Police Blotter 07-06-2017

Monday, June 26

Assisted WFD with lockout at Governors Park. Fire got in through the balcony.

Assisted other agency with serving warrant on Myrtle Avenue. Unable to locate party.

Reporting party on Cottage Avenue states it is street sweeping and the same two cars are still in the road. Reporting party requested to have vehicles moved or ticketed to solve the issue. Parking tickets were issued.

Motor vehicle accident with no injuries at Woodside Hardware. Police requested medical. One of the parties is complaining of minor back injury. One transported to the MGH.

Caller states about 9 youths dressed in military with pellet guns, shooting at birds and each other at Fisherman’s Bend Walkway. Area clear when units arrived. Kids have left.

Party on Shirley Street called and stated that her daughter is home and someone is looking at her through the window. Daughter does not feel safe. Neighbor was spoken to and he has left for the day.

Young girl jumped into neighbor’s pool on Lincoln Street. Mother has the child.

Reporting party on Kennedy road states there is a group of kids at the bunker tipping things over. Kids playing basketball. It then went over a fence. While getting it back, they knocked over a recycle bin. They picked it up and cleaned it up and went on their way.

Brown pit bull heading towards the beach from Crest Avenue. Area was checked and no dog found.

Loud party in backyard on Putnam Place. Officer reports party is being taken inside and only about seven people there.

Tuesday, June 27

Tried serving warrant to individual on Bowdoin Street. Could not make contact with the party.

Son cannot get in touch with his mom on Triton Avenue. Mom wasn’t feeling well and son is on his way from Swampscott. Door should be unlocked. Son requested police do a well-being check to see if an ambulance is needed. Lady was sleeping on the couch and son is on his way. He will be taking her to the doctor.

Well being check called in by the Mystic Valley Elderly Services for subject on Veterans Road.

Wall being check requested for individual on Putnam Street. Medical for an evaluation and one transported to Whidden Hospital.

Calling party on Winthrop Street reports male came into her friend’s shop this morning and exposed himself. Owner of shop has a language barrier. Calling party is at shop with her at this time to help interpret what occurred. Male was wearing green pants and a T-shirt. He has been in front of her shop recently.

Party came to the station to report that she found out through HH Financial Solutions of Charlestown that some unidentified party opened two credit accounts in her name as it showed up on her credit report when they ran a check for her. The accounts were Capital One Bank USA NA and SYNCB/JCPenney.

Report of screaming and yelling and asking for help on Nevada Street. Hears a child as well. It was a mother disciplining her child. She was told to quiet down and peace was restored.

Caller on Beach Road reports that her neighbor’s contractors are walking in her driveway when she is at work. Her concern is that her daughter is home alone and afraid. She has left a note for her neighbor once again with no response. It is a civil matter. Unit spoke to both parties and believes that the issue is resolved.

Party came to the station to report that several unauthorized withdrawals were made from his debit card which is missing along with two checks from his account that have been cashed. On June 7, his bank notified him that his account was emptied. Party also reports that his roommate is also missing property.


Wednesday, June 28

Party came to the station to report he lost his wallet on Crest Avenue near Jac’s. In the wallet were debit cards, Tenn. License, Citizen’s credit card, BC/BS health card, and a social security card. It is a brown alligator wallet.

Report of a white female digging in the bushes, possibly drunk. She is walking down Ocean Avenue. Unit stated female party has been sent out of the area. She was looking for her cell phone.

Assisted citizen who wanted to report a reckless driver in a white van. The incident happened near Seafoam and Trident Avenue. Unit stated the female wanted to report the male party driver was driving the wrong way on a one-way road and no confrontation.

Unit is checking up on a party that came in to headquarters a while ago about a complaint on Main Street.

Caller on Kennedy Road states that someone is parked in the handicapped spot in front of her home and has no placard. Unit stated a parking violation has been issued.

