Police Blotter 05-11-2017

Monday, May 1

Caller states a black male has been going around the neighborhood for approximately two weeks ringing doorbells asking for old cell phones, TVs and money. The suspect spoke to the caller’s wife. He is heading west down Franklin towards Revere Street. Nothing showing on Franklin, heading towards Revere Street to check the area. Found suspect in parking lot of Winthrop Marketplace. The individual was told he could not knock on anyone else’s door and he headed home.

Party on Madison called to state a black Honda is making it impassable for other vehicles to make a turn. 93 reports the vehicle left.

Received a report of a fraudulent use of credit card on Woodside Avenue.

Reporting party reports observing three males, approximately 16 years of age, passing a possible firearm. Description was relayed to surrounding cities and towns on Bapern Central. 944 is with those three individuals in question int he basement of the house in question on Winthrop Street. One juvenile being transported to the station for parent notification.

Report of children being disruptive on Shirley Street. 93 reports he spoke with both parties and peace was restored.

6-1/2 year old with abdominal pain on Governors Park. Fire and EMS enroute. 93 advised parents and they will transport to the hospital.

Two summons received from Charlestown District Court for service regarding a harassment order hearing on Irwin Street. W92 will attempt to serve. 92 reports he was unable to serve at this time.

92 was finally able to serve subject on Irwin Street. Officer will sign and return and fax return back to court.

Reporting party on Pond Street states there is a car inn the top level of the garage with teenagers and they have been sitting there for over an hour. Unit stated all parties left the area.


Tuesday, May 2

Suspicious activity on Harvard Street.

Report of an alarm going off int he vicinity of Ingleside and Brookfield Avenue. Not sure if it is a house or vehicle. Unit states he is trying to locate where the alarm is coming from. Unit spoke with the homeowner and he was able to shut the alarm off.

Motor vehicle blocking hydrant on Buchanan Street. Vehicle was issued a $100 ticket and the owner moved the vehicle.

99 attempting to serve warrant on Buchanan Street. One custody and 93 transported for two outstanding warrants.

Party called to say he is parked in Pico Playground because work is being done on fire hydrants. He informed headquarters he will love his vehicle when they finish.

Guest causing problems on Shirley Street. 91 responding to unwanted party in lobby. Two females and one male. Miscommunication between guest and management. Guest left premises.

Party came to the station to report identity theft. Party reports that someone applied for credit using his name and social security number with an address in South Carolina with Bank of America. He discovered it when the bank sent him a congratulatory letter to him regarding the new credit. Party cancelled the account.

Party on Woodside Avenue came to the station to report that while he was out at his job today someone entered his room with a key and took his green boots. W92 responded to the group home to investigate. Spoke to staff member who says it is common for the subject to leave and misplace things at work and believes that his green boots are there. Also no sign of forced entry.

ACO reported that at Coughlin Park, a warning was given to civilians for dogs not being on leashes as well as a complaint made by someone in the neighborhood.

Call came into headquarters regarding a woman in the vicinity of Washington Avenue that is extremely confused. Calling party will be standing by with her. No last name given for the calling party. Medical requested. There was a language barrier, but subject is believed to live at Governors Park. Unit will be giving her a ride to that address. Party was lost and did now know how to get home. She is now safely home and with her family.

Report of a Rottweiler running around near the Winthrop Arms. Area searched and nothing showing.

Party came to the station to report a car stolen that she stated she does not own. The party reports someone registered a car using the same name as hers with a Springfield, MA address. According to the party, fines were associated with this car and she was told to come to the police station and report this unknown motor vehicle as stolen. In trying to understand the story, and to explain to the party that there was possibly an identity theft at play,she was requested to complete a V/W statement. The party did not want to complete anything and made statements that she was being mistreated because of her race. The party claimed when she called the police earlier in the day, she used a different voice and was told to come to the station. Party then left the station in a huff. A further check into CJIS revealed at least seven cars listed to the same party with the same Springfield address with various registration status. A MA license also is on file for the party with the same Springfield address displaying her picture.

Party called looking to speak with outreach or someone because her friend did not arrange to have her picked up after work today and he has not returned home as yet. Caller reports that he has many health concerns and is driving a silver van. Caller just wanted to talk with someone and wants nothing further.


Wednesday, May 3

Report of a man asleep in a car on Pleasant Park Road. Reporting party stated that the car is running and the man inside is passed out. Unit states they spoke to the two individuals, they were extremely uncooperative. They were sent on their way.

Party on Shore Drive claims he was gone for an hour and a half and came back to his door smashed in and glass shattered. Nothing taken and he asked around if anyone had seen this happen. There was no one who witnessed it. Officer reports nothing taken, small piece of door broken off.

