Facebook Posting Causes Local Stir

After a contentious School Committee meeting Monday night in which the committee selected an Interim Superintendent of Schools, Chairwoman Dawn Sullivan posted her thoughts on Facebook about her fellow committee members and it wasn’t pretty.

Sullivan admits it was wrong to do. She posted the message at 3 a.m. and says it was up only until 7 a.m. but as social media works many people have seen and reposted Sullivan’s post for even more to see. Sullivan sent in a letter to the editor apologizing to the Winthrop School community for lashing out at her fellow committee members, even calling one “not the sharpest tool in the shed.”

“I was behaving out of frustration and disappointment and it was a very big mistake,” she said. She even states that she acted as a bully. “I am very sorry and embarrassed and I hope the entire community can learn from my mistake,” she stated in her letter.

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