Unit is off on a follow-up on Trident Avenue. Party that unit was looking for was not at home. Unit spoke to the landlord and advised the landlord to notify the party to come to the station later on.

Walk-in to report a fraud. Referred to East Boston PD as nothing happened in Winthrop.

There is a white male with tattoos using the library computer and using drugs. Units requesting medical for an evaluation. 93 giving courtesy ride to train station as male party has lost his wallet. Male party cleared medical.

Well being check on elderly female on Lincoln Street.

Calling party on Shore Drive states that the last half hour, he has been hearing a female and male yelling. Panic attack over not finding car keys. Unit found keys and peace was restored.

97 reports 3-year-old child is lost in the toddler park at Ingleside Park. Confirmed that the mom has her child. Units cancelled.

Calling party states that his kids were playing in Coughlin Park and a group of 15 males let a dog loose. He said it is not the first time this has happened. Officers spoke to the parties. They were in an enclosed area. Nothing showing.

Reporting party is calling for resident on Pleasant Street. She is in the process of moving into the house. While she was inside, a person stopped and stole some of her property. Officer stated there was a misunderstanding as far as the property goes. It was supposed to be donated and the person who took the property thought it was trash.

Party reports there are a half dozen kids in Hannaford Park playing loud music. Officers are moving the parties along.

Woman with black hair walking around crying near the Lucky Garden. She is running up to people. Party was transported to Whidden. Officer requesting medical for female party have an asthma attack. Female party refused medical attention.


Thursday, June 29

Caller states there are two males in the yard of a new construction home on Sewall Avenue. She believes the youths are looking at the tools in a suspicious manner. Parties left prior to police arrival.

Party on Coral Avenue reports 8 youths are about to fight. Parties were dispursed and warned by police not to come back to that house or the area.

Caller on Sewall Avenue has a squirrel in her home and would like assistance. ACO enroute. ACO checked the whole house with the owner and no squirrel was found. Party was advised to call back if he hears or sees anything.

Report of loud music on Atlantic Street. People are bouncing balls on the floor. Unit reports it was quiet when he went by the house. He spoke with the neighbor and advised him to call back if the noise does happen again.

Report of a raccoon walking around on Somerset Avenue. ACO reports he could not find the raccoon. He will drive around the area to see if he can spot it.

Caller on Shirley Street reports she saw a man with a bat assault someone and drive away. Unit spoke with the party who was assaulted for their safety. No firearm was involved. This was an assault and battery. No name or license plate was given. Also no description. Involved party was unwilling to move forward with it.

In the rear of Lucky Gardens, a two car accident. No injuries. Need help in exchanging papers.

Two males at door on Johnson Avenue claiming they are from investigators attorney. They are being rude and it does not seem right. They will not leave. Unit reports he talked to the two males and they check out. They are investigators for a tobacco company. Also talked to the reporting party and she was told that they checked out.

Report of a white male at the East Boston Savings Bank who will not leave. He is knocking on the door so hard that he is leaving blood on the door. He stated that they closed the bank early. Unit talked with the bank manager and he going to stay in the area until the employees heads to their cars and leaves.

Report of a white male walking almost in the middle of the street at Pleasant and Waldemar Avenue. He is carrying a guitar case or luggage. Reporting party stated she drove by him two times and reports that he is going to get hit. The way he is dressed, he is very hard to see. She said he is either not paying attention or something is wrong with him. She is afraid that he is going to get hurt. Units went up and checked the area. The guy was not there.

Unit spotted the male party from the previous call. They report the guy was having an issue with his luggage and going to the Crystal Cove Inn. Unit is going to give him a courtesy ride.

Report of people arguing on South Avenue. Caller wants to remain anonymous. Peace was restored.


Friday, June 30

ACO notified about an injured crow on Revere Street. ACO reports the animal is not there.

Civil matter disturbance over moving out parties screaming at each other on Enfield Road. K9 unit and Off. Connolly will stay at the property until the party is finishing moving out. Parties finally moved out and officers will do a walk through in the apartment for any damages.

