around onto Shirley Street, and almost causing accident. Messages was given to headquarters.

Attempted to serve summons for diversion program to subject on Bellevue Avenue. No service made.

Well-being check asked for party on Somerset Avenue. Caller has not heard from party for two or three weeks. The party is fine, but having phone trouble. She will reach out to caller.

Attempt to serve paperwork for diversion program to subject on Jefferson Street. Negative to hand out, but paperwork was left for him.

Motor-vehicle stop at Walden and Lincoln Street. Citation issued for speeding.

Well being check for 82-year-old male on Wheelock Street,  who has not made contact for several days. A live-in, home health-aide is not answering the phone either. Police spoke to the party, and he is fine, did not answer his phone because he did not recognize the number. He will contact his friend.

A woman claims a store clerk on Revere Street took her wallet and went into the back room with it. Reporting party called and stated he found the wallet.

Female customer in a store on Main Street causing problems. No weapons. Female party left as officers arrived. She is heading toward East Boston.

Assault on Coral Avenue. Possible landlord/tenant issue on second floor. Landlord has court order for the other party to vacate, but he has not yet left. One party was checked out by medical and refused transport. One party will be summoned to court for an assault and battery in the past.

General complaint of parked cars interfering with turn at the intersection of Prospect and Faun Bar Avenues. Vehicle was tagged for being parked on the corner. Emergency vehicles can now make it down the street.

Well-being check on male party on Pearl Avenue. Friend has been trying to reach for a few days, and he has been ill. WFD was able to gain entrance to the apartment, but it was empty.


Tuesday, Nov. 21

Assisted WFD with traffic at Main and Payson Street. 93 will be standing by with fire waiting for arrival of National Grid.

Multiple calls for abandoned truck causing traffic at Revere and Crest Avenue. 92 states bus was broken down at the light. Will be assisting with traffic. Bus was moved into Dunkin parking lot.

Owner of daycare center on Winthrop Street lodged complaint about speeding traffic and unsafe crossing for her school kids, especially during the morning drop off.

Parent complaint regarding speeders on Walden street in bound from Main Street during school dismissal.

Motor vehicle stop at Revere Street and Deane Avenue. Warning given.

91 called of motor vehicle accident with no injuries on Veterans Road. No airbag deployment. A person was stuck in a vehicle. Medical and G&J enroute. 91 stated both parties were evaluated by medical and decide. G&J has one vehicle. The other vehicle is legally parked and drivable.

Motor vehicle accident between passenger vehicle and fire engine. No further information given.

Party came to the station to report that a person or persons unknown fraudulently used his identity to open an AT&T account charging $546.25. He has contacted AT&T security and they will follow up.

Caller from Fort Heath Apartments reports hearing possible gun shots in the area near Hanford Park. Multiple other callers have reported the same. Calling party states that this has happened about five or six times since the beginning of the year but this is the first time she called on it. She also states this always happens from about 11:30 p.m. – 1 a.m. and it happened last  about three weeks ago. Officer report nothing showing upon arrival int he area. Officers will continue to check.


Wednesday, Nov. 22

Report of shots fired in the area of Buchanan and Winthrop Streets. Caller reports hearing about four to five shots. Calling party stated it sounded like they were in a car possibly as the shots sounded as though they were on the move as they were happening. Officers report finding a large firework in the area. They conducted an area search and could not locate any evidence of shots fired other than the firework.

Party on Shore Drive states loud music and yelling going on in the apartment below her. Officers spoke to the tenant and advised him to keep the noise down.

Party on Fairview Street states that her neighbor have construction going on. S5 spoke to the foreman of the construction site and advised him of the 7 a.m. start time for construction per the tow ordinance. The foreman complied and will not start until 7 a.m. going forward.

Report of a loose German shepherd at Shore and Trident Avenue. Secondary caller states that the dog appears to be injured. Officer will have ACO go by.

Reporting party states a person hit her at Lincoln and Walden Streets and is not being cooperative. There are no injuries. Secondary caller states that the people appear to be arguing. Clear, report to follow.

WFD requesting WPD for illegally parked cars at Shore and Charles Street. 92 stated there is a detail officer in the area and will check it out to see if it involves detail.

