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The 100 Year Anniversary


By: Jim Lederman

There are many landmarks in town, the Watertower and the EB Newton School, are legendary. How many times have you passed the Winthrop Golf Club building and remarked, How old is that building?

The Winthrop Golf Club this year celebrated the 100th anniversary of a sports “landmark.” It is a club with plenty of history and many great tournaments and a highly respected membership. I joined the Winthrop Golf Club in 1972 and watched the WGC grow with members from Winthrop, East Boston, Chelsea, and Revere, helping to grow the membership.

The first condo building in town – the Nautilus Building was built by George Costonis – the “Condo King”, George was a real estate developer, painting contractor and huge sports fan. I watched the Bruins win the Stanley Cup sitting in George’s Boston Garden seats.

Winthrop was establishing a reputation as the hockey capitol of the North Shore. Larsen Rink was built in 1975, and the Vikings were state hockey champions Division One undefeated (26-0-1).

There were many great WHS athletes playing golf at the WGC – Tony Brogna, Sheldon Bernstein, Jimmy Evans, Bob DeGregorio, David Davis, Frank Pomeroy and Dennis Hayes.

I enjoyed watching the Vikings play football and talking football with members like Arthur McGee who was cheering for his son Kevin an outstanding football and hockey player in 1976. Edward “Doc” Rossi was another legend, his son Eddie Jr. was (Harvard hockey captain and member of the WHS Athletic Hall of Fame), too.

There were many outstanding golfers; Ed Krovitz, Ronald Hayes and Buckey Donoghue won many big tournaments over the years!

The Chelsea connection had the “mayor” Hugh McLaughlin, the legendary ex-Chelsea high football standout – Jimmy Naimo, helped build and maintain the golf course. Abel Gallant was another “Red Devil” who played at the WGC.

The Revere connection had Billy and Peter DiCarlo. The City of East Boston sent Al Sablone, Rep. George DiLorenzo, Tom Serra, Mike DePasquale, Ernie Felzani and many more.

Two highly successful business leaders became outstanding presidents. Jack Anderson, aka – the ‘Muffin King’ and D. Wayne Lukas of horse racing, helped build the nine hold golf club into a growing membership and a beautiful golf course. You can add Frank Pomeroy to that list!

Attorney George Bernstein, David Davis, Billy Bagley and Dr. Anthony Costonis, were outstanding presidents, in a long line of WGC leaders, who brought distinction and a strong reputation to the “little Club” – A nine-hole gem on the North Shore.

The strong leadership in the new century (2000) has been led by Ed McGrail, ex-Viking football standouts David Tallent (UNH) and the new president – Joseph Ferrara (WHS- super bowl 1992 team) – three successful business leaders.

A capacity crowd filled a huge tent on Saturday night, to celebrate the milestone – 100 years (1917-2017). The reputation and tradition continues.

We salute the WGC! Who is on the green!

Let the Games Begin!



A long list of legends who played at the WGC include – Jackie Adamson, (the Skull) Lefty Magee, Tom Bagley and his dad William, ‘the Barber’ – John Cimino, Al Vanbuskirk, the late Ray Gadsby, Frankie Ferrara, Rich Minichello, Peter Cavallo, Buster Bataglia, Jerry Dunn, Alan Brogna, Red Dorgan, George DiLorenzo, Goody Capone, Pat Nonni, George Murphy, John R. Sweeney, Elliot Ectman, Alan Cohen are just a few old legends that have filled the ‘nineteenth hole.’

Let the Games Begin!




The Golf professional-directors aka-the Golf Pro’s include Larry Hesinius, Dennis Hayes, Danny Gillis, Rick DePhamphilis and the president pro – Jimmy Bruce. They have developed many young and senior members of the ‘WGC.’

We Salute the Golf Pro’s!


A very active golfer is an ex-Revere ‘Patriot’ and Boston College Eagle – Michael Mucci. ‘Big Mike’ ranks as one of the ‘all-time’ Revere players and Mike was an All-American football player at Boston College. I asked Mike if he ever played with one of my favorite ex-Patriots 0 Gino Capelletti? ‘The Duke’ once played in a tournament at the ‘WGC’ with his close friend, Al Sablone, owner of Sablone’s Veal and Vintage Restaurant in East Boston!



Where Are They Now?

The first article and picture of a weekly picture/story is a new feature column. This week it is the (1957-1958) NEC championship basketball team – 60 years ago!

John P. Sheehan was a legendary basketball coach in a program that built the long tradition of NEC championship teams from Winthrop.

