Congratulations,Winthrop Golf Club

We congratulate the Winthrop Golf Club (WGC) on celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. The golf course is one of the true treasures in the town, and residents have experienced countless hours of enjoyment at the club.

The anniversary celebration at the club was a great affair attended by members, guests, past presidents, and former members. It was so heartening to hear the words of optimism about the club’s future from WGC President Joseph Ferrara and Vice President Robert Noonan Jr. The decision to rename the Club Championship in honor of 20-time champion Bucky Donohue was well received by the guests who responded with a standing ovation. Bucky was clearly touched by the gracious gesture.

The club has also served as the home course for the Winthrop High golf team, thus beginning players’ careers (many have gone on to play collegiate golf) and igniting their lifelong appreciation of the sport. Peter Lyons was a great ambassador for the program during his tenure as head coach.

Club professional James Bruce and his staff also deserve commendation for their hospitality and technical assistance to all golfers who play at the club. Mr. Bruce is an expert in all things golf and always willing to help players advance their skills.

Golf has become an international game and the TV ratings soared during Tigers Woods’s incredible reign as the No. 1 golfers. New stars have emerged and golf event has its own television channel now.

We thank the leaders and members of the WGC for all they have done for our town and the golfing community.

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