Officer 989 stated that a safety issue with a vehicle gas leak Shore and Charles Street. National Grid and fire on the scene investigating. Vehicle is disabled and blocking a driveway. G&J notified and will tow the vehicle.

Party on Main Street reports a dead skunk in front of her house in the street. ACO stated he is waiting for a vehicle to pick up the dead skunk.

Delta 6 reports a boy was not picked up from school. 93 states no one is home at Morton Street and no vehicles in the general vicinity of the house. Delta 6 was advised through radio.

Report of a car blocking the street on Cliff Avenue. 93 states the area is all clear and nothing showing.

Party on Jefferson Street states that his neighbor is blowing leaves every day and causing a disturbance.

S4 stated he is off with a disabled motor vehicle on Shirley Street. G&J has the car and the driver will work out payment with G&J.

Motor vehicle stop on Shirley Street. 92 gave a citation for expired sticker.

Reporting party on Main Street states a couple walking with their small child looked suspicious.  92 spoke to party who were just heading home from bus stop.

Party came to the station to report a missing person. Reporting party had attempted a well-being check on the party the past two days to no avail. W92 reports contacting subject via telephone who indicated that he is fine, but does not want any contact with the reporting party.

Report of a large tree down on the road jut past the yacht club by the Public Landing. Tree is blocking the right side of the street. 93 is going to attempt to move the tree off to the side but requested DPW to be notified. DPW on the scene and officer states he will stay with DPW until the road is cleared.

Two vehicles parked at the corner of Palmyra and Pleasant Street and caller stated it is hard to make the turn. Unit reports the vehicle is not illegally parked and states it is a tight fit but vehicles can make the turn.

Party came to the station to report that his son has not been seen or hear from for five days. He was due to report to Marine Corps basic training last Saturday. He left the recruiters’ office, leaving his belongings there. There has been no contact via phone, text or social media. It was entered into NCIC.


Thursday, Nov. 23

Reporting party at Locust and Revere Streets stated a white SUV driving around the block erratic and playing loud music. When searching the area, nothing was found.

Motor vehicle stop at Hanford Park. Advised both parties that the park is closed after dusk.

Female party on Morton Street seems suspicious. Unit was unable to locate the vehicle in question.

Four car motor-vehicle accident at Revere and Locust Streets. All parties declined medical. Accident report to follow.

Party on Cottage Park Road reports that a car is blocking their driveway. Vehicle was moved.

Party on Shirley street states a car is running outside idling. No one inside. It has been running for 10 minutes. Caller is requesting police. Vehicle was moved and unit cancelled.

Black Audi blocking driveway on Prospect Avenue. Unit located the driver of the vehicle and he is moving his vehicle.

Caller claims that there is a dispute between two people at the parking lot on Nahant Avenue.

Black Nissan blocking driveway on Sea Foam Avenue. Party was reached and moved the vehicle. Citation issued.

Report of a loud party on Sagamore Avenue. Calling party called back to report that the music was turned down. Units were cancelled.


Friday, Nov. 24

Neighbor on Hawthorn Avenue stated there are a group of kids in the backyard being loud and playing music. Police instructed the youths to go inside and keep the noise down. Peace was restored.

Calling party on Hawthorn Avenue stated that the same group of kids went back outside and are being loud in front of their house, causing a disturbance. One under arrest for disturbing the peace.

Motor vehicle stop at Revere Street and Summit Avenue. Citation issued for crosswalk violation.

Unwanted husband on Kennedy Road. 60-year-old male banging outside on the door. Subject was sent on his way. Calling party was informed of her 209A rights.

Motor vehicle hit and run at Crest Avenue parking lot. 93 unit checked for other vehicle. Nothing showing. 92 updated other vehicle was blue. No other information. State Police also notified as was Revere PD. Units off on Revere Street with another involved vehicle. This vehicle was also side swiped. Second vehicle involved followed the vehicle that fled to the end of Revere Beach. Unable to get plate number. Units advised parties that they can come to the station to get reports. Vehicle that was stopped for erratic driving admitted to being the blue car in question.

Motor vehicle stop on Revere Street. Unit pulled over the vehicle because there registered owner did not have a valid license. Unit reports operator was not the owner. Reporting party has a dash cam in the vehicle.

