Police Blotter 03-23-2017

Monday, March 13

A nurse from MGH stated that a patient from Governors Park had a doctor’s appointment today and cancelled. When canceling, he wanted “to kill himself”. The patient has a history of alcohol abuse.

Assisted WFD with motor vehicle fire on Cliff Avenue. 93 on the scene with DPW. 99 responded also. G&J was contacted. Truck transported to DPW.

A male with electric stroller on Cross Street lost power. With help from passing driver, he was able to assist the male and get him home.

Party on Grovers Avenue OD. Fire and medical enroute. Units respond; male hit his head. He was transported to MGH for an evaluation.

Call came in from Essex Regional about subject on Atlantic Street. A man screaming there is an unwanted party in someone’s home. When calling back, no answer.

Assisted fire with Section 12 on Washington Avenue. Patient enrollee to hospital by Action.

Family on Shirley Street has not seen or heard from two female parties that live at the address since Friday.

Party came to the station after leaving the EBDC and speaking with several clerks there. Unclear what party wants as it appears to be repeats of previously reported matters. In addition, the typed pages brought to the station by party also appear to be old matters with no detail as to the actual event: when, where, who, etc. Party claims to have more paperwork but she does not have it with her and will come back later in the week. Party also claims threats were made toward her adult daughter. She as advised that her daughter would have to bring in her own charges.

Female party reported missing on Shirley Street. Last seen and heard from was Thursday, March 10th. Female party is in CJIS with a Quincy address, but was staying with a family member out of Winthrop. No clothing description available. She has most connections out of South Shore. Female has a history of 94C activity. Unknown of the last location of female party. Quincy PD will be notified by the mother. The mother called back to state that themishing female party has been located in Boston with a friend.They spoke to her and she is well and in no danger. Female party was reported missing in Quincy and they have been notified.


Tuesday, March 14

92 off with snow tows.

91 off with two loose dogs running on Pleasant Street. He is trying to find the owner.

Caller on Revere Street reports sewer water leaking into her basement. DPW notified.

Report of a tree down at Grovers and Temple Avenue. DPW has been notified and responded.

92 spoke to party on Atlantic Street regarding throwing snow onto the street. If he has to go back, he will issue a citation.

92 reports a telephone poll down and the wire is on the sidewalk not connected on Fairview Street.

A wire down on Coral Avenue with no sparks. Branch off to the side.

Motor vehicle accident at Revere and Summit Avenue. 100 requested sander. Town light pole down. DPW notified. Accident report to follow.

Tree down on Cottage Park Road. DPW and fire notified.

Another tree branch down on Crest Avenue. DPW picking up the branches.

Another tree down on Waldemar Avenue which hit a motor vehicle. This is blocking the road. DPW responded. The tree broke back window of vehicle. 96 notified the owner and he is aware of his damaged car.

Low cable wire on Chester Avenue. Comcast notified.

More wires down on Wave Way Avenue. 92 requested fire to tie up the wires, which they did.

More wires down on Crest Avenue. Cable and telephone will be notified.

Officer reports a concerned citizen stopped them and told them that there may be someone on the breakers on Shore Drive. Officers checked the area and there is no one stuck.

Officers assisted a citizen stuck in the snow on Crest Avenue.

Assisted WFD with possible forced entry due to smoke showing on Grandview Avenue. Officers report no forced entry was needed. WFD entered through a window. There was no fire; neighbor was concerned that fireplace was on with nobody home.

Two car motor vehicle accident at Main and Pleasant Street. No injuries.

Assisted WFD with 11 month old baby suffering from injuries after a fall on Pleasant Street. Officer reputes baby took a light fall and will go to MGH with parent.

Caller at Cottage Park and Johnson Avenue reports three black dogs, possibly German Shepherds, loose in the area. May have ran towards the water. Officer reports nothing showing in the area.

Officer repots a loose sewer cover on Natant Avenue. DPW placed a cone for now and will address this issue after the storm. It was safe for motorists to pass.