Parks and Recreation bus struck a pole at Ingleside Park. No injuries.

Attempted to serve warrant to subject on George Street. One being brought to the station for arrest warrant.

Party came to the station initially reporting threats and harassment from former tenant. After speaking with party further, it was determined that there was no direct contact or threats from former tenant, but she had received a notice from the state Attorney General’s office that her former tenant had made allegations of racially motivated eviction. Party was advised to her rights and also submitted a report request form for any other calls that might have come in the past year.

Report of a dog off the leash at Ingleside Park and there are a lot of kids around.

Walk-in party reports she believes she witnessed a male injecting heroin in the parking lot in the area of Bowdoin Street. Party last seen walking i the area of the high school. Officer taking juvenile back to the station to be picked up by a parent.

94 off with a male party on Payson Street.

Units off to conduct a well being check on Revere Street. Units checked multiple houses left and right and got no responses.

Mom on Read Street wants her daughter’s boyfriend removed because she states he is unwelcome in the house. The individual was spoken to and he knows he has a trespass order and what would happen if he would come back.

Son on Douglas Street took a car without permission. Father called and stated the son may have gone to the hockey rink. Vehicle spotted on Hermon Street. Units attempted to contact the parents/owner of the vehicle. They brought the vehicle to the parents and also to mediate the situation. The vehicle was returned to the father and peace was restored.

Car illegally parked at Coughlin Park. Owner was notified and when the park closes he will be moving his vehicle.

Female with altered mental status on Faun Bar Avenue. Daughter is throwing objets at the mother. One female to MGH on a Section 12.


Thursday, May 4

Party from Nevada Street came to the station to report that when she parked in front of her house there was a male and female party that started walking in a fast motion towards her car. She will be driving back to her house and wants an officer to check out the area. Unit confirmed that party made it inside residence safely.

Report of a woman hunched over her steering wheel on Walden and Main Street. Unit stated nothing showing.

Party came back to the station from a previous call to now fill out a V/W form for an identity theft report. He was given the form to fill out.

Report of a possible fight at the high school. Nothing showing,but cruiser will check in the back of the school. Area search was negative.

Calling party stated that a street light was hanging from its pole along Short Beach. Calling party was “passing by” and could not give an exact location or pole number. National Grid notified.

Two car motor vehicle accident on Banks Street with air bag deployment. Witness on scene. G&J enroute.

Warrant issued to subject on Moore Street. State Police arrested one.

One male, one female squatting in the attic at the Inn at Crystal Cove. 92 and 93 will be checking the area. Party left upon their arrival. 92 off with male party at Beacon Circle. Units are clear. Both parties have been advised not to trespass. Both parties have been trespassed and owner will go to the station tomorrow to have a written trespass order completed.

Everett PD is off on Ocean Avenue to question a subject in regards to an incident that took place in their city. W92 will assist. No contact was made.

Walk-in to report of a past hit and run on Hermon Street.

Calling party on Dolphin Avenue states that someone is driving around the block and honking their horn. Calling party states that this has been an ongoing issue for the last six months. Calling party believes it’s rude. States that people are trying to sleep. Party has the license plate and would like to speak to an officer. 92 will follow-up on Crest Avenue to speak to the party. Party denies honking horn and has been advised.


Friday, May 5

Report of a really drunk female at Inn at Crystal Cove. Reporting party is stating she is really drunk and can not control her. She was arguing with her. Reporting party wants her to leave. Officers spoke to the reporting party. The intoxicated female left prior to their arrival. Units will check the area and attempt to locate the female. 93 reports entire length of Shore Drive has nothing showing. Reporting party was advised to call back if the female returns.

Attempt to serve revocation order to subject on Buchanan Street. Party was served in hand.

An attorney for subject came to the station in regards to an estate on Johnson Avenue. Some weapons were located and he would like an officer to respond. Items were recovered and brought to the station.

93 assisted party on Court Road with residence check.

Caller on Kennedy Road and Revere Street states that people are driving crazy over by the school and traffic is bad. 93 responded from a prior call. 93 reports gridlock on Revere Street and wants to inform fire and EMS. Both fire and EMS notified. Area clear and traffic flowing.

Attempted to serve warrant of apprehension on Tewksbury Street. Spoke to the mother and she will contact station when the daughter gets home. No service made.

Motor vehicle stop on Washington Avenue. Unit cited driver for speeding and was talked to about his driving.


Saturday, May 6

Two calls to Park Avenue. First caller hung up with call taker before we got information so we were sending police for 911 hang up but before it was dispatched, a second caller stated it was wires sparking. So it was only for fire because we got in contact with the original caller.