Erratic operator called in by passerby at Shirley Street and Beach Road. 92 and 93 off with operator and calling party. Party admitted to being the operator of the blue vehicle from a previous hit and run incident earlier today. Unit will contact party that has dash cam footage tomorrow to retrieve the tape. An immediate threat filled on party pending the video.

CHA Everett would like a well-being check on party on Temple Avenue. States a male party left the hospital yesterday, and it could be life-threatening. Units spoke with party’s mother, and the party is at work. Mother has been informed to call the station to get the information.


Saturday, Nov. 25

Motor vehicle stop on Main Street. Unit clear with a verbal warning for speeding.

Motor vehicle stop at Bartlett Road and Adams Street. Vehicle is registered to Hertz and pinged as stolen in CJIS out of Woburn. This was confirmed with Woburn PD. Unit 92 requested a tow and G&J is enroute. One female party in custody for stolen vehicle and possession of counterfeit note.

Assisted other agency for medical aid on Grovers Avenue. 66-year-old male transported to MGH.

Motor vehicle accident at East Boston Savings Bank. Elderly woman with altered mental status inside the vehicle.  Party backed into  another vehicle. Accident report to follow.

Unwanted person at Governors Park. Husband is showing up and party is scared. Report to follow and all parties were advised of their rights.

Assisted medical with boy on Pauline Street. He was sent to MGH.

Reporting party on Lowell Road reports that the garage looks like it was attempted to be broken into. Party reports that the doorbell is broken. Officer reports no sign of a break in.

Three unwanted people living in house on Prospect Avenue. Reporting party states that the unwanted people are in an altered mental status. Peace was restored. It was a landlord/tenant issue. Parties are in the process of being evicted.

Gray vehicle parked in the handicap spot on Kennedy Road. Owner of the vehicle came out and moved her car.

Brookline PD called in regarding a vehicle involved in a hit-and-run earlier in their town. They are requesting an officer go by the house and confirm that the vehicle is there and confirm damage to the front end. Vehicle was at the address on Walden Street and the only damage was some scratches to the left front and left right.

Three teenagers ringing doorbells and threatening to hit her door with a stick on Fairview Street. 92 spoke with the reporting party and three males and left the area prior to the officer’s arrival. She was advised to call back if they return. Officer will search the area.

Off with a group of kids at Main and Beal Streets. This seems to be the kids from previous issue and officers spoke with the teenagers and obtained all their names. They are now going to speak with the calling party from previous incident to resolve it.

Motor vehicle stop at Grandview and Bayview Avenue with four passengers. Citation issued for 90/90 violation.

Unit reports motor accident (hit and run) at Bartlett and Pleasant Street. Looking for 4 door brown/red, possible Nissan heading down Bartlett. BOLO given out to the units.

Unit were looking for a car that drove by a hit and run accident earlier. The owner is in the Elks and the car is parked in the fire lane. Unit reports the driver has been issued a citation for going 55 in a 30 mile zone and marked lane violation and has been advised if the vehicle is again erratic he will be going to jail.

Unit reports he has found the vehicle that was involved in the hit and run earlier. The car is underivable and needs a tow. G&J enroute to Johnson and Cottage Park Road. Units reports to ask a Revere unit to respond to the address to identify the driver.


Sunday, Nov. 26

Unit is moving a car from Ingleside Park. Unit spoke to the party and had him move the vehicle from the park.

Officer states that he was flagged down by a homeowner on Shirley Street concerned about a boat that is anchored behind her home. It is beached behind her home and she is worried about the high tide slamming it against the wall and other boats. Vessel name is “Daystar” and is registered out of Salem. Harbormaster was contacted with above information. Harbormaster will investigate the beached vessel. Harbormaster reported that he was unable to make contact with the owner of the vessel as the number is disconnected. He contacted the environmental police who also had no further information on the owner. He does not believe it will wash up to the top of the wall during high tide, but is still trying to make contact with the owner. The owner was finally contacted and will be on the scene shortly. He will make arrangements to remove the boat today. He was advised if he does not move the boat that he will be subject to multiple fines.

Motor vehicle stop at Pleasant Street and Ingleside Avenue. Citation issued for speeding.

Assisted fire with subject on Temple Avenue. Fire/medical evaluated party who refused transport.

Vandalism to motor vehicle with pellet gun on Sea Foam Avenue.

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