Police Blotter 11-09-2017

Monday, October 30

Wire reported to be down on Cross Street. Fire en route. The wire was removed and National Grid en route.

Caller on Cottage Park Road states that his daughter is not answering the phone as well as his mother. The daughter is not at school and he is requesting a well being check on both daughter and grandmother of daughter. The father gave the code for lock box. Party had overslept and had her phone on silent. She will contact her father and let him know she is okay.

92 off talking with party in parking lot on Veterans Road. Subject under arrest for operating a motor vehicle without a license and carrying a dangerous weapon.

979 was flagged down on Shore Drive and was given an unopened Fentanyl patch. 979 will  put it into a Sharps container and dispose of it.

Calling party is a visiting nurse from Amedifyf Home Health Care. Her patient on Hermon Street, a 70-year-old male, is not answering the door and she is on the scene. Party is in the VA Hospital and the nurse was advised.

Party on Floyd Street states that his neighbor got hurt and there is lots of blood. Medical and fire are enroute. 54-year-old male with face laceration headed to MGH.

Assisted fire with downed tree on Quincy Avenue. Tree took down power-line and Quincy and Dean were blocked. National Grid showed up to fix the power lines and DPW was notified to pick up large branch from work site.

Aunt and girlfriend of party requesting a well being check on North Avenue. Also, he should not be in the home per homeowner.

Calling party at Winthrop Lodge of Elks states there is a red pickup parked in the handicap spot with no placard. The vehicle moved

Party came in to the station to report that his 2017 Jiajue moped, white, was stolen from the rear of his home on Lincoln Street. This happened some time after midnight last night.

Caller on Shirley Street states that the dog upstairs is barking in the apartment now for a couple of hours. Dog is barking but nobody is answering the door. Landlord lives across the street and will attempt to talk to him about the situation. Parties were not home but advised caller to speak with the landlord about the ongoing issue.


Tuesday, October 31

Caller on Myrtle Avenue states that his neighbor is playing loud music inside his house. Town violation issued for loud music.

Charlie One BOLO given to all units regarding male who left school an hour ago and is missing. Child seen on Locust Street and ran from officers. Multiple units responding. Child has been found at this time and will be brought to the station. Medical dispatched to Locust to check out the child.

Motor vehicle towed for obstructing a construction site on Pearl Avenue.

Calling party states a patient leaving the doctors’ office backed into another patient’s vehicle. No injuries. Both are o the scene out front. Papers were exchanged. This happened on Chamberlain Avenue.

Report of a drunk female in parking lot on Crest Avenue. Subject no longer in the area. She was possible near the parking lot and units responded. Female party found and secured motor vehicle. A courtesy ride  will be given to female party.

A male party came to the station to report a possible stolen check from his vehicle on Shore Drive.

Party came to the station as she was contacted on Facebook regarding her lost wallet that was lost in Boston on Saturday night in the Faneuil Hall area. Party that initially contacted her now has not responded back to her regarding lost wallet. This wallet contained health card, debit card and her license. Reporting party is trying to locate the person who reported having her lost property. WP957 will assist the resident. She was advised to follow up with Boston PD regarding the incident.

Three boys and one girl heading into Winthrop who supposedly stole a bottle of wine. Units unable to locate subjects. Checked the area with nothing showing.

Red Maxima driving on Orlando Avenue throwing eggs at people. 91 checked the area with nothing showing.

Party on Hutchinson Street states a man has been stalking her and keeps ringing her door bell. Party has been placed in protective custody.

Report of a loud party on top floor on Franklin Street. Party has been shut down and peace restored.


Wednesday, November 1

Caller on Veterans Road states a grandmother and son are arguing. The grandmother told the units she does not want the grandson in the house. The grandson had left before the units arrived on the scene. Units are going to see if they can locate the grandson. Units located the grandson and are talking to him. They requested medical to the location. Grandson is going to the Whidden voluntarily.

Clerk on Revere Street says three possible gang members in the store were demanding money. No weapons wereseen. He says they were still in the store harassing him and demanding a bank transfer. Unit stated it was a misunderstanding. The parties were trying to get $40 out of the ATM and the money was not coming out, so the male parties tried asking the clerk for the money instead. There was no attempted robbery.

Motor vehicle accident at Pleasant and Villa Avenue. Unit requesting a tow. G&J enroute. Units has issued a citation for expired registration, marked lanes and speeding. Vehicle is being told to private driveway.

Walk-in reported an elderly male party jumped out of her vehicle and refused to get back in. This happened at Revere and Governors Drive. Clear, male party all set.

