Police Blotter 04-06-2017

Monday, March 27

Calling party stated that she gave her cat and $250 to residents on Buchanan Street. Since then, the new owner of the cat has been contacting her requesting money for surgery that the animal never had. Calling party believed the new owners are just trying to get more money out of her. She is requesting we check the well being of he animal and to have the new owners be advised to stop requesting money.

A white male, brown hair going door to door in the vicinity of Morton Street. The individual is soliciting for town home remodeling. He does have a permit through the county.

Caller on Prospect Avenue states there is a car in front of the house that has never been there before. She states it has been there for a week with no activity. The car i relish in color and has black tape all over the two back windows and over the front light. She would like someone to come down and check it out. Vehicle is parked, and secured. It was placed on the 72 hour list.

Party report a pothole on Pleasant Street just before Bartlett Road. Message left with DPW.

Motor vehicle stop behind the high school. Subject was advised not to hang around on school property and sent on his way.


Tuesday, March 28

Caller on Shore Drive states there are three dogs barking outside and have been out there for about an hour. Both parties were spoken to. Dogs are okay now and peace restored.

Motor vehicle stop at Shirley and Payson Street. Party called friend to take possession of the vehicle as he will be summoned for offense of stop sign violation.

Party works for All Care VNA out of Lynn and would like well being on a male party, 53 years old, on Shore Drive. Party was discharged from hospital and is not answering his phone for them or daughter. Made contact with party.

Party on Woodside Avenue was on vacation and came home and is hearing loud noises come from her apartment. A walk through was done, all clear. Noise could have come from first floor tenant cleaning.

Party on Cliff Avenue wants her son out of house. He has altered mental status. Spoke to caller and son. Both parties have a meeting with a case worker tomorrow. Issue will be brought up then. All clear.

Female on Edwards Street stated that a car ran her off the road. No injuries. Other vehicle fled the scene. Unit 92 stated the street was clear. When we tried calling the reporting party back several times, phone went into voicemail. Unit was notified and he cleared.

Motor vehicle accident at Faun Bar and Beacon Circle. No injuries. G&J notified for two tows. Unit requested medical and they are enroute. G&J on the scene taking possession of vehicles. Unit stated the operator of one of the cars has been given a courtesy ride from towing company. She refused medical. She was also cited for marked lanes.


Wednesday, March 29

Assisted fire with lockout on Franklin Street. Clear, brother showed up with a key.

Caller states a blue Caddie in parking lot at Seal Harbor with its alarm going off. This is an ongoing issue. Officer spoke to the subject.

Report of hypodermic needles discarded in the parking lot area on Woodside Avenue. Checked the area, no syringes found. Clear at this time.

93 and ACO on Buchanan Street on follow-up. Clear, everything checks out.

Caller got a “scam” call. She stated that the caller said that her husband had been in a horrible accident in Cambridge. The caller was upset and she called over to Cambridge Police who said there had been no accident. She also spoke with her husband confirming his safety and that there had been no such accident. Caller is at work but was advised to go to the police station after work to give information to the police or to make out a report.

Assisted medical on Enfield Road.

While off on a medical call, 92 talked to a party saying he possibly witnessed mail being stolen on Brookfield Road.

Party on Bayview Avenue states that her child was walking home from school and a truck stopped and stared at the child, and began to roll the window down and backed off once the bus came near. Officer spoke to the subject. He described what he saw that the vehicle was a black Ford pickup truck with white male around 40 gray hair and a baseball hat.

Neighbors on Johnson Avenue noticed that subject’s behavior was different and noticed he has been missing his doctor’s appointments as well. He has a medical history. Neighbors notified the subject’s doctor resulting in the doctor calling the subject to check his well being. When unit arrived on the scene, the man had fallen and needed help getting up. Medical has one to the MGH.

Party came to the station to follow up and provide information relating to a car break that occurred on March 19. Reporting party states that in addition to the items she had p previously reported, she has also discovered that two dvd that she had rented from Boston Public Library appear to have ben taken in the B&E as well. Information will be passed on to the reporting officer to supplement the original report.

