Police Blotter 07-20-2017

Monday, July 10

Caller stated a bus sideswiped her vehicle at Shirley and Veterans Road. No injuries. Paperwork exchanged.

Party on Siren Street reports witnessing hand-to-hand drug deal. Detectives have been advised, and will monitor the area.

An attempt to repossess a vehicle on Crest Avenue.

Report of a raccoon in a tree on Golden Drive. No ACO today. Headquarters contacted ACO and he is going to respond.

Party reports that this morning she went to the car wash, and her vehicle sustained scratches and a piece of her rear panel was displaced or damaged. She wanted this on record and she will attempt to speak with the owner of the business.

Received fax transmission informing department of motor-vehicle repossession on Crest Avenue.

Calling party on Shirley Street states there is a company doing work on a home and there is a lot of dust and excessive noise interfering with the calling party’s quiet enjoyment. The dust is going in his window. Unit reports he spoke to the party, and they are going to locate where they are going to saw and try to cut down on the dust.

Party on Edgehill Road came into the station to report that his son, who was sent to rehab by the court, walked out after four days. He then came to his house and took the truck that the reporting party thought he had all the keys to. Criminal complaint will be sought for using without authority. Subject stated that son was heading to New Hampshire, as the rehab would not pursue him after 72 hours. Subject may have attached a dealer plate to the vehicle.

W93 reports attempting to serve a summons to subject on Central Street. Officer spoke to the subject who stated that she was refusing the summons and feels as though she is being pressured to testify.

Boston looking for truck on Golden Drive. Unit has him stopped and awaiting the arrival of Boston or Chelsea, as they do not want a lawsuit for unlawful arrest. Unit reports Chelsea has prisoner, and will be going to their station under their charges. Truck is parked, so does not need to be towed. Units will clear.


Tuesday, July 11

Caller on Irwin Street reports people are yelling in the street. Parties were told to keep it down. They went inside. Peace was restored.

Party on Shirley street states she believes there is a domestic in progress coming from the second floor. No domestic. Boy mad because his Xbox wasn’t working. They were told to keep it down. Peace was restored.

State Police requesting assistance on a motor vehicle stop at Revere and Deane avenue. Services rendered.

Motor-vehicle accident with a car into a pole on Highland Avenue. Medical aid enroute. Male party transported to the hospital and one vehicle towed by G &J.

Call was made directly to detectives stating a male party possibly breaking into a home on Winthrop Street. Unknown if he lives there or resides in the area. Male party resides there.

Party at Winthrop and North Avenue came to the station to report that last night he had an altercation with another male and was pulled toward his car and slashed at. He had a few very small cuts on his hand.

Calling party on Cora Street stated that two females came up to his door, and they claimed to be with Direct Energy. Unit is unable to locate the two parties. Unit will swing around the area and see if they can be located.

Report of youths skateboarding in the park being too loud. Youths were dispersed. Peace restored.


Wednesday, July 12

Caller on Putnam Street states a female is causing a disturbance in and out of the restaurant.  Female party transported to hospital with Section 12.

Caller on Brookfield Road requesting police at her mother’s home because they have not heard from their mom all day and the house alarm is showing the garage door open. Caller is nervous to check it out alone. Reporting party called back to cancel. Her mom is fine.

Motor vehicle stop at Hannaford Park. Parties were sent on their way from the park.

Directed patrol at Yirrell Beach. One dog removed from the beach.

Report of an unwanted female on Siren Street. Reporting party wants to remain anonymous and he stated he is calling for his older friend who resides in another apartment. Party was removed.

Caller on Shirley Street reports there is a large deceased animal behind her house on the beach. She is unsure what it is. Party reports that it is gross and would like it removed. DPW advised that we need to ACO respond. ACO states he is awaiting DPW and a backhoe to remove the animal. The animal was removed from the beach.

Warrant of apprehension to subject on Tewksbury Street. 92 and 93 attempted to serve. 92 transported male to East Boston District Court. Party was passed off without incident.

Party on Forrest Street states that her car was parked in the driveway she shares. Her two tires were slashed, and when she took them to be fixed, she was told that they were definitely sliced. She is just reporting this so we are aware of what happened.

Attempt to serve summons on Grovers Avenue. Unit was unable to serve, and she believes party no longer lives at this address.

