Letter to the Editor

Great Neighbors, Great Neighborhood

Dear Editor:

Winthrop is a great place to live. For thirty years I have been running on the streets and sidewalks of our cozy town without incident. Motorists are usually polite and cautious around me, letting me use the streets if the sidewalks are narrow or blocked, permitting me to cross intersections without losing stride and showing respect for someone chasing a long mile or two in the morning or evening.

Last Saturday a short stretch of uneven sidewalk tripped me up as I was just finishing a wonderful spring run. I was just around the corner from home but took a serious fall onto unyielding concrete. Embarrassed for my clumsiness I endeavored to get up but neighbors who witnessed the event knew better.  They provided immediate comfort, collecting my phone and headset, and called both my wife and an ambulance because they could see that I was injured and needed attention. Their concern and thoughtfulness is most appreciated and I would like to thank them publicly for their efforts. Their names were not recorded in my scrambled brain but they know who they are. I was able to get much needed treatment quickly and while my injuries are painful they are not severe and will heal. I will be back on the road soon.

Watch for me and all the other runners and maybe someday we get can get the sidewalks leveled too.

Rich Wolverton 

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