Report of sparking wire on Trident Avenue. WFD resounded. Officer stood by while WFD attempted to secure the wire.


Wednesday, March 15

Caller on Bowdoin Street states a neighbor is snowplowing. Unit spoke to the party and he was advised to stop.

Caller on Washington Avenue stated that two men are being loud shoveling across the street from her house. The crew had been advised for the second time tonight to stop shoveling/snow blowing. Unit stated that if they did not stop and they were called back, they would be cited.

Caller on Sea Foam Avenue states that he flagged down an officer last night about a down wire in his driveway. The officer stated that he would have someone respond to his home. The wire is not sparking but is in front of his wife’s van. Fire notified.

One under arrest on Shirley Street. One in custody and going to State Police.

Caller on Winthrop Street state that she wants her daughter removed from her home. The peace was restored. Both parties went to school and they were both advised of their rights.

Report of a male falling in parking lot on Veterans Road. Upon checking the area, no sign of the party.

Party reports there was a boat washed up on shore on Short Beach closest to Winthrop. State PD was notified and they stated they were there yesterday to check it out. It is not a life threatening situation. They contacted the owner of the boat and he/she will be down to pick it up.

Police requested medical for elderly female down on Shirley and Washington Avenue. Unknown injuries at this time. Medical enroute.

Party came into the station to report seeing a tabby cat in the window of what she believes is an abandoned building (old Evangelist Church). ACO notified and will follow up.

Assisted fire at Governors Park. Elderly woman with a-fib complications.

Motor vehicle stop at Shore Drive and Perkins. Unit stated the operator of vehicle was given a verbal for a stop sign violation. Passenger was taken into custody for 94C violation. One under arrest for possession of Class B (cocaine); subsequent offense.


Thursday, March 16

Suicidal male on Lincoln Street. Medical enroute. One transported to MGH.

Intoxicated male on Winthrop Street. 91 assisted. Medical aid responding. Male transported to Whidden. We tried to contact male’s girlfriend. Neighbor on Atlantic Street called to report sight of girlfriend driving off.

Party came to the station to report that while his vehicle was parked in front of his home on Bowdoin Street last night, someone struck the driver’s side of the vehicle and took off.

Report of a male outside on Shirley Street with oxygen tank. The tank exploded.

Party called from Burlington at his work and stated that his brother was going to kill himself and there was kitchen knife involved. Brother also stated he is manic depressant.  Male party transported to MGH. He was extremely combative and was in handcuffs.

Caller on Johnson Avenue stated a male party was making threats to him stating he was going to punch him in the face. Both parties are still on the scene. No weapons. Party were sent on their way and report to follow. Charges will be filed in EB Court.

Mother came to the station to report that according to Dept. of Revenue Child Enforcement unit that her children’s father’s Mass license to operate has again been suspended. Party wants us to be aware of this as she is concerned that the father may pick up or even drop off the minor children. He may be driving the vehicle unlicensed. Party will also notify the Probate Court.

Female attempted suicide on Pebble Avenue. She was transported to MGH.

Whidden Hospital states they have a male victim in the ER from a dog bite. ACO has been notified and will follow up.

Warrant served on Winthrop Street. Upon knocking on the door, no one answered.

Party on Winthrop Street stated that a white male was jumping up and down on a white vehicle. Unsure if the male party is still on the scene, but stated he could possibly be with other people. Individuals just ran toward the marsh near RP Fitness. Reporting party states one dropped his cell phone by the white vehicle and he believes one of them lives near there. Officers spoke to both parents of the individuals that damaged a vehicle. The owner of the vehicle and neighbor who witnessed it is also a parent of one of the kids. They decided restitution between themselves.


Friday, March 17

Report of a structure fire on Cutler Street. Fire was in the wall behind the burner. Unit stated fire was clear.

Well-being check on Shirley Street. Male party waiting for person.