Motor vehicle stop at Walden and Pauline Street. Verbal warning for no license in hand. Citation issued for speeding.

Off with male party in Elmwood Avenue. Male party in custody for outstanding warrant.

Party on Pond Street wants is on record that her neighbor is making banging noises at 2 a.m. Party was advised to call police when it was happening.

Five kids on Douglas Street playing with what the caller believes to be a power line and trying to climb the pole. Unit reports he spoke with the kids. They were trying to retrieve one of their toys that got stuck. They were not playing with any wires and were advised not to do so.

Caller on Shirley street is concerned about a car locked, unoccupied, in front of a business for over an hour. Unit checked the area. There are two vehicles parked along the fence and nothing suspicious about them.

Reporting party states an intoxicated girlfriend will not leave apartment on Shore Drive. He wants her removed. Units requested medical for female party. They report a 57 year old female voluntarily to Whidden.

Essex called in regarding 911 hangup on River Road. Unit went by the address and checked both apartments. No need for police or medical.


Thursday, November 2

Unit off with suspicious motor vehicle at Governors Park. This was near the tennis courts. All checked out.

Unit spoke with subject on Pauline Street. Party was securing a load on the back of a pickup truck.

Party on Court Road stated a landscaping vehicle is parked in front of her house and she needs the vehicle to be moved.

Goodwin Building Company doing construction work needs a motor vehicle moved on Veterans Road or it will be blocked in.

Reporting party on Perkins Street states there is a white mini van illegally parked blocking emergency vehicles from getting down the street. The street is passable by emergency vehicles.

Walk-in from Banks Street to report that his adult son needs medical attention. Unit reports the male party went to MGH voluntarily. They will clear when they get the contact from the health department.

Repossession of a boat that was in the water in Pleasant Street. Harbormaster was notified as well.

Male party hit by a car on Revere and Dean Avenue. Units are off with fire and Cataldo. Unit reports he gave the driver a citation for two offenses. Male party who was hit declined medical.

Unit reports h\it got cars moved on Jefferson Street. DPW has been notified to get a better “no parking” sign at this location.

Unit is off with a car left unoccupied near grave site at Fort Banks playground. Unit spoke with the party and he told him he was going for a walk. Unit advised him the park closes after dark and he is on his way.

Two people going through the stadium at Miller Field. They are behind the construction where the scoreboard is looking around with their phone lights on. Unit reports it was security doing a walk around. It will happen every 15-30 minutes for the next several days.

Calling party on Pebble Avenue states there are a few people in a black sedan out in the middle of the street and says she hears loud arguing. Car has been parked there for about 15 minutes. Checked across the street of the given address and surrounding area with nothing showing


Friday, November 3

Report of tenant at Governors Park is making noise and calling party cannot sleep. 93 stated they spoke with the calling party and she stated that the above neighbor is always doing his laundry late at night and walking around the apartment at late hours. Unit tried getting in contact with the neighbor upstairs and got no answer at the door.

Walk-in from Shore Drive to report an harassment by a friend demanding money and access to his cell phone account. He was advised of his rights to an HPO and the ned for three instances.

Calling party on Banks Street states a male hanging half in his vehicle and half out. 93 stated to cancel medical. Unit requested a cab for the male party to be taken to the Court Yard Marriott. Unit stated the male party had drunk too much last night and could not make the ride back to New Hampshire. He is in the cab headed to the Court Yard.

Motor vehicle stop on Franklin Street. G&J enroute.

Alpha Charlie 1 called and requested another unit at French Square. Officer is off with female party. She will be escorted by Winthrop Taxi to East Boston. Female is set on her way to address and relative will wait for her arrival.

Alliance Security called to state that every night for the next month they will have security at Miller Field.

74-year-old male texting the nurse stating he has an unknown medical problem on Golden Drive. Male party is fine.

Reporting party on Pond Street stated a male party hammering all morning. Party stated officers told her to call when it happened. Spoke to superintendent and management of the property and they are aware of the issue of the male party who is causing the issue and problems with the residents. Reporting party was advised to all at night if it happens again. Property management will take action if needed.

Assisted with traffic on Enfield Road. Officer stated a gas leak. WFD have it contained and National Grid is on the scene. They have to gain entrance to the home. Officer will remain on the scene as National Grid has to replace the meter in the house.  Officer also stated that the fire department has to pop out a window screen of the front window. National Grid supervisor left his contact information on the door.

Walk-in to report a woman is cutting down trees in the area of Cutler and Veterans Road.

D6 is off on a follow-up on Shirley Street. Paperwork was served.

Party came to the station with a wallet found on Locust Street. A call was made to owner to pick up the property at the station. W967 responded to the address and left the property with a relative who contacted the family member.

