Police Blotter 05-25-2017

Monday, May 15

Calling party on Governors Drive reports that her ex-husband’s house is open and the garage door is open. She would like a well being check. Canine reports party is fine. Party states that his ex-wife has called three times in the past for the same reason.

Walk-in from Shore Drive to report of a past larceny from a home that occurred over a year ago.

393 checked out parking complaint on Bellevue Avenue.

Party on Locust Street reported credit card fraud. She called her card company and they told her to also report it to the police.

Caller states that she got a phone call saying that her son was in Mexico and needed help. She was instructed to withdraw money to help him. The call came up at a blocked location. She did not go to the bank but wanted to let police know.

Walk-in to report of a past larceny from a residence that occurred over a year ago.

Report of a group of females fighting on Revere Street. Units checked all surrounding area and nothing showing.

Male party described as being white in his 20s wearing shorts is screaming and yelling on Maryland Avenue. Caller stated that he walked back in to the home and he was screaming at his girlfriend. Spoke to members of the household and male party said he was screaming at someone on his cellphone.

Party came into the station to report a minor motor vehicle accident that occurred in the CVS parking lot yesterday.

A two car motor vehicle accident on Shirley Street. Parties exchanged all information.


Tuesday, May 16

Motor vehicle stop on Main Street. Unit stated citation issued for speeding.

Tried to serve summons on Seal Harbor Road. Unable to serve.

Suspicious vehicle on Brookfield Road. Vehicle belonged to elderly female who forgot she left keys in the car overnight.

Summons service on Shirley Street. 92 reports unable to make contact. Family member states the party is in Florida.

A female party from Franklin Street came to the station to report that there was a tall African American male going door to door soliciting money from the residents.

Caller wanted to know why the police were just at her house. She was informed of Adult Criminal Summons. Caller stated subject will not be able to receive the summons. She was given a phone number for the court and will contact them.

Vandalism to motor vehicle on Shirley Street. Reporting party saw neighbor open car door and hit hers. 92 reports he spoke to calling party. Very minor damage. Possibly a neighbor dispute.

Principal at Winthrop High School requesting police presence in the area.

Officer will try to serve Warrant of Apprehension out of EBDC to subject on Bowdoin Street. Car 93 transporting one female to the East Boston Court for warrant arrest.

Calling party’s motor vehicle was hit on Putnam Street. Car took off to the parking lot at Michael’s Mall. It is a blue mini van. No plate given. Blue mini van has damage to front passenger side. White Chevy has damage to rear driver side. 91 reports that the hit and runner has returned and was unaware that she struck another vehicle.

Bus broke down in the middle of Pleasant Street. It is impeding traffic. Paul Revere reports tow truck enroute. 92 requesting ETA on tow truck. Paul Revere sent a maintenance truck that was unable to repair the truck. Headquarters has called G&J for a tow and they are on the scene.

Caller on Grovers Avenue stated that she thinks someone is going into her vacant apartment on the first floor. She stated that she also thinks someone is lighting fires in the apartment. The walls are burnt. Caller stated there is no fire at this time but there has been previously. 92 spoke with the caller. No damage, no break, no issue.

Loud motorcycle headed towards beach from Crest Avenue. No description, just a very loud bike. No callback number to gather more information.

General disturbance on Winthrop Street.

Caller on Winthrop Street reports that she was giving a friend a ride home and she broke down. Her friend’s boyfriend got her car running.She then noticed that she had been robbed of approximately $1400. Calling party is in a blue Ford Escape. Units investigating calling party’s statement. Spoke to clerk at the Cumberland. Suspects did purchase gas. Unable to view video until the manager is on the scene. Referred to the day shift for a follow-up.

Calling party on Trident Avenue wants male removed from the house. She sounded upset and said the male destroyed her son’s Sim card. White shirt, Hispanic. Unit stated one in custody for domestic assault and battery.