Caller on Forrest Street believes a couple is fighting. Suspects left the address on foot. 92 states party took off towards Shore Drive. 93 spoke with calling party who says it was a verbal and that the male party’s home address is Coral Avenue where he is rumored to be. Units clear negative on the male party who cannot be located. Units have female party’s contact information for anything further.

Calling party on Revere Street states that her car was vandalized. She will meet the police out front. No vehicle was vandalized. The parties were arguing over parking on the street.

Caller on Siren Street states an unwanted party at his apartment where his wife is. No one is in the hallway. All the belongings are moved from earlier and the door is secure. Landlord is on the scene said she left with all of her belongings.

Reports of a dog off of a leash on Harbor View Avenue. Caller reports that this is an ongoing issue, and she has spoken to ACO about it. Also wants the ACO to contact her. ACO located the party and advised them of the leash law and will head over to talk with the reporting party.

55-year-old male not breathing on Tileston Road. Transported to MGH.

Woman in dark sweatshirt on Pleasant Street walking around looking in cars. Nothing showing.

Tenant who was evicted on Main Street is now back on the property in the basement apartment. Officers on scene have doors locked and no answer. Subject was found outside the residence. Officer gave him a courtesy ride to Orient Heights.

Landlord on Main Street states that her tenant left all the windows open as well as the skylight. She needs to check for damage. She stated that the tenant is not home. Officer helped the female secure all the windows.

Child on Egeltom Park fell and is now bleeding from the head. WFD and EMS enroute. A refusal for medial was signed.

Loud people in Hannaford Park. 92 took two female juveniles to the station for their parents to pick them up. One male subject in custody for disturbing the peace and for trespassing.


Thursday, July 13

Party states that the house on Franklin Street has been abandoned/vacant for three years, and there is a light on inside the rear of the house, possibly squarters. Unit reports there is a light on in the house but the windows and doors are secure. When talking with a neighbor he stated that he was just concerned.

Report of two males fighting on Jefferson Street. They are screaming at each other. Unit reports he spoke with party, and they were arguing over a vehicle to move for the trash truck. The other party left prior to their arrival.

Unit reports he settled a dispute at Cumberland Farms over cigarettes. The person was underage. The manager explained the situation, and it calmed down.

Female party from the Martin Pino Community Center summer camp called to state that a male from Governors Park did not show up at camp. They just wanted a well being check to make sure he is okay. Unit made contact with the mother and son. The son had an appointment today, and that is why he did not show up at camp. Everything was good.

Calling party on Cutler Street states that his ex-wife has been threatened over parking by the neighbor and now the female party feels intimidated by the neighbor. Unit repots it was an argument over common parking spot. They are going to work it out together with the association. Other than that no other issues.

Walk-in to report threats to kill on Siren Street.

Caller on Faun Bar Avenue requests medical for her adult daughter. Possible Section. Medical was notified. Female transported with mother to hospital. She was slightly combative so she had to be restrained.

WFD requests police for argument between Action EMS employee and a citizen on Shirley Street. Officer reports the parties fled prior to their arrival. Searched the area to no avail. 94 notes the red medical bag is missing from the vehicle.

Caller on Seymour Street reports that his tenant wishes to speak with an officer in regards to an issue she is having with their next-door neighbor. Spoke with the calling party and the issue is with trash being disposed over the property line. Unit knocking on the door got no answer.

Employee at the credit union on Woodside Avenue believes a white female parked out front may be intoxicated. Blonde hair. G&J tow requested and they are enroute. Vehicle has been towed to private property. Female will be given a courtesy ride to her home to meet the tow truck.

Caller on Shirley Street reports there was a man soliciting, and when she told him that she wasn’t interested, he got very angry. This made her very nervous. Also stated he smelled like booze. Last seen walking on Shirley Street toward the point. Spoke with the subject and he had no ID or proper paperwork for soliciting. He was asked not to return unless he has the proper paperwork for soliciting.


Friday, July 14

Loud party on Enfield Road. Reporting party also smells marijuana. Unit states they spoke to the owner of apartment, and they are going to shut it down.

Report of partying upstairs again on Enfield Road. Unit states that they, are there and it is absolutely quiet.

Report of male passed out in vehicle at Bowdoin and Chester Avenue. Nothing showing in the area. No car matching description.

Report of a syringe at Morton and Douglas streets. Multiple syringes were properly disposed of.