Caller on Revere Street states that one of her dispatchers was being threatened by a customer. Threats occurred in East Boston and has to be filed with them.

Report of male party taking pictures of planes on Bayview Avenue. Officer spoke to subject and he works for the newspaper. ID checks out.

Kids playing on the construction equipment at Marshall and Tileston Road. Caller is concerned they may get hurt. Kids were spoken to and they were advised to get off the equipment.

Several calls came reporting a white hatchback vehicle driving on Pleasant Street with both front wheels flat and then crashed into a fire hydrant. ACO requested as well as G&J for tow. One in custody for operating under the influence and clearing accident scene after property damage. ACO has custody of dog that was in the vehicle. Dog taken by male party. DPW notified for hydrant.


Thursday, March 30

Officers off with parked motor vehicle at Dunkin Donuts on Revere Street. Operator was just looking up directions. All checked out.

Vehicle given citation for obstructing the roadway at Lowell and Maple Road.

Party from the EBDC reports that the judge is requesting a well being for subject on Shirley Street for Section 35 petition filed by her sister.

Report of a large dead raccoon in the middle of Revere Street. ACO notified. Clear, nothing showing when area was checked.

Walk-in from Ocean Avenue to report a fraud. She was told on the phone that a friend was in a car accident in Africa and she sent money to help.

Caller on Bellevue Avenue states there was a past break to her home. She states that her clothes were moved around and her RX medication is missing. No report needed. Clear. Reporting party’s medications were missing from home. No signs of forced entry. Reporting party thinks B&E happened yesterday.

In the vicinity of Grandview Avenue, there are two males carrying a laptop going door to door soliciting energy products. They are being extremely aggressive, heading towards Coughlin Park. 92 on site and no sign of men in the area. Will stay local for now.

Third party on Cutler Street reports that his ex-wife is reporting someone aggressively knocking on her door. Female party involved reports landlord, a female, is aggressively knocking and kicking the door. This is an issue over lease being terminated. Tenant cannot afford to find a new home. Both parties have been advised.

Landlord called the station to report that his wife was not at the residence on Cutler Street and never knocked or kicked at the door as was originally reported. The landlord reports this is being reported due to the eviction process.


Friday, March 31

Officer pulled over car on Washington Street for stop sign violation with a verbal warning.

Officer pulled over car for going down one way on Revere and Winthrop Street. Operator was lost. A verbal warning was given.

Dog possibly struck in the middle of Crest Avenue. A gray dog. The dog has been picked up by owner. Turkey is now in the middle of the road causing traffic buildup. ACO on the scene. Traffic is tied up. Turkey has been moved off the road. No longer a traffic delay. ACO standing by to make sure turkey does not interrupt the traffic any more.

Water issue on Argyle Street. Unknown. DPW and fire notified. Fire is contacting National Grid due to water coming from one of the manhole covers at the location.

Caller on South Main Street states that there is a blue Ford parked on the street and she cannot get her car by.

Report of a commercial vehicle with graffiti on it at Pauline and Walden Place. Caller states it has been parked there for several days.

Motor vehicle accident on Bartlett Road. Papers were exchanged. Accident report to follow.

Motor vehicle accident on Revere Street. No injuries. Needs assistance exchanging papers. Will send an officer when one clears from another call per headquarters. Both parties exchanged papers and have left the scene.

Caller on Madison Avenue states that a car is parked in a no parking zone and has been there for a while. Blue Corolla. It is when you take a left from Winthrop Street. Vehicle was moved upon officer’s arrival.

Party on Madison Avenue states he owns paring spots and this blue Toyota Corolla parks in his spot all weekend. Vehicle is parked in the rear of her residence. Clear. There are two vehicles parked in the rear of their residence. There is also no signage stating no parking/no parking zone.

Party from Bellevue Avenue came to the station for assistance as the shelter/pound that ACO arranged to come and take a dog reports that the animal was too dangerous. When ACO was contacted, he was out of town but will contact the family when he returns. Family member came to the station and reports the dog has been calmed and they were able to let him out. All is okay with the dog for the night. ACO was informed and will reach out to the family in the morning.