Wednesday,May 17

Reporting party on Cutler Street stated there is a small blue vehicle parked in the handicap spot on front of her house. Vehicle was cited for parking in the handicap spot and towed to G&J for revoked insurance. Unit stated owner of vehicle had proper docs showing he has active insurance. He has been advised of parking in a handicap spot.

Caller on Shirley Street states there are several cars illegally parked in front of his business. There is one hour parking allowed, and his customers have nowhere to park.

Party came to the station to report a larceny of a motor vehicle. After speaking with him, it became clear that this is a civil matter regarding a payment dispute over two motor vehicles sold by the reporting party in January. Moreover, the transaction occurred in Tewksbury and the other involved party resides in Pepperill, MA. Reporting party advised to contact either Tewksbury PD or Pepperill PD.

Attempt to serve summons to subject on Shirley Street. 91 reports party was not home.

Caller states there is an abandoned white SUV with no plates in vicinity of Terrace and Harbor View Avenue. Caller states it looks like it had a crash. 91 transporting one black vehicle to the station. Vehicle was placed in the driveway. One female under arrest for warrant.

Physical altercation with some students on Main Street. Called in by principal. Dropped individual off at home and there was an incident last night. Will inform the OIC to let him know to have a drive by every couple of hours.

Follow-up of larceny at Citizen’s Bank.

DPW reports larceny from town. Couple of individuals took loom out of the DPW yard.

Walk-in from Pleasant Street to report that a client might be a victim of bank fraud.

Male party at Governors Park reports that while trying to move some items out of his extra bedroom he had his motor vehicle running and someone stole his car. He stated he informed control and called it in to dispatch. The motor vehicle was recovered in Boston after being involved in an accident earlier that morning.

Noise complaint of 30 kids partying across Otis Street for a few hours. Units states parties were having a little fire and he advised them of the city ordinance having to do with fire and they put it out. They will be clearing the area.

Male party on Governors Drive came in to report that he rented a room to a female party. She left and after she left they noticed some items missing. After trying for several days they were unable to contact her.

Caller stated a dark color Prius with two people drinking in the car. Units stated nothing showing. The car must have left prior to their arrival.


Thursday, May 18

Party on Bartlett Road needs assistance with lockout. Called a couple of times and he was advised that we do not unlock doors. Fire requested to assist. Fire was able to get the individual in.

Calling party on Lincoln Street states there is a drunk male in her driveway. She just got home from work and does not want to leave her name or number. She just wants him out of her driveway. Unit requested medical and they are enroute. Voluntarily transport to Whidden Hospital.

Caller on Cottage Park Road states he woke up to find that his home had been vandalized while he was sleeping. No items are missing at this time. Apparently, whomever went through his house cut the wires. Report to follow.

Reporting party on Woodside Avenue states there is a blue Jaguar parked with the keys sticking out of the door. 92 secured the vehicle. Left note on vehicle and took the keys to headquarters.

Standing by while party retrieving property on Grovers Avenue. Party got his belongings without incident.

ACO standing by female injured from fall at Winthrop Marketplace. Medical aid notified. Transported to Melrose Wakefield Hospital.

Reporting party on Governors Drive states that her windshield was smashed overnight. She has since had it repaired but would like to report it. She needs a unit to come to her and she has a disabled husband. No vandalism. She wants it noted in case this happens again.

Party on Billows Street came to the station to report that the neighbor is being verbally abusive and interfering with their construction crew on their property. The reporting party has the proper paperwork to do the work. This has been an ongoing dispute.

Party on Shirley Street stated that a male party keeps knocking on her door. Could be special needs as he seems confused. 92 and 93 checked the area. Mother-in-law is babysitting and afraid. Units spoke to the mother-in-law and advised her to lock her doors. 92 will search the area looking for the party.

Drunk male party well known to station on Golden Drive. Transported to MGH for further evaluation.

