Police Blotter 09-21-2017

Monday, Sept. 11

Report of a sick raccoon on Waldemar Avenue. It is in the middle of the street rolling around. 94 responded and stated that the raccoon had left and is not in sight.

Gorman School reports a suspicious female loitering around the playground area. She was just passing through to get to a friend’s house.

Report called in via Alpha 1 for a fight on Pleasant Street.

Party came to the station to turn in an old firearm he found in his basement.

A golf ball went astray and hit parked car in the windshield on Shirley Street. S-4 off with the person who hit the golf ball.

Party reports an ongoing harassment by his landlord, who constantly shows up at his apartment without notice and has been also been harassing him regarding his service animal. He was advised that these are all civil issues at this time and advised him of his rights.

Report of a dead raccoon on the sidewalk on Cottage Park Road. ACO was not available. DPW notified, and will respond.

Party on Overlook Drive reports there is a dead cat in the road. ACO was not available. DPW notified and will respond.

Another report of a dead skunk on Pleasant Street. Again ACO was not available, but DPW notified and they will try to respond.

Party on Shirley Street reports that a motor vehicle has been parked for over a week. He states people have been taking clothes out of the vehicle, and he thinks someone may be living out of the vehicle. 72-hour warning notice placed on the vehicle. Officer also called the phone number that was posted on the vehicle and left a message.

Party on Russell Street states that she spotted her stolen motor vehicle. She is on the scene in a white Nissan. Owner took possession of the vehicle.

Report of a raccoon stumbling all over Palmyra Street. Unit checked the area, but could not find the raccoon.

Reporting party on Bowdoin Street states there is a green Honda that has been parked there for the past five days. Officer placed a 72-hour warning notice on the vehicle.

Caller states that he drove by Yirrell Beach and saw someone painting the crosswalk black. No vandalism or paint noticed on the crosswalk.

Party on Edward Street came to the station to turn himself in on a warrant.

Report of a man assaulting a woman on Shirley Street. This was an argument between a couple and was verbal in nature. Police are standing by for a taxi to arrive for the party involved.


Tuesday, Sept. 12

Suspicious activity on Revere Street. A black truck inside a parking lot. Reporting party works at 7-Eleven and said the manager does not want people hanging around. One party fell asleep. All parties left the area now.

Party came to the station to report that several items of jewelry was missing from his home.

Report of the pedestrian walk light at the intersection of Pauline and Pleasant Streets is malfunctioning again. DPW notified.

Party on Shirley Street reports that his landlord continues to show up at his apartment unannounced and he would like this noted in the journal should he have to apply for an harassment order.

Motor vehicle stop on Pearl Avenue. 91 states the driver was confused with all the construction. He is not from the area. A verbal warning was given.

Sierra 3 on a follow-up on Linden Street. S-3 requesting if any warrants on the individual. Negative on the warrants.

Follow-up investigation on Lincoln Street.

Motor vehicle stop at Hanford Park. Unit states two parties in the area.

Party on Somerset Avenue came to the station to report that a man whom her father knew from high school came into his placed of business and proceeded to tell him that his daughter was harassing him. She was driving by his home, honking and shouting statements. He claimed the daughter was a witch hired by a man who also hired another girl to do the same. The person also knew what kind of vehicle his daughter drove along with the license plate. She wanted this on record in case any future incident occurred and will have her father come up in case of a harassment order is needed.

Two parties in dispute outside at Shore Drive and Cutler Street. Parties were just discussing where they wanted to go in Boston.


Wednesday, Sept. 13

Motor vehicle stop on Washington Avenue. Citation issued for stop sign violation.

Motor vehicle stop on Main Street. Verbal warning for relight violation.

Another motor vehicle stop on Main Street. Verbal warning for speeding and no headlights.

Motor vehicle accident at Lewis Avenue and River Road. A car went into a tree. Some property damage. Home owner notified.

Director of housing at the maintenance building states there is a black Honda with two flat tires in the lot. Possibly abandoned.

Woman came to the station to report that an unknown vehicle struck her parked vehicle while she was parked. The location of the hit and run was in front of the East Boston Savings Bank.

Party on Shirley Street states there is a suspicious car parked there for an hour and keeps leaving and coming back. All the windows are blackened. Calling party is afraid he is casing the neighborhood. If the calling party goes on the porch, he leaves. The jeep has been there for two days back and forth.

