Police Blotter 04-13-2017

Monday, April 3

A black male, in his late 30’s, was seen asking for money outside Citizen’s Bank on Putnam Street. Caller states people are afraid to go in the bank. Officer spoke to the subject who states that he is waiting for the ATM to open at 9 a.m.

Male party was seen leaving the 7/11 staggering. He got into a motor vehicle and drove away. An employee stated that the male came into the store unsteady on his feet. The party was spoken to and was advised not to drive under those conditions.

A disturbance between neighbors on Shirley Street. 911/Essex called in and had an open line. The call taker could hear arguing in the background. Call taker was attempting to call back and no answer on multiple call backs. Neighbor called that she can see her neighbors screaming at each other and she stated that at least three people were involved. One being a female. 988 off to assist units. The peace was restored between the neighbors.

In the vicinity of Forrest Street, a caller stated there was an erratic driver. She states that the driver blew a stop sign and was speeding. She stated that the vehicle may have pulled into a driveway or parking lot. BOLO given.

Suspicious activity at Hannaford Park. Party was seen urinating outside of his motor vehicle and also moving bags into his vehicle. Officer spoke to the subject who was an elderly male. He checked out.

An attempt to serve a summons on Siren Street. The summons was served in hand.

A motor vehicle accident on  Pleasant Street. G&J enroute. One transported to Whidden.

A well being check on elderly female who called 911 to complain about a dental bill. The caller seemed confused. Officer reproved a Alzheimer patient at The Arbors and the staff will handle the situation.

Motor vehicle accident with no injuries in front of Showcase Laundry. There was a language barrier.

Report of an abandoned vehicle on  Upland Road with no stickers. It has not moved in several days. The truck is also leaking fluids. It is legally parked but was added to the 72 hour list.

Assisted medical on Nevada Street with a 49 year old female with white foam coming from her mouth. She was sent to the Whidden.

Party on Pleasant Street states a black motor vehicle parked in the middle of the street blocking traffic for 10 minutes. Officer spoke to the owner of vehicle who was a visiting nurse. He will be moving the vehicle.

50 year old female apparently nodding off in a gray Mustang with the keys in the ignition on Shore Drive. Officer spoke to the female and approves her condition.

Party on Ocean View Street states that neighbor will not give her back her runaway cat. The cat went missing for two months and showed up back in the neighbor’s yard. Only children home at the residence. Officer will go to do a follow-up tomorrow to speak to appropriate parties and get this resolved.

Caller states that the hydrant flag from the hydrant is in the road in vicinity of Winthrop and Belcher Street. It may be a hazard for passerby’s. The flag was still intact.

We receiving a fax from state electronic probation for subject on Winthrop Street for allowing his battery monitor to die. Subject may be home shortly but has not arrived. Units stated no one is home. Headquarters requested the units respond in an hour. When units went back, subject still not home.

Report of a male party shining a flashlight into windows on Pauline Street. Unit stated a male party lived at the home and he checked out.


Tuesday, April 4

Party at Shore and Moore Street states that two males tried to rob his apartment. He said he was in his apartment, and two males tried to break in. They both fled once they heard him in the apartment. One fled in a vehicle and one fled on foot. Party followed him to the current address. He said that the party went into a house on the corner. Unit stated there was a misunderstanding. Report to follow.

Attempt to serve a probation warrant to subject on Winthrop Street. The subject was not home.

Follow-up investigation on Shore Drive with Recovery Coach. Officer and Recovery Coach had a conversation with the party.

A well-being check for party on Trident Avenue who is not answering the phone. They talked to him yesterday and he did not sound good. Officers made entry to back door. Nobody was home.

Assisted medical with 64 year old male on Trident Avenue. One to MGH.

Party reports that about an hour ago she was involved in a hit and run on Shore Drive. Party did stop but then drove off when she asked for his information.

A couple of calls came in reporting a wild turkey causing traffic issues. Reporting party called in to update situation. The turkey has moved to Governors Drive.

Assisted fire and medical for subject at Viking Gardens. 89 year old male on the floor needed assistance in getting up. Front door was locked. Fire still on the scene.