Party states a hypodermic needle on the ground on Shirley Street. Needle has been properly disposed of.

Grand Marquis in the middle of Revere Street broke down. Driver requested a tow. G&J was notified and they responded.

Party came in to report that while she was parked on Shirley Street on Tuesday, someone “keyed” her car. She would like this entered into the journal. So done.

Caller on Main Street stated that a group of kids are giving the custodian a hard time. They are skateboarding at loading dock. Superintendent called it in. Group of three juveniles skateboarding were told to leave the area.

Party on Morton Street making threats toward a neighbor. Shooting off fire works and harassing neighbors. All nationalities, all boys. Caller stated he was upstairs in his house and hear loud bang. He ran down the stairs to see 5-6 kids fighting and throwing rock at a red truck. Ended up being a verbal argument with people from out of town. They have left the area.

Reporting party on Read Street states there are kids outside lighting off fireworks and threatening him. Juveniles harassing neighbors. Heading to the corner to see if he an find the vehicle involved in the incident. Unable to locate a vehicle.

Party just wanted it noted that she received a phone call from a scammer stating that if she did not send money that he would shut down her Windows operating system on her computer. As soon as she responded to them that she was calling the police, the hung up.


Friday, May 19

Report of loud music on Beach Road. Unit stated they spoke with resident and the music has been turned down. Peace restored.

Party on Veterans Road stated there is a black pickup truck backed into a spot and the bed of the truck is blocking the walkway to enter the apartment building. Calling party also stated that the truck is overflowed with pieces of wood. Vehicle moved back to parking lot. Unit was flagged down by calling party. When leaving, calling party states this vehicles does not live there and should not be parked in this lot. Unit will go around to check on it. We cannot tow from private property.

Motor vehicle stop on Putnam Street. Verbal. Unit states party was confused due to all detours in town. She will be escorting him to the nursing home. He is all set.

Caller states that there is a Ryder moving truck parked on Shirley and Irwin Street with its motor running and no one in it. Vehicle moved and caller called back to cancel.

Unit states there is a dispute between landlord and subject on Hermon Street. Building Commissioner was requested and is in route. Both parties have private council and will be handling this matter in court. Unit will remain on the scene until Building Commissioner arrives. Commissioner is on the scene and he brought the female inside to explain to her the situation. This is a civil matter.

Caller states there is a 18 foot truck parked illegally halfway on the street and halfway in the middle of the road at Pleasant and Main Street. It is near the Odyssey Restaurant. Unit states vehicle is on his way.

Two motor vehicles moved from Cottage Park Road. In case owners are looking for their vehicles, they were moved for construction.

Report of water coming out of water meter on Cliff Avenue. DPW contacted and they will handle.

Elderly female on Court Road states a landscaping ruck is blocking her driveway. She state it is an ongoing issue. Calling party called back and reported that the vehicle moved.

Off at high school monitoring a few recent incidents from the last few days.

Caller reports a screaming child somewhere in the vicinity of Shirley Street. No further information. Caller works from home and stated she hears the child screaming often. Screaming child stopped prior to our arrival. Spoke to calling party and she was just concerned about the well being of the child. Will call back if it continues.

Caller reports that a silver Toyota is driving around the Shirley Street area and Washington Street throwing water balloons out of the car window. A BOLO was put out for the vehicle.

Trespass tow from Governors Park.

DPW was contacted regarding low hanging branch in the vicinity of Pleasant Street that is causing a hazard. They arrived and remove the branch.

Party reports towing vehicle from Governors Park visitor parking lot near the 500 building. Vehicle was displaying expired plates and has been parked there for an excessive amount of time.

Caller on Wave Way and Shirley Street reports someone using electrical tools on his car and it is extremely loud. They are finished for the evening and all is quiet.

Party on Bartlett Parkway reports a group of kids went down the stairs that leads to the water to drink. Units checked the area and all is clear.