Parking Enforcement at Citizen’s Bank. One vehicle towed for revoked insurance. Parking citation issued, as well as a citation in the mail for revoked insurance.

Motor vehicle stop on Walden Street. Verbal warning given due to the trash falling out of the truck on to the street while moving.

White female took off without paying for a meal at Hong Kong Dragon. Employee is chasing her. They are headed to the center.

Female suspect was located and sent on her way. She will be trespassed from the restaurant.

Report of a car that smashed into a fence on Governors Drive. Homeowner’s tenant witnessed the hit and run and took down the plate. Calling party is at his place of business across the street. Involved party starts they came to the station to report the incident earlier. Both parties agreed to exchange papers on their own.

Calling party on Golden Drive states that his wife is drunk and is threatening to harm herself with a knife. The husband took the knife way before she hurt herself. Party voluntarily transported to the  Whidden.


Thursday, Sept. 14

Report of parties drinking and being loud on Cutler Street. Peace was restored.

Motor vehicle stop on Pleasant Street and Bellevue Avenue. Verbal warning for speeding.

Party on Hermon Street walked in to the lobby to turn himself in on an active warrant.

House being built on Bowdoin Street and River Road has front door wide open. Party is concerned that someone may have broken in. Door may have been left unlocked. No sign of forced entry. The door was secured.

Unit off with motor vehicle in parking lot on Main Street. Red-light violation and no driver’s license in possession. A citation was issued.

Party informed dispatch he knows a male party that is carrying a weapon in his backpack. Party wants to remain anonymous. Headquarters notified and a report to follow.

Party who wants to remain anonymous states that male party is living out of his motor vehicle on Morton Street. Officer spoke with the subject who is having trouble at his house and he just cooling off.

Gentleman on Russell Street came to the station to report being harassed  by his neighbor. The gentleman stated that his neighbor has been “screaming and swearing” at him and his family when she encounters them in front of their shared two family residence. He wanted this activity noted at this time. Peace was restored.

Report of a Facebook harassment.

Party on Pleasant Street has had issued with his license being used by another individual who is using his information.

Party on Governors Drive called earlier and spoke with an officer regarding the fence at a home, which is completely dislocated and has fallen down. There are two pit bulls in this yard that charge after people when they walk by. Officer does not see any dogs in the yard, and will check to see if homeowner is home. Homeowner has to let the dogs out due to the fence being down and was advised not to until the fence is repaired.

Report of a dead animal on the rocks by the water on Sargent Street. Unknown what type of animal. ACO responded and it is a raccoon that had washed up. He will check it low tide to see if it washes up again.

Boston called stating they had a female calling that they had fight on Read Streets and hung up trying to call back. Finally made contact with party who was very uncooperative.  When she was asked questions, she hung up again. Claims there is no longer a fight, and they have left and sure who was fighting or if the reporting party was involved. There is no fight, just a group of kids horsing around. They were advised to leave the area.

Report of an elderly man on the grunt Sea Foam Avenue and Shirley Street. He was robbed. Officers looking for two individuals.  Winthrop Taxi was called to see if they picked up the individuals. The assault took place on Shirley Street, where there is blood on the sidewalk. Party was taken to Melrose Hospital.

Reporting party on Shirley Street reports two black males in hallway being loud. When he asked them to leave they swore and made threats. They finally left the building and are now sitting in a white vehicle. Information was given to units as they are looking for two suspects that just robbed an elderly man.

A follow-up investigation on earlier robbery on Shirley Street.

Manager of the apartments on Walden Street states that a tenant came home intoxicated and destroyed all the potted plants in the front of the building. He would like a unit who is going to speak to the woman who did the vandalism.  Both parties were spoken to, and they were advised to keep away from each other.

Party came to the station to report possible vandalism to her motor vehicle, as well as some previous strange happenings to her car.

Report of female yelling and screaming on Kennedy Road. Reporting party stated it sounds like she needs help. Building is quiet and spoke with tenants sitting on front stairs and they have not heard anything.


Friday, Sept. 15

Officer off with illegally parked motor vehicle at Shirley and Beacon Street. Vehicle was moved.

Motor vehicles stop on Shirley Street. Verbal warning for plate light.

Motor vehicle stop at Revere and Argyle Streets. Operator has a suspended license. Someone will come and pick up the motor vehicle with an active license. There is also a child in the car. Driver will be cited/summoned for the offense. Female party came to pick up the vehicle.