Party came to the station to report and seek input regarding a family matter. Party is concerned regarding his elderly father’s behavior which he reports as abusive towards him. The party was advised of all his rights and offered and EMS to evaluate in the event there is a medical issue as well as elder services. Party refused and just wanted this on record and will discuss the situation with his siblings.

Caller on Atlantic Street states that music is too loud causing a disturbance. The people who were playing the loud music had left the home. Other residents were told to call back if it happens again.

Party on Shirley Street reporting threats via text messages, possibly ex-boyfriend. 93 spoke to her parents and they time to fill witness victim forms. They will bring them to the station in the morning.

DPW notified about icy conditions. they will be out sanding.


Saturday, April 1

Party on Locust Street reports loud house party with several motor vehicles parked all over the street. A lot of yelling. Units talked to land lord and the party cleared out.

Report of two male parties fighting at Banks and Morton Street. The fight split up and units searched the area with no one fighting.

Walden Street to Pauline Street to Lincoln Street will be closed due to water buildup. DPW on the scene.

DPW called stating a car parked and making it hard for people to drive by on Plummer Avenue. Unit requested G&J to tow vehicle.

Ongoing issue on Woodside Avenue. Verizon worker needs to get to the phone terminal of  business which is located in the basement of the next door business. Owner of second business will not allow Verizon in. Owner of second busies stated that Verizon is in there weekly and the owner is tired of it. They want a letter from Verizon stating that they have access to his cellar. According to the owner, the easement does not include #60 on a piece of paper being showed. He does not have any Verizon equipment, dose not understand why a transformer or relay would be on his property.  Easement is not showing #60. Verizon is stating problem is underneath. 93 will go with Verizon to see the problem. Owner will allow Verizon go to down today but wants proper paperwork for future work.

Report of water problem on Franklin Street. DPW notified.

Owner of salon on Revere Street states an elderly gentleman broke down in the middle of the street and needs a tow. Red Toyota car. Car has been moved into parking lot. Wife will pick husband up at Dunkin Donuts. 94 standing by. Updated Governors Garden about the vehicle in their parking lot that will be towed.

Party states that the street is flooding and he wanted the DPW to drop off a pump. He was told where it is high tide and still raining, the water has no where to drain.

WFD requested tag for a moving van obstructing fire apparatus at Curler and Shirley Street. Moving truck blocking thew ay. They are going to move it up so the street is accessible.

Syringe on the curb on Shirley Street. The syringe has been properly disposed of.

Party wants to note that his ex-wife calls and makes a date to pick up her belongings and does not show up. She has called in the past for a well being check and his door was broken down. She stated she can do that again.

Loud music on Atlantic Street. Party has asked them to turn it down, but they ignore his requests. Units report that peace has been restored.

Caller stated that on the corner of Woodside Avenue there are people being loud. Officer reports everything is quiet.


Sunday, April 2

Follow-up on Douglas Street. Spoke to the mother of person. They are home. She is going to give them a message when they wake up about the contact.

Peabody Police will try to serve a party with a 209A order. Winthrop will fax over the 209A to Peabody at this time.

Party on Marshall Street reports that her sister smashed the rear window out of her car with a brick. Medical is also on the way. 39 year old female transported to the Whidden. Sister does not wish to press charges.

Caller on Elmwood Avenue state there is a gold vehicle that has been parked for a month with no resident sticker. Vehicle is legally parked, has been placed on the 72 hour list.

Motor vehicle stop on Summit Avenue. Party was new to town and was advised to pay more attention. A verbal warning was given.

Call came in from Essex. A woman jogging by on Waldemar Avenue stated she heard a woman screaming from inside a house. It was a child screaming regarding going to school tomorrow.

Party on Upland road states that he heard a crash in a backyard and the sensor light went on. Unit stated nothing showing. He will do a few loops around the area.

Unit escorted a lost elderly female out of Winthrop to Revere.


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