Police Blotter 05-04-2017

Monday, April 24

Report of a white dog running around the area of Read Street. No tags, friendly. Officer was able to reunite the dog with his owner.

Follow-up investigation at Cumberland Farms. Officer reports he was able to review video footage at the store and will be reporting to the sergeant.

Motor vehicle accident on Main Street. No injuries. One person was refusing to exchange paperwork.

Officer off an an investigation on Cliff Avenue. Message was left with a neighbor to have female party contact the police.

Female came in to report that she was at a Citizens Bank in Boston and left her ATM inside the machine. She stated someone used her car and withdrew $203.50 at that same location. She immediately cancelled her car and was advised to contact Boston PD to report this incident that occurred in their jurisdiction.

Female was assaulted on Main Street at the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center. She did not want medical aid. Victim left the scene. Subject left prior to officer’s arrival and the caller stated they headed towards East Boston. Winthrop Control notified Boston operations regarding juvenile reporting an assault.

Party came to the station to report that her live-in boyfriend left a note and she is concerned about him. The party returned home and was evaluated and transported.

Report of an erratic driver on Grovers Avenue. BOLO was put out to all units.

Lexington PD requesting well being check for party that stopped taking medication on Walden Street. We spoke to the brother and party is in Beth Israel at this time. Lexington was contacted and told this information.

Off on investigation from earlier missing person on Sea Foam Avenue 56  year old male voluntarily transported to MGH.


Tuesday, April 25

Off with two individuals on Shirley Street. Unit stated possible 94C. We spoke with the individual and he has been advised.

One male prisoner transported to East Boston Court.

Suspicious activity between male and female on Main Street. Employee locked the door. Male and female left the area and were just loitering which spooked the employee and she will call back if they return.

Party came to the station for advise on dealing with her daughter who is not listening to her. She was advised to go to Chelsea Juvenile Court for a CHINS and the matter was also referred to the SRO.

Report of dead squirrel on Veterans Road. ACO reports the area is clear.

Party on Coral Avenue complaining of three motor vehicles parked interfering with sweeping of his street. We spoke to one of the owners of the vehicles and citations were given but removed from the vehicles.

Juvenile came to the station with her parents to report an incident of harassment over her Snap Chat and Instagram that occurred today while she was at school.

Female came to the station with her husband to report receiving several calls to her cell phone of a threatening nature.

Syringe on the ground on Winthrop Street. It was properly disposed of.

Tenant on Shirley Street said his landlord threw his belongings into the street. They are now arguing. Incident happened earlier today. They have  court day coming up this Thursday to resolve all their problems which are civil. The peace was restored.


Wednesday, April 26

Caller on Girdlestone Road states a brown Mercedes SUV is parked with an expired sticker. Officer reports no sticker violation. It is in violation of street sweeping and the detail officer following street sweeping will be tagging the vehicle.

Party requested information on past fraud reported by her on January 16. The matter is under investigation by detectives. Party provided investigative number for her bank at her request.

Attempt to serve summons on Trident Avenue. It was served in hand.

Hypodermic needle next to telephone pole by the Winthrop Yacht Club. Officer reports no needle found but he will keep his eyes open.

Assisted citizen with getting belongings on Read Street. Services rendered.

Manager on Main Street called stating one of their staff was assaulted by a patient and they would like an officer. They will meet the officer in the lobby. Female suspect fled on foot towards Orient Heights. Police found the female suspect and she will be trespassed from the East Boston Neighborhood Health. It was a simple assault and not in police presence.

Calling party on Shirley Street requests DPW to address because Roto Rooter reports that drainage issue at house is at town mark. DPW sent this information.

Accident involving there cars with no injuries on Winthrop Street. All parties are refusing medical aid. One tow by G&J for GMC which they picked up.

Party on Bellevue Avenue reports there is a raccoon that has been stuck between her rear door and back deck for a few hours. Party was instructed to contact pest control per WFD. The raccoon was able to free himself.

Report of a female hyperventilating at Winthrop Market Place. She states that two p people that she is involved in a court case with are following her. Police checked the store and fond nothing unusual. Female party refused medical aid.

Calling party is walking his dog and stated an alarm is going off but is not sure where it is. It seems to be coming from around the plumbing store on Shirley Street. Unit is with CP and he will show unit where alarm is going off. Unit states alarm is no longer going off.


Thursday, April 27

Report of a water break on beach in the vicinity of Corinha Beach.

Party on Birch Road states large gray dog bit a female party in the hand. 92 reports the dog is still on the loose. ACO notified. Subject bit by dog transported to MGH. 92 located dog owner on Loring Road.

Caller on Trident Avenue states that someone overnight stole his two front tires from his vehicle that was parked in his driveway. Vehicle added to the call and incident report number given.

Party on Sea View Avenue reports that someone stole money out of her wallet that was in her vehicle.

Follow-up investigation on Loring Road. ACO reports no answer and message was left.

Motor vehicle accident on Woodside Avenue. WFD was requested. G&J on the scene also. They have the vehicle in question.

Follow-up investigation at Governors Park.

Report of male hitchhiking at Highland and Revere Street. 91 reports party in question has boarded a bus and is on his way.