Coach Sheehan won eight (8) NEC championships and a Tech Tourney state title (Class B) in 1963. The team played their games in the new (1955) Memorial Gymnasium.

Where are they now? Bob Guidi (Winthrop), Mike Viscio ( ), Ed Stasio (Michigan), Arnie Springer (Revere Beach), John Monahan (WHS Hall of fame – deceased), Walter (Brother) Milano (deceased-Hall of Fame), Charlie Oliver (Florida), Bill Sliney (Cape Cod), Kirby Connor (deceased), Sean Mullane (WHS Hall of Fame–deceased).

Second Row: Mark Schlafran (Salem), Howie Conley (WHS Hall of Fame – Saugus), Bob Milne (WHS Hall of Fame – Lynnfield), Ed Lavoie, Neil Fleming (Winthrop), Al Rand, Bruce Tewksbury, Tim Brannan (New Hampshire), Gary Davis (Florida), Jim Pelrine, Jim Doherty(retired Dom Savio Coach – Winthrop (W.G.C.), Coach Sheehan (WHS Hall of Fame – deceased).



The Man With The Green Thumb

The Town of Win thorp lost a man who had a strong commitment to beautifying our town. Alan Peabody passed away last week at the young age of 61.

Alan and his wife Betty were active and dedicated members of the Committee that helped make this town beautiful. I would often see Alan watering the flowers and his wife Betty at 7 a.m. picking up the trash.

Alan turned his hobby of gardening into a business, planting community gardens in town and making homes beautiful. Alan received the Winthrop Chamber of Commerce Visual Achievement Award in 2006.

Alan’s efforts inspired many Winthrop residents to take pride in their property.

Alan leaves his loving wife of 31 years Betty and a large family of six brothers.

Winthrop will miss the man with the “Green Thumb.”

May he rest in peace.



The Lack of Power

I just watched a five hour Boston Red Sox – New York Yankees game. 16 (sixteen long innings) Yankees win (4-1). Red Sox score one run in 16 innings and lose!

Chris Sale is the best pitcher in the American League. He pitched 8 innings, struck out 13! Craig Kimbrel allowed a 9th inning home run to blow a save!

The Red Sox have the fewest home runs in baseball. Sale gets no support! He should have a 17-4 record!

The Red Sox need another power hitter! Where is Big Papi? They miss his 130 RBI’s – the trading deadline is July 30th, Dave Dombrowski must pull off a big trade – There is a power outage at Fenway!

The Red Sox can win the American League title – if Price and Sale perform on the mount. They need Mookie, Hanley, and ‘the kid’ – Andrew Benintendi to have a big second half.

Let the Games Begin!



Paying the Price

We expected the Boston Red Sox ownership to eat the money and run. And they did!

The brutal truth was inescapable; the Red Sox had finally decided to get rid of third baseman Pablo Sandoval, designating him for assignment at the cost of $48.3 million.

The general manager who gave the Panda – $95 million is gone. He took the money (Panda); he put on 40 pounds and never performed. The Sox thought he would be the starting third baseman.

The Sox traded Travis Shaw to Milwaukee who played third last year! Travis has 19 home runs and is hitting .295. What a mistake!

The Sox paid $72.5 million to sign Rusney Castillo, who is playing at Pawtucket. The Sox are one of the most profitable teams in baseball. They spend money like the New York Knicks; fortunately, the Sox are a first place team.

The Patriots begin practice next week. Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft hope for a ‘sixth’ super bowl title this year!

Let’s Go Patriots!

Let the Games Begin!



Basketball is Back

The highly regarded Winthrop Viking basketball reputation was tarnished over the past five years.

The Lady Vikings had a big season in 2014-2015. Thanks to three division two college players and a strong senior class, they reached the ‘Garden’ for a championship game. The program was ‘decimated’ and in (2016-2017) they had two seniors.

I’m happy to report both the boys and girls have developed a strong youth program. I returned to my favorite WHS gym – the Memorial Gym on Thursday evening to watch forty young basketball players – learning the fundamentals of the game. The skills program under the leadership and coaching of Rick Pulsifer (Assistant Lady Vikings coach), former Savio and UMass Lowell All-Star Sean Conway, former Viking All-Star Nick Tsiotos and ex-Viking Angelo Marcocio, there are many future Viking all-stars.

The future looks great for coach David Sacco and the Lady Vikings program. They will get stronger, and will fill the new ‘Chris Tsiotos Court’ to cheer for the Vikings!

Let’s Go Vikings!

Let the Games Begin!

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