Woman on Beal Street came into the station to report that her 9 year old son did not come home from school. She called all of his friends’ homes that she is aware of but he is not there. Units and OIC notified. SRO notified and contacted principal of his school. All known places he frequents were checked along with the public library. While entering into NCIC,the juvenile called his mother who was still in the lobby. He was at a friend’s house and forgot to call her. All unit were notified.

A well-being check for 17 year old male on Floyd Street. Party called from NYPD transferred call. Calling party asking for well being check. He never met the male subject. Both parties met through an online game. Involved party made concerning statements online. Male party and parents were spoke to and they were all aware of the situation. The calling party needs a wellbeing check on himself. We reached out to NYPD and they will be checking in with the reporting party.


Wednesday, April 5

Elderly female on Lincoln Street called 911 twice stating that her husband is ill. The first time she called, a nurse took her phone and said everything is fine. When she called bak again and said something is wrong with her husband, then hung up. WFD and Action EMS also responded. Elderly female called back a third time. By this time, the police and WFD where on the scene. Officer reports one to MGH.

Party turned in a found Apple phone with blue silicone cover found on Atlantic Street. It was placed in the lost and found at the front counter.

Party called in about a well being check on her uncle on Putnam Street. She then called back before police were dispatched stating that her uncle has been transported to the hospital and that was why he was not answering the door for a home health care provider.

Caller reports that she was a victim of an attempted fraud by means of gift cards. She has notified her bank and credit holders and advised them of the scam.

Party on Natant Avenue reports an ongoing issue with a resident who continues to come onto his property with his dog. The party would like this on record and wishes to speak to the ACO. ACO will speak with the person with the dog in an attempt to resolve issues.

Report of a hit and run on River Road. Calling party then stated that she was not at home at the time. She was advised to come to the station after work and file a report. No service made or required.

Caller stated that someone called her home stating it was the IRS and that they were investigating her. The caller was aware right away that it was a scam and did not give out any personal information. She did want it on file that they had called. She was advised that an officer could come to her home to gather more information but the caller felt that was unnecessary. She was advised to call back if they called her again.

Keeping the peace between a landlord and tenant exchange to make sure that the tenant moved out on Cutler Street.

Party reports an ongoing problem with tenant in her building who lives on the first floor. She reports yesterday she came and banged on her car and yelled at her. She will be notifying her landlord in an attempt to resolve the matter and was advised to call the police if she feels threatened or needs immediate assistance. The party wants this on record.

More citizens are calling stating they are receiving scam calls from IRS and credit debt.

Party on River Road came into the station to report that overnight a person or persons unknown struck her motor vehicle while it was parked in front of her home causing damage to the driver’s side front fender.

Party from Johnson Avenue came in to report harassing hone calls on her new cell phone number. She wanted this logged.

Report of a rabid raccoon on River Road. Reporting party can not leave home due to it. Homeowner was spoken to and the ACO was notified. He will be taking care of it tomorrow. The raccoon is under the porch at the moment. Homeowner was satisfied with this solution.

Woman on Shore Drive reports a man is ringing and banging on her front door. She is home alone and afraid. The party was gone upon officer’s arrival. Checked the area for subject and area checked out. Nothing showing. Female party was advised to call back if male returns.

Royal Taxi is following people on Shirley Street that jumped out of his ab without paying. Driver got his money and no need for a unit.

Assisted fire with water main break on Veterans Road.

Calling party on Woodside Avenue says he hears loud noises/yelling outside his apartment in front of Blackstrap’s Restaurant. Officer said he will speak with the reporting party about this issue tomorrow. Units looked around and said only about four people are in the restaurant.


Thursday, April 6

Party on Douglas Street reports loud screaming coming from the last housing unit. Units talked to female party about the situation. Female was in a verbal argument with her boyfriend. He left the house. Female was advised to call back if her returns.

Calling party reports there is a possible water main break at Corinha Beach. Officer reports that it confirmed water main break and requested DPW. Officer reports DPW shut down the water for now and will be back later to fix it.

Water main break on Faun Bar Avenue. DPW notified and are enroute. Reporting party states that the water pipe burst on the water tower and flooding the street. WFD was notified of the situation but were not sending any apparatus.