Well being check on a male party who has not been heard from since the 22nd on Grand View Avenue. Calling party is out of Ohio. Officer checked the entire house and there is no one there at this time. The mail is backed up.

Child struck by motor vehicle on Revere and Harvard Street. Medical needed. Uncle notified.

Assisted citizen with keeping the peace on Enfield Road. Peace restored.

Winthrop Family Medicine requesting a well-being check on a 60 year old male who is intoxicated on Pleasant Street? Male appears to be all right. He stated he would call it a day and put the beverages away and sleep it off.

Transfer call from Essex for party on Hermon Street. No answer on the call back. All Essex could get was the address. It sounded like two women arguing. Spoke with both parties and peace was restored.

Caller states dog has been barking for two hours on Crest Avenue. The dog was brought back inside.

Motor vehicle accident at Pleasant and Brookfield Road. One male party transported to the Whidden. Police allowed him to park his car legally on Brookfield Road to avoid a tow.


Saturday, July 1

Police off with three males at Main and Douglas Street.

Caller who wants to remain anonymous states there are four youths being too loud outside on the corner of Main and Douglas Street. Parties have left for the night.

Assisted Brookline PD with serving a warrant on Veterans Road. Brookline has one in custody. We transported subject directly to Brookline.

Medford Dialysis Clinic requested well being check done on party on Overlook Drive. Clinic has not heard from party since Thursday. Officer spoke with the party and he could not make it today but will be there on Tuesday.

Outside Thompson’s Towne Liquor, there is a black male harassing customers as they come in and out. He is now near the bus stop. Unit will stand by to see if the party got on the bus and cleared the area.

Calling party on Governors Drive states that a dog door is ripped off. It is an apparent breaking and entering. Spoke to the tenant downstairs and they said they did not hear anything today or yesterday. Father was advised that if the actual homeowner wants to give us a call he should and report the damage.

Officer on scene on Wilshire Street and requesting a tow. G&J has possession of vehicle.

Loud fireworks reported on Hutchinson Street.

Units speaking to a group of kids lighting off fireworks on Grovers Avenue. Group had a small amount of fireworks and was told about the laws.

Auxiliary officers requested au nit off with two parties at Hannaford Park. They were advised that they were trespassing.

Suspicious activity at Pond Street Playground involving three individuals. Party was sent on their way.


Sunday, July 2

Assisted citizen who called 911 stating that someone put something in her drink and she does not know where she is. She stated that she was located in the closet in someone’s house. Pinged the cell number and it gave an address on Sagamore Avenue. Party was located in Revere.

Report of a German Shepard loose on Hermon Street. Dog was brought to Lynn.

Neighbor dispute over branches being cut without permission on Main Street. Party wants to speak with an officer and will go to file a civil paperwork when courts are open. This is an ongoing issue with calling party and other party.

Calling party reports that his neighbor is getting very argumentative over an issue that the police had already responded to about tree branches on Central Street. Both parties have been spoken to and the branches have been removed.

Report of a raccoon in the trash on Pauline Street. Officer took the cover off of the barrel and the raccoon ran away.

Suspicious backpack left in bus stop in front of Cumberland Farms. Owner of the bag stepped into the Cumberland Farms to buy something.

Reporting party on Winthrop Street states that a neighbor is threatening her.

Complaint of a skunk on Waldemar Avenue. ACO will be contacting DPW about the skunk. The skunk has been removed.

Caller on Governors Drive state they came home to their door being kicked in and need an officer. They do not feel safe as it happened yesterday as well.

Party came to the station requesting an officer to escort him to his former address so that he may give his keys to his former landlord. W92 obliged. Peaceful exchange.

Unconscious male on Main Street. WFD and EMS responded. Unit 94 stated the party is conscious and alert when police arrived. 50-year-old male with dehydration transported to MGH.

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