92 off to speak with owner of a motor vehicle involved in an accident on Willow Avenue.

Well-being check on individual in a motor vehicle after Onstar activation on Main Street. 92 off with a vehicle matching the description.

Report of a white female who appears to be intoxicated heading towards high school. This was unfounded and no party in the area.

In the vicinity of Revere Street, an erratic driver almost ran a woman off the road. Drive pulled down Linden Street, the Hermon Street. 907 was notified about the information and units will be on the look-out for the car.

Unit reports he is going to look around for the raccoon that was hissing t kids on Orlando Avenue. Unit reports nothing showing but going to hang around until sailors come in to give a better location.

Unit reports heading over to assist female party to retrieve her property on Bowdoin Street. Units reports the was able to retrieve the items she wanted.

Received a few calls regarding sighing of coyotes in the Revere Street area.


Friday, April 28

Follow-up investigation on Paulin Street. Spoke with the homeowner.

Officer went to harbormaster to retrieve a syringe which was found at the town landing.

Unit needed an assist with attempt to serve a warrant on George Street.

BMC East Boston requests to complete a warrant of apprehension to subject on Grovers Avenue. One transported to East Boston

Minor motor vehicle accident in the parking lot on Main Street. Female is giving the caller a hard time.

Reporting party called seeking information regarding a past case involving her child and was seeking information. She was advised.

Party called reporting that she is a tourist staying at the Crystal Cove Inn. She left her wallet on a wall it the area of the inn while she was taking a photo. The wallet is pink and contains her identification inside She will be here until the 29th and if someone turns it into the police station to contact her at the inn.

Reporting party stated a motor vehicle accident and a motorcycle on Washington Avenue. Medical enroute but both parties refused medical. Unit requested tow for motorcycle. G&J enroute. Officer stated he will be giving the operator of the motorcycle a ride over the line in East Boston.

Caller on Overlook Drive reports that his electric wheelchair needs to be charged. He is stuck in front of home on Cross Street. We don’t have a chair car to assist citizen. Action was called and they will be coming from Wilmington. Reporting party was advised. Unit 93 reported the male party in wheelchair was pushed home safely by unit and engine. Action was cancelled.

Report of motorcycles racing up and down Crest Avenue. Unit will conduct an area search. Unit stated nothing showing but will monitor the area.

Caller on Temple Avenue is receiving threats via text. Unit is clearing and going to second address to speak with an individual about the text message. Unit stated that both parties agreed to stay away from each other.


Saturday, April 29

Follow-up investigation on Willis Avenue. Spoke with person at the residence.

Trying to locate someone at residence on Jefferson Street for follow-up investigation.

Follow-up investigation on Hermon Street. Officer was able to find the subject.

Another follow-up investigation on Temple Avenue. Officer was able to speak with parent.

Report of a little girl climbing on the construction equipment alone with no parents in sight on Walden Street. Child’s father and brothers were standing by. Officer spoke with parties and no service was needed.

Report of a black male going door to door on Shirley Street asking for money. Officer off with male party. He was picking up a VCR from a friend’s house. There was no come involved and the male party was not asking for money.

WFD states a car is parked in the fire lane on Cutler Street making it difficult to pass. Three parking citations were issued.

Motor vehicle on Revere Street. Papers exchanged and accident report to follow.

Walk-in report for past assault that was reported to have taken place at Mobil Mart.

A fight between two guys and a girl, no weapons. This is happening at Locust and Shore Drive. One male party was issued a citation for multiple motor vehicle infractions.

Calling party on Buchanan Street reports he found a sword out front of his house. The sword was retrieved and will be brought back to the station.

Fight between two males at French Square. Calling party states these men are in a fist fight. Both male parties let the scene prior to police arrival.

Vehicle observed in disrepair parking on the public way at Shirley and Mermaid Avenue. Two passenger side tires are nearly flat, exhaust is hanging. Further observed all kinds of car parts and debris in the vehicle. Vehicle will be towed if not moved within a day.

Mother wants a well being check on her son on Golden Drive. Officer spoke with the other and her son is not in the building.

Report of loud people in apartment on Atlantic Street. Unit stated the party will quiet down.

Reporting party on Court Road states there are 10 to 15 teenagers throwing beer cans around. Unit states that parties left in a black SUV and units will be doing an area check. They checked the area with nothing showing.


Sunday, April 30

Motor vehicle stop on Winthrop Street. Citation issued for stop sign violation.

Motor vehicle stop on Pleasant Street. Citation issued for failure to stop.

Reporting party stated she was walking on Nahant Avenue and saw a male party slumped over his wheel and the car is running. Units stated he spoke to those parties and they have been advised.

Party came to the station to report that his Ford Explorer was stolen from in front of his home. He discovered it missing yesterday.

Black truck parked on the corner on Shore Drive and Hawthorn Avenue is blocking roadway. Emergency vehicles would not be able to pass. Party called back to say the vehicle moved prior to police arrival.

93 off with disabled motor vehicle on Revere and Summit Avenue. Vehicle was moved to side of road. Party was waiting for his own tow.

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