Police Blotter 03-16-2017

Monday, March 6

Caller states Vatika construction on Woodside Avenue was broken into. Owner just got to work and door is broken and items are missing.

Illegally parked car with three occupants inside hanging out, were sent on their way.

Officer reports to party stating she came home and her lock on her door is broken. Officer reports that we may have been at this address earlier today. In house check shows that they were at the location earlier serving a warrant.


Tuesday, March 7

Calling party received a text from a friend stating that a man with a blonde moustache & a black bag attempted to break into a garage in the vicinity of Shirley St.

Area check is negative.

Callng party reports m ale party approx. 28 years old sleeping behind the rollerskate ramps on the ground.

Abandoned white Toyota caller stated it has been there since first snowstorm.

Party reports that while attempting to change her residential address on her license via the RMV’s webpage, she discovered that her address was incorrectly listed as Quincy. Reporting party is concerned that this may be an attempt to identity fraud and would like the matter placed on record.

Medical Aid to check out female.

Caller states that a grey Taurus is parked in the fire lane and when asked to move he became belligerent.

Officer reports this was a  misunderstanding between the parties. The operator was advised not to park in the fire lane.

14 year old boy found a used needle/he will stay to show officers where it is located exactly.

Caller reports he saw a fox on Veterans Road in the area of Expert Auto.

Caller reports someone tried to reverse into her car at full speed somewhere on Veterans Road and when she beeped he started to follow her. While on the phone with the caller the other party stopped following her.


Wednesday, March 8

Citation issued speeding car.

Calling party/property manager reports broken into property with suspect on site, possible guest of tenant evicted day before.


55 year old female not answering door, best friend states that he talked to her earlier and she stated she had shortness of breath.

Medical transported female to MGH.

Calling party reports individual fell off a ladder.

Meet assistant principal of the high school, regarding an altercation.

Students have left the scene, VP will handle it in school to morrow and also contact parents.

A woman came into the station after exchanging papers over a small motor vehicle accident. Apparently the individual in the other vehicle smelled of alcohol and was unsteady on his feet.

Well being check/caller states that the person is in the basement hiding. Caller states he is unstable and may hurt himself and others.

Party came to the station with his brother close behind. Brothers were reporting a past fight between them. Matter was settled.

Family dispute, peace restored.


Thursday, March 9

Woman locked out of her motor vehicle.

Alarm motion. Spoke with son, was not aware of new alarm system, wanted to check in with parents.

DCF requesting an Officer assist in the removal of an infant child.

Party came in to report a minor hit and run occurred this morning while he was parked at Dunkin Donuts. He has the plate of the MV which struck his.

Construction work being done in the middle of the intersection, 93 reports if work isn’t completed soon a police detail may have to be hired.

Hit and run accident in the gym on Banks St. No information on the other vehicle, however, is having the gym look on their cameras. RP has damage to the front drivers side pane, wheel well, mirror and bumper.

Silver Toyota Corolla blocking her driveway.

Party came in to report unknown party struck his MV on the drivers side causing damage to the entire left side.

Loud stereo, calling party states he does this all the time.

79 year old female hit her face on the ground requesting medical.

Reporting party states brother passed away, buried yesterday, she went by to get brother’s belonging from his home and found painters inside apartment with personal belongings moved. Landlord took off from scene.

Party stated that young group of kids were throwing objects at him from building. He is still located on scene in a black Nissan Altima.

Man bothering customers, asking for money and verbally argues with manager, wearing a red jacket, white male, black hair and hat.

Caller states there is a loud party in the area of Jefferson St. near Winthrop St.

A large group of kids running through the yards running towards CVS.


Saturday, March 11

Male states a lot of people are screaming and being loud outside of his house.

Unit stated it is across the street at Blackstrap Restaurant – area is clear.

Calling party states her neighbor above her are making a lot of noise.  She hears thumping noises.

Neighbor called said neighbors front door is open and they’re away on vacation. Units report front door was open at house, could have been by wind, all clear.


Sunday, March 12

Caller reports that she sent into her brother’s apartment and saw that things had been moved around and that an item (watch) was taken. She further stated that there was an agreement between her and the landlord that no one was supposed to enter the apartment until she could come Sunday to clear out apartment.

Caller states construction going on and he believes there is a no construction on Sunday Ordinance.

Officer spoke with Golden Group Roofing and Siding, advised them of the town ordinance/they will be stopping for the day.

Caller states minor vehicle accident no injuries.

Party stated she has 2 lost dogs.

Owners showed up on scene and were reunited with their dogs.

WFD had to make a forced entry extensive damage caused by water due to burst pipe/water line. Tried reaching out to homeowner but to no avail. Unit will clear and we will continue to try and reach homeowner.

Two parties came in to report a past assault and destruction of property.

Assist fire with a well being check.

Calling party states her downstairs neighbor is banging on the walls.

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