Calling party on Buckthorn Terrace states that her son is being aggressive. She is in fear for herself and her other son and wants him removed. Calling party states he is front of her house. Police requested medical for an evaluation. Unit reports male party voluntarily transported to Whidden.

Motor vehicle accident on Crest Avenue. G&J on the scene. Unit reports no injuries, patient refused transport. Two vehicles were towed.

Party on Hawthorn Avenue says a lot of yelling and banging in another apartment. Units reports that the street was clear but did make their way over to the next street to a known party and talked to the male party and he is going in for the night.

Caller on Coral Avenue says an ongoing issue with noise and yelling on the back porch. Unit reports parties were cooperate and shut down the party. Unit will respond back in a little bit to make sure the noise is down. They went back to check and everything was under control.

Elderly male with altered mental status on Tewksbury and Shirley Street. Fire enroute. 93 will assist male with a ride over the line to East Boston. His vehicle will be left parked in the beach fire house lot on Shirley Street. A friend of the gentleman will now give him a ride back to East Boston.

Unwanted son on Cliff Avenue. 92 reports male transported to Children’s for an evaluation.

Assisted fire with male party 94C activity on Siren Street. 92 reports ambulance refusal.

Brother unwanted on Prospect Avenue. He is on the back porch using a card trying to get in back door. No weapons, that she is aware of. Male party has been spoken to and understands he is not welcome at that residence. He has moved along.

Report of a sick raccoon on back porch on Washington Avenue. ACO unit reports he advised homeowner how to handle this situation.

Unwanted 50 year old female drunk on Golden Drive. 92 reports female party left scene prior to their arrival.

Caller at Governors Park states that she believes someone tampered with her door locks while she was away on vacation. Possible past breaking and entering. Units reports they spoke to the party and she was concerned that someone had changed the knob on the door. Nothing seems to be missing and no sign of a break. If party sees something missing she will go to the police or call back.

Reporting party that wanted to remain anonymous, stated there is  tan car double parked in Magees Corner. Unit reports the car left prior to his arrival.

Headquarters requested medical for a male party. Party was transported to MGH Boston. The party’s family was notified by officer.

Party on Pearl Avenue states that kids were playing baseball in the street and hit his vehicle and caused some minor damage. Unit reports that parties agreed to get an estimate for the damage. The two male parties playing catch in the street will make good for the damage. They are students visiting. Unit then counseled them on where to play catch.

Report of an open door held open by a rock at the Arthur T. Cummings School. Unit reports auxiliary did a walk around the building. The door was proper open by a rock and the alarm was going off. Unit secured the door.

Party on Beacon Street states she is dog sitting for a woman and she has not come to pick up her dog. Party is worried. She would like a well being check done. Units reported unable to reach the party that resided at that address and gain access. Units did go to the other address and that house is under construction. Units cleared.

Calling party on Prospect Avenue wants her son removed. Police were there earlier for the same situation. Party called while units were arriving stating that her son got an Uber and left the house.

Caller at Governors Park states that items are missing from her apartment. Police were there earlier but now she is calling back stating at the time she was not aware of anything missing. She is requesting police back to her house. Unit reports everything is in order. Nothing was taken from the apartment. Unit reports we had issues there before. Also, calling party states the unit accused him of taking things from her apartment.


Sunday, May 7

Neighbor on Sunnyside Avenue called to state that there are workers doing roof work and the equipment is also blocking the sidewalk. 93 off speaking to contractor doing the roof work. Contractor was informed of the bylaws on working on Sunday.

Unwanted male at Fort Heath Apartments. Male party located out front. He was not supposed to be there. One under arrest.

Party came to the station to inquire if anyone had turned in keys in the last day. She lost them yesterday. Went through the box of keys in the control room and we located another set that she had misplaced several months ago. The still missing set contains a car key with door lock and computer chip feature and two house keys. Call if they are located.

Neighbor stated that there is loud music coming from the car wash on Main Street. Parties told to keep the music down.  Original parties left the area before an officer arrived.

Female party down on Veterans and Shirley Street. Unknown medical. 93 reports a pedestrian struck by a motor vehicle. Female going to MGH.

Parent on Tewksbury Street called stating that her son has a Section 35 open and he is at the house. Parent stated that police are supposed to respond to remove him. We waited for the male party to leave the driveway area. He left the premises. We spoke to the mother regarding the Section 35. She thought her son could be taken into custody tonight. She will go to the court tomorrow.

Caller on Moore Street states there are three drunk males in the lobby who don’t belong there. He told them to get lost and they said the landlord said it was okay for them. He states he spoke to the landlord and he never said that. Parties have left the area.

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