Silt Causing Concern at Lodge of Elks Boating Facility

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

Town Manager James McKenna said officials are working with the Elks Club on concerns that a build up of sediment around the boat slips is causing problems.

“The Elks are loosing capacity due to sediment around the docks,” McKenna said at last week’s Town council meeting. He added that some test borings have been taken and they are trying to determine if any sediment is coming from the Lewis Lake area.

The Winthrop Lodge of Elks has 100 boats slips in the William “Salty” Frazier Marina and some boats are not able to use the docks due to sediment.

There had been some concern as to who’s responsible for dredging what. Last year the Cottage Park Yacht Club did its own dredging.

Acting Harbormaster Larry Powers said the Army Corp of Engineers (ACE) would dredge the Federal Channel if they determine it’s needed. The ACE have been conducting sonar tests in the Federal Channel, which runs from Coughlin Park to Snake Island and in to Crystal Cove.

“There could be some possible dredging in other areas too,” McKenna said. “It’s important to study the issue. We will be seeking some professional input.  We’ll just be moving this from the back burner to the front burner during the next six months.”

“It’s a problem with the whole harbor,” said Powers.

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