Export Towing reports towing two vehicles for private trespass on Veterans Road.

Probation warrants served on George Street. 92 will transfer to courthouse. State Police followed.

party on Golden Drive states that someone hit his car and left the scene. Driver’s side front end damage. Report to follow.

Party came to the station to report that someone opened up several E-mails in her name as well as a Paypal account and ordered three iPhones and charged them to her ATT account. One telephone was delivered to her home and another telephone was picked up at the Fedex office in Boston.

Suspicious motor vehicle sitting out front for over an hour with two males inside on Elmwood Court. Person in the vehicle is peaking to a friend that resides on Elmwood.

Report that Walden street is flooded and should be shut down. DPW notified. DPW reports that this always happens. When the rain stops and the tide goes out, the street will drain. There are several inches of water on the street. Cars are able to get by at this time.

Report of loud music on Winthrop Street. This is an ongoing issue at this address.


Friday, April 7

Calling party at Governors Park states that her downstairs neighbor is making  lot of noise, waking her and her baby up. Unit stated when they pulled up, they heard nothing.

Calling party on Winthrop Street states that there is a red car parked in front his house playing loud music which woke him up. A citation was issued for obstruction. Vehicle towed to G&J.

Assisted fire with vehicle that needs to be towed from Charles Street. Triple A refused to tow. A miscommunication from all-taker and fire. Triple A will be enroute to remove the vehicle from private property.

Motor vehicle hit a parked car and took off on Ocean Avenue. Badge 951 is off with 91. Owner of the helical was elderly and is not safe to drive for the rest of the day. He was safely dropped off at his residence and vehicle was parked in his driveway.

Motor vehicle accident at Pleasant and Waldemar Avenue. Second vehicle will meet the office at the station to exchange papers. Party that was driving claims he has a permit and stated that his son that has an active license was in the vehicle with him. Report to follow. This accident is under further investigation and an incident report will follow after speaking with involved party and reviewing paperwork.

Two dogs, one a Doberman and one a Shepard, described as dangerous in the vicinity of the senior center. ACO is not on the air but he is going by to see if the  dogs can be located. Nothing showing at this time.

Calling party states that some youths were trying to gain access onto the buses in the parking lot at Little League field. Both individuals were spoken to and they were advised what will happen if they come back and attempt to board the buses again.

Reporting party wanted it noted that there are four kids ringing her doorbell and then taking off. This is not the first time it has happened.


Saturday, April 8

A church function is going on at St. John’s Episcopal Church and a female party is disrupting the services. 94 stated he needed no additional units. Female party brought to the station waiting for her ride. The party was picked up.

Report of a dead dog at Deer Island. State Police are sending DCR.

Party came to the station to report the latest in a continuing pattern of harassment and intimidation fro an individual he had hired for snow removal. Reporting party states that today someone spit all over his vehicle while it was parked. While reporting party did not witness who did this, he does have a suspect in mind as this party lives in the area. Party would like this incident noted for the purpose of obtaining a harassment order.

Plymouth Police called and BOLO for black Hummer. Party reportedly drunk and may be heading to Winthrop to get on his boat. Party never showed.


Sunday, April 9

Report of noise on Winthrop Street. Unit states that peace restored.

Assisted DCF with removing two children from a home on Central Street. Clear, child will remain at home. DCF will tax over their report so they can have it.

Noise complaint on Main Street. Clear, officer checked the Mobile Gas Station and everything appears to be quiet. No loud music.

Reporting party called and stated that two young kids are climbing on things on Revere  Street. Talked to parties and they were told it was not safe to be in the back and climbing on things.

Report of wild turkey obstructing traffic on Shirley Street. Turkey moved to the sidewalk so traffic could move.

Party at Governors Park states that someone has stolen items out of her apartment. A tablet and laptop are missing. Due to a fire in the building, multiple construction workers trying to put the units back together.

Engine 1 requested police on scene on Beacon Street. Unit stated one transported to MGH.

Assisted ambulance with combative patient at Winthrop Community Health Center. Unit stated that patient has been secured.


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