Officer needs actinic at his deal with an unaccompanied child and also a dog on Shore Drive. Dog fond at the scene and is being brought to Oceanview Kennel. DCF would like detective to contact him. Child was transported to MGH. Female party Section 12 will be transported.

Follow-up investigation on Cutler Street. 92 transporting female party to the station.

Brown Ford with two golden retrievers inside. Vehicle left prior to ACO’s arrival. He has the plate number.

Party on Cutler Street states they agreed to have the tenants be able to take things out of the basement and now they are starting to argue with the landlord. Peace was restored,      and all parties have been advised.

Black-and-white dog with no tags on Floyd Street. He is roaming the area. Party called back to say the owner of the dog had arrived and got the dog.

Female party on Fairview Avenue states that she came home and the items on her porch have been broken into. Would like an officer to go through the house and make sure all is clear. No sign of break in at the home. Things on the porch have been rummaged through. All is clear inside the home.

Party came to the station to report an ongoing situation with neighbor who is harassing her children and approaching them. Party reports today they were followed home by the neighbor who is accusing them of rock throwing. Party completed a witness/victim statement and an on-call judge issued the order. W92 will attempt to serve it to the neighbor.

Officer by the Crystal Cove with a hit and run. Damage to left rear door. Subject was advised what to do.

Party on Shirley Street stated that the people above them are throwing furniture around and being extremely disruptive. This has been going on for over an hour. Noise is being caused from a 3-year old who is running around. He is going to bed shortly.


Saturday, Sept. 16

Caller on Pleasant Street reports a loud party in a backyard. Loud music and fireworks going off. Unit spoke with the homeowner who stated there were no fireworks going off. He is ending the party for the night.

Motor vehicle stop on Main Street. Unit stated a citation was issued for a red-light violation.

Noise complaint on Main Street. Unit spoke to the individual covering for the male party who usually is in charge. He won’t happen again.

Motor vehicle stop for marked lane violation and passing vehicle on opposite lane at Sunnyside Avenue and Pleasant Street. Verbal warning issued.

Motor vehicle accident on Pleasant Street. Pedestrian struck. Officer notified medical. Officers canceled the ambulance and the units responding. Pedestrian refusing medical. The vehicle took off. One was walking and the other was on a bike. Parties went on their way.

Walk-in to report a dog attack on Central Street. Alpha Charlie 1 spoke to the owner of the dog. Both parties were advised at this time. Neither one of them wanted to pursue anything further.

Report of a dog in a vehicle with the windows partially open on Woodside Avenue. Caller stated that the vehicle has been parked for over 30 minutes. He believes the dog is in distress. Clear, party came back to the car with the dog.

Reporting party states a motor vehicle has been parked on the corner of Pleasant and Sargent Streets for an hour with no one in it. It has been running. Officer spoke to the party, and he stated that the vehicle was started by accident, and his mother left with the keys. She should be returning in a few minutes. He was advised to move the vehicle because it is illegally parked.

Loud stereo music coming from the car wash on Main Street. There are about 25 cars there, and they are all cleaning their cars. They have all have their stereos on.

A vehicle on Emerson Road was hit in the rear while parked in front of their house. They were advised of their rights.

Calling party on Trident Avenue states there is a loud party in the backyard of the home directly in back of theirs. Units off  and had the music turned down.

Party on Washington Avenue state that three youths are outside on the side of the store trying to get an adult to buy liquor for them. Two boys and one girl, and they have left the area. A description was given and units will be looking for them.

Report of needles on the beach wall on Shore Drive. State Police have been notified and they are ready for disposal.

There are a total of 11 windows that have been possibly shot out with a BB gun or air gun on Pauline Street. Six in the rear and two on each side of the building.


Sunday, Sept. 17

An abandoned blue kayak near the stairs on Nahant Avenue with a New Hampshire sticker that has been there for a few days. Harbormaster will be picking it up from the units. A few people are missing their kayaks which they will try to locate the rightful owner.

Caller on Hermon Street states there were several large fights occurring. Before units arrived, the fight had cleared.

Follow-up investigation on North Avenue. All parties were spoken to and advised of their rights. No parties wished to go forward.

11-year-old on Revere Street called to state a black Honda drove by yelling at them. Possibly four to five times. Going towards the Middle School. BOLO was given out.

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