Party on Shore Drive was notified to call detective in Somerville. Female party does not reside at the address. Somerville PD was contacted and message left.

Caller on Johnson Avenue states a man who was her handyman hired to shovel her driveway was arrested yesterday and told to stay away from her residence. Caller states he came by today harassing her. It was a misunderstanding on civil matter and no police action needed. Female will call back if the party returns and officer will respond to the location to clear it up.

Party on Johnson Avenue stated a group of youths were outside jumping on the hood of her Mercedes. She came out and the youths took off. She proceeded to chase them with her car. She was told to please stop chasing them as it was too dangerous.


Saturday, March 18

Unit stated a large group in front of restaurant on Woodside Avenue. Unit stated they were going to patrol the area.

Assisted WFD on Shore Drive. Unit 94 requested State PD so we can relieve a unit. State PD enroute. Unit 94 requested the on-call detective to arrive on the scene.

Caller on Cottage Park Road stated that four individuals going door to door; two females, two males. Nothing showing.

Caller on Read Street reports male/female knocked on his door. 93 reports female does have permits to be going door to door. Also reports that few others are going around town.

Party on Cottage Park Road states that two males and two females are going door to door soliciting. Unit 93 stated he located the group at the vicinity of Bellevue and advised them of their aggressive behavior towards residents. They were also advised to follow procedure of their permit. They understood and agreed. Units also advised reporting party that this group does have a permit and that they are a legit company.

Caller on Wave Way Avenue reports a male is shoveling snow and throwing it on to Shore Drive making it difficult for cars to pass safely. Unit reports he spoke to the party and advised him of the town’s by-laws.

Party from Shirley Street came to report that his father fell and is at the WH because the walkway was not cleared to a particular address. W92 responded to the address and spoke with the owner regarding the issue. Code Enforcement officer notified as well.

Report of large group making noise outside of restaurant on Woodside Avenue. Unit stated the area is quiet.

Calling party states there are two males arguing in front of the liquor store. Could not get a description and she would not identify herself. Unit stated all parties went home for the night. No argument between parties.

Motor vehicle accident at Grovers Avenue and Shore Drive. Medical requested. Unit stated both vehicles are drivable. All parties refused medical.

Calling party on Shirley Street states a loud party coming from an apartment. This has been going on for a couple of hours waking up her grandkids. Unit stated party is clearing up now.


Sunday, March 19

Party on Almont Street states that her daughter is breaking stuff in the house. She is yelling and the calling party wants her daughter removed. She is being very aggressive, but has not hit anyone yet. Calling party stated that the daughter is drunk and got into her Honda and drove away. Unit stated that the daughter will be staying elsewhere tonight. Both parties mom and daughter have been ad used of their rights.

Mother came to the station to report that her daughter is having a problem with her roommate. The problem is allegedly regarding substance abuse issues. The mother just wanted us to be aware if we should get a call to the residence.

Vehicle towed from Veterans Road. Front end damage with air bag deployed. It has been there for several days. G&J towed the vehicle.

Assisted fire on Cottage Park Road.

Caller on Shirley Street states there is a syringe in the area. Officer reports syringe is secured.

Caller on Trident Avenue stated that she thinks someone broke into her room and stole her laptop either Friday or Saturday night. She stated that she works three jobs and has been in and out  and did not notice until now.

Assisted fire with altered mental male party on Prospect Avenue. Party is fine and leaving the area. He does not reside at the address. Officer gave courtesy ride to Revere/Winthrop line.

Multiple people screaming and fighting on Quincy Avenue. No description given. Officers checked the area and nothing showing.

Caller at Grovers and Shore Drive states that two males carrying a bag are down near the beach wall and she thinks they may be trying to spray graffiti on the wall. State Police notified. They are on the scene with two male parties. One male party in custody taken by State Police. Other male party will be summoned into court. Report to follow.

Motor vehicle stop at Main and Douglas Street. Operator has suspended license. She called her husband to come pick up the vehicle.

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