Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

My name is Stephen C. Hines, and I serve as the Secretary on the Transportation Advisory Committee for the Town of Winthrop. Under the leadership of our chairperson, Julia Prange Wallerce, I can honestly say that I feel so proud of the direction out community is moving in. Anyone who has been following our Committee’s activity would say the same. I am also heavily involved with advocating for small business owners in the CBD and for residential developments throughout town.

I write today to express my severe concern over the future of our small town, and publicly endorse Richard Boyijian for Town Council President. We are at a critical moment in our town’s history. We can vote for the old guard, yesterday’s news… or we can be bold and take a stand. While I respect the other candidates greatly, and we should all be privileged that they seek to serve, I feel strongly that we need a new perspective in the president’s seat. I feel that Rich Boyajian is the best man for the job.

We need a forward thinking, working professional to lead this community. We need a strong-willed delegator to put the right committees in place, and to give them the space they need to affect serious change. Our Council, as it sits now, lacks the experience and qualifications to keep Winthrop moving forward.  I have faith that under Rich Boyajian’s insightful leadership that our new council, including Heather Engman, Mike Lucerto, Nick LoConte, and either Steve Kudalakis or Pete Christopher, will bring us into the 21st century.

Please, think long and hard before you vote. We need NEW, young, forward thinking leadership.

Vote Boyajian.

Vote Lucerto.

Vote LoConte.

Vote Christoper or Kudalakis.

Vote for a vibrant Winthrop Center and a vibrant economy.


Stephen C. Hines

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