Walk-in from Nevada Street to report that she has been getting phone calls, Facebook messages and bothered on other social media. She was advised to keep a record of everything and was advised of her rights.

Caller will meet police at the entrance to Deer Island. Female reports a white male in his 70s lying on the ground wrapped in a blanket. Male party was napping. No medical needed. State notified and canceled.

Caller reports a group of kids at the end of Pebble Avenue near the beach wall who are not from the area and appear suspicious. Group of eight Hispanic and black males.

Walk-in to bring two guns she found when doing a cleanout of the basement of WCAT. On investigation, the firearms turned out to be prop/fake guns.

Caller at Mally’s Hair reports a bad water leak into her building. Plumber advised her it was on the town. DPW notified.

Male party called 911 intoxicated at Short Beach. Officers found male party. Fire and medical were dispatched. Male party refused medical. Officer drove party home.

An attempt was made to contact female party on Edward Street for Revere PD. Unit spoke with female party and obtained a good phone number for her to give to the Revere PD.

Caller who lives on River Road states that the abandoned house nearby has its front door opened. No one has lived there for at least three to four years. House is boarded up. Unit reports an opened front door. The house has been opened. Looks like there is bank paperwork in the home. Units reports clearing the property.

Two male parties dragging a trash bag down Sagamore Avenue. Unit stated Sagamore is clear of people and bags.

Revere PD requested WFD to assist on Edward Street. Sergeant spoke with all parties and resident will call us if party shows up. Also advised of rights. Revere conducting follow-up regarding a previous incident in their city.

Report of fireworks in the area of Woodside Avenue. Units searched the area and nothing showing.


Saturday, July 15

Party on Veterans Road called her sister two hours ago and stated she was kicked out of her car two hours ago and is now stranded in Winthrop. She also stated that her ex-boyfriend stole her car and kicked her out of the vehicle. We got an address from sister who was stranded. Unit stated it was a verbal argument. They will be going home for the night.

Report of loud party on Jefferson Street. Unit stated he spoke with individual. They will quiet down for the night.

Caller at Governors Park reports male at her door. Male friend of people across from her and she states that they are in gangs. It was a misunderstanding. Ongoing issue with caller and parties adjacent. They both have been advised to seek a resolution with management.

Officer retrieved needles on Grandview Avenue. It was placed in the Sharps container.

Report of ongoing noise issues with neighbor on Myrtle Avenue keeping her up all night. She has called many times. They have gone to court.  No noise issue at this moment. Caller was advised what when it happens at night to call the police to report it.

Caller at Governors Park reports that his wife’s back window of her vehicle got smashed in last night.

Calling party on Lincoln Street received Q5 staements via texts from his brother unexpectedly. Unit spoke with involved male party. Showed the officers the text messages and they were not Q5. He will call his brother to clarify the situation.

A group of kids found a needle at the intersection of Read and Morton streets. Unit stated he has the item and it was disposed of.

Several females came in to the station to make a report of a suspicious white male dressed in all black who approached them in the cemetery and stated that he saw them in the Lucky Convenient Store. He allegedly obstructed their departure while asking them questions regarding their age and other personal data. The reporting female parties stated that the male was drinking “nips” and seemed comfortable approaching them as if he has approached younger girls before.

Report of group of people being loud at Governors Park. Unit stated he spoke with the individuals and advised them to keep it down. They were also now aware of a fight in the area.

Party states that there is a fight at Governors Park. This was called in at the same time the units were there for a disturbance call. Units did a search of the area. They stated there was a fight. However, everyone talked it out and went home.


Sunday, July 16

Party on Read Street reports her son was stabbed in the arm. She does not know how it happened. Police were assisted by EMS, WFD. One was transported to MGH. Units will be checking out a different location to speak with a male party who may have been involved. Unit stated unsuccessful on gathering more information.

Vandalism to motor vehicle on Read Street. A rear window was broken.

Donovan’s Beach was closed due to high bacteria in the water.

Caller on Winthrop Street states that her downstairs neighbor is harassing her. She believes she has taken something that belongs to her in their common laundry area. Officer reports this is an ongoing issue. Landlord is aware and a court date is scheduled. No missing items.

Unit reports they got complaints about cars with handicap plaques at Public Landing. Unit gave out five parking citations.

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