Delivery driver was bitten by a dog on Pleasant Street. Caller stated he was seeking his own medical assistance and will likely need a rabies shot. The delivery driver also left a message with the ACO. Caller also stated that there are two dogs at this location but it was the bigger of the two dogs that bit him. He did not know the name of the resident but did provide the phone number. He just wanted this incident logged and will follow up with the ACO during his repair work hours.

Skinny male, 50s, extremely intoxicated on the opposite side of Twist and Shake heading toward the Landing. Unable to locate subject.


Saturday, May 20

Loud music in the area of Governors Park possibly coming from the yoga studio on Banks Street. Female caller states that the music is extremely loud.

Trees are being cut down on Bowdoin Street. Car parked spot and is in the way of work. Residents in the apartment building were advised to move the ads to other side of the lot. Vehicle needs to be moved. It was moved.

915 reports car with boat trailer clipped at trees in Landing and lost his mast. 93 notified driver. He headed back to get the mast.

Daughter would like a well being check o her dad on Court Road. She has not hear from him in three days. Also be advised neighbor who is located across the street will meet police on scene as she has the keys for the house. 93 spoke with dad and he was in the basement working on his hobbies. All is well.

Parking complaint on Beach Road for vehicle that has been parked for over three days with no parking permit. 92 requested tow. G&J has vehicle in tow as the vehicle is unregistered.

Walk-in to report a Sharps at the corner Jefferson near Michael’s Mall. Hazard was removed by an officer.

Party on Walden Street wanted to see police to file a report that his neighbor vandalized his tree by cutting too much of it off. He was very adamant and wanted a unit. Spoke to the subject and explained the laws. The subject is under the weather.

Calling party on Shirley Street states a large crowd at Yirrell Beach and they have a bonfire. Fire enroute. 94 also responded. Bonfire was put out on beach and individuals sent on their way. Responded to second bonfire on the beach. That fire was put out Individuals out of town sent on their way.

Reporting party on Cutler Street states there is a black pickup truck parked halfway on the sidewalk. Parking citation issued for violation.

Caller at Governors Park sates there are buys in the back parking lot and tennis court and his kids are sleeping and security is not around, so he would like to get an officer down there to speak to them. Group of kids were cooperative and understood. They will leave the area.

Vehicle parked at Arthur T. Cummings School with windows open and open alcohol in the back of the car. Vehicle in question belonged to a resident in the area. Belongings have been returned to the owner.


Sunday, May 21

Assist medical at Dunkin Donuts on Main Street. 40 year old female transported to MGH.

Calling party on Shirley Street stated she sees motorcycles racing down the street and playing loud music. Clear, area is quiet.

Calling party on Locust Street has not heard from her so since last night and she is worried. She would like  a well being check on him. Party was sleeping. Stated he will give his mother a call.

Adult female brought in by another party. She is believed to belong to one of the adult homes in Winthrop but not sure at this time which one. It turned out that she plays basketball every Sunday and she had a problem getting into the school. Patrol Officer went to the adult home on Pleasant Street and confirmed that she is a resident at the facility. They sent a driver to pick her up.

Party on Winthrop Street states that there is a 6 year old boy carrying a sign that says “homeless” and asking for money. There is no adult with him that the caller can see. He is right outside of Sudden Impact. Officer stated that they located the little boy and brought him back home to the Jefferson Apartments. Parents of the boy were not home, but his  18 yard old brother stated that he was unaware of what his little brother was doing and thought that he was just outside playing. He also stated that he will be having a talk with his brother so he will no longer do that.

Report of a dog hit by motor vehicle on Shirley Street. ACO will pickup the dog when he gets back into town.

Mother on Shirley Street just called stating that her mother was watching her 3 year old boy and now an not find him. He was last seen 20 minutes ago. Mother is on her way to Shirley Street. The child was found in his bedroom prior to our arrival.

Pickup needle on Temple Avenue. Item has been recovered and properly disposed of.

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