Mi-Amore Hits a Record Month

By Kate Anslinger

Mi-Amore is a family affair. The Carsons have taught their children, Roman and Stella, the importance of giving back. The 3-year-old and 6-year-old assist with the daily food deliveries.

Residents Jeff and Susan Carson are committed to bettering the lives in the community and their non-profit organization, Mi-Amore has proven to be a success on many different levels. Since starting the food recycling program in April 2016, they have recycled $13,619 in food and are projected to recycle $16,200 in 2017. So far, July has been their most productive month yet, with $2,913 in food recycled and donated to recipients.

The Carsons are grateful for the support they’ve received in the community and they believe it wouldn’t be possible without the help of the Winthrop Marketplace, La Siesta, The Arbors, Winthrop House of Pizza, and Winthrop Public Schools. The Marketplace alone donated $1,456 worth of food in the month of July.

“The concept of good food being thrown away is not foreign to anyone. Getting the food prior to disposal and reallocation is the challenge,” said founder Jeff Carson who is on a mission to recruit dedicated volunteers who are passionate about helping others. “Our core mission is to identify, through community leaders, the families who are in need of assistance and aid those with food that is destined for disposal but otherwise completely edible. The project is completely volunteer and grassroots. These are Winthrop businesses providing food to Winthrop residents by volunteers in Winthrop.”

The Carsons, along with several volunteers, spend four nights a week picking up bulk food and delivering it to recipients in need. The volunteers work full time jobs, have children and busy lives but that doesn’t stop them from loading up their cars in the evenings to assist with a cause that they are passionate about.

“The point-to-point process has empowered community volunteerism at the local level,” said Jeff. “Simply maintaining a project such as this is challenging but our growth makes me proud of our community. We have grown in business donating, our ability to service more families, recovering addicts, single parents and elders. We have grown our volunteer base and board but we are always looking for more members who share our passion.”

The most recent business addition is the Winthrop Marketplace. As an active donor, they have increased the food supply substantially, allowing Mi-Amore to add to their list of recipients.

“We are now providing our recipients with a solid base of vegetables and fruits,” said Jeff. “The Winthrop Marketplace has gone above and beyond to assist the project. Marc Wallerce, the leadership and employees at the market are determined to negate food waste and assist our community.”

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