91 is returning a wallet that was turned in to party on Loring Road.

Twenty kids fighting on Wilshire Street with no weapons. Unit stated it was two girls fighting. The parties left prior to their arrival.

Assisted citizen at Governors Park with a subject who is drunk and she is not supposed to be there. Medical was requested by police. An evaluation of the female party led to her being transported to the Whidden.

Party on Wilshire Street reports fight in the street. Units searched the area with nothing showing.

Male party came to the station to report seeing a female in a black Honda who appeared to be beaten up. Party asked her if she needed help, and she stated that she had just fallen. Male was concerned enough that he came to the station to report it. Female was with another female and a male party as well. Party stated that the vehicle took off toward the Mobil at the bridge. Due to units being tied up on fight calls, Winthrop Control BOLO’ed the plate to Boston and State and surrounding cities and towns. Also Control will do a well being check unit with Peabody on the listed address of the registered owner.

Gang of youths causing loud disturbance on Main Street. Units searched the area with nothing showing.

Units were flagged down by a female party regarding a possible assault at Governors Park. BOLO was put out for possible past assault on female party driving a black Honda. Unit stated item was found and units will search the area of Putnam Place for vehicle attached.

Caller on River Road states she saw a white male, green hoodie, walk into a back yard. It may be her husband who is unwanted at this time. She will let herself known. Units searched the area with nothing showing.

Report of youth fighting on the corner of Centre and Bowdoin Street. Unit spoke with the party. They stated they were just talking and will be heading home now.


Saturday, November 4

Party on Myrtle Avenue states a male party across the street is yelling and walking up the neighborhood. Unit stated this is a long history between neighbors. They spoke with the male party and he going in for the night.

Call for two females fighting on Shirley Street. Possible left in a dark-colored sedan.

Well-being check on female party on Central Street.  93 spoke to husband who reports she is fine and left the state to visit her sister.

General disturbance at Sargent and Johnson Avenue. Reporting party said unknown weapons. Two cars involved with approximately four people. Reporting party called back and reports the two vehicles left towards Pleasant. D5 reports he will stand by for parent of juvenile that was in the vehicle to arrive. All units clear, parent picked up the juvenile.

Reporting party on South Street states an ongoing issue from yesterday. Wants to speak with an officer about threats being made via text from female party. Reporting party was advised of her rights. She was afraid of possible threats.

Call for 30 youths in the construction area on Morton Street. Second caller states they are climbing on the crane. Unit updated. 91 and 93 responding. Third caller states they are climbing on the crane. Youths dispersed when units arrived.

Party on Pleasant Street states an unwanted party in her driveway. Requesting a officer. This was a civil issue and both parties were advised.

Party reports there is a home being demolished on Washington Terrace next to her residence. As a result of the demolition being conducted by the owner, damage to her concrete wall built in 1918 and a chain link fence received significant damage. She requested this to be placed on record and she will contact the building department to address the matter. She was advised to contact us once she determines where the property lines are and the status of construction.

Motor vehicle accident at Revere and Crest Avenue. No injuries. Requested medial and G&J enroute. Vehicle is being towed but not because of the accident.

Report of loud music at the car wash on Main Street. Officer spoke with the individual and he turned down the music.

Call from Boston with possible domestic on South Avenue. Super called the number given by Boston. One of the parties involved has left the building.

Party on Maple Avenue states a group of six high school age kids are ringing bells and running. When the falling party approached the kids they yelled vulgarities at him. Unit searched the area with nothing showing.

Sunday, November 5

Party on Nevada Street reporting a loud party behind her house. Units spoke with residence and they are going to shut everything down for the night.

Received a call from Essex with the caller on Shirley Street hanging up. No answer on the call back. Unit spoke with the caller and it was accidental.

Party on Tileston Road calling in regards to a commercial white van parked across from his address taking up two parking spaces. He stated that he caller earlier and was told to call back at a later time. Parking ticket was issued.

Caller on Nevada Street states girls are coming to her house to assault her daughter. Caller states that the girls have been threatening her and her daughter since last night. The daughter was assaulted Friday night. Unit spoke with both parties and are going to follow up with the detectives.

Party came to the station to report a possible physical assault.

Female party with altered mental status on Nevada Street was transported to MGH.

Caller states that a male subject left the hospital against the doctor’s orders. When they called his residence on Golden Drive to check on him he was belligerent and made Q5 statements to the nurse. Unit reports they spoke to the male party and everything is in order.

An altercation between two vehicles in the parking lot at Winthrop Marketplace. Unit reports it was a